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Litecoin Price Bullish, Reached Our Price Target Of 100 USD

Last night, Litecoin’s Price touched and shortly crossed above 100 USD hence achieving Investinghaven’s price target!

It all started in July when we wrote our first Litecoin price forecast. Back then, we set a 60 USD price target for LTC that was met shortly after. We stressed in that forecast the fact that in order to see more upside in Litecoin, the Altcoin will need to set itself apart from the sea of Altcoins out there.

Shorty after, we shared our updated litecoin price forecast to 100 USD, and provided in the same article the 3 reasons why we believe so. Two months ago, LTC reached 66 USD. Although it was a failed breakout, we updated our readers with the message that we stood strong on our forecast that more upside was ahead for LTC price based on the price chart.

In October, as media was calling the end of the “Crypto Bubble”, we said that our Litecoin was still bullish. And it was. Here we are today, meeting the 100 USD forecast even before the end of 2017. So Congratulations to all of our readers who banked on these calls!

Litecoin Price, What’s next

Given that our forecast materialized for Litecoin price, we will we owe our readers an updated forecast for Litecoin’s Price in 2018. We will take the next 48 hours to analyse the price action to make sure we provide our readers with the best insight and price analysis.

Meanwhile, we have noticed the following correlation in Litecoin and Bitcoin price:  There is a very strong correlation of a factor 1/100 between Bitcoin’s and Litecoin’s price. So Bitcoin’s move in the next 48 hours will be very telling.

Meanwhile, below is the updated price chart with support levels. The green channel is still valid and there are a few levels of solid support from previous consolidations.

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