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Is Top Silver Stock First Majestic Silver About To Double In 2019?

The story of the day in financial markets was without any doubt the silver price rise of 2.1 pct. Because of this silver stocks were on fire. Our top silver stock First Majestic Silver (AG) went up almost 10 pct. This is perfectly in line with our First Majestic Silver price forecast for 2019 where we indicated 17 USD as our bullish price target. As the price of silver is ready to break out now, also in line with our silver forecast 2019, we see plenty of reasons as per our investing method to believe that our First Majestic Silver forecast is now eyeing our price target. Moreover, the price chart of First Majestic Silver now shows a confirmed breakout. Yes, this is a top investing opportunity of the type we like: raging profit potential within 6 to 9 months. 

One might wonder why we are spending so much time talking about the gold market, in particular First Majestic Silver.

The answer is very simple.

We said earlier this year that Forecasting The 3 Top Opportunities Per Year Becomes InvestingHaven’s Mission. We are talking multi-baggers in one and the same year. It becomes a crucial part of our mission over here at

Yes, it’s clear we want to differentiate from the massive number of financial sites out there which primarily focus on selling reports and/or advertisements. Not so here, we are result focused, and want to achieve a top notch status of selecting the best investing opportunities, each and every year again, with a focus on the multi-baggers.

That’s why we have developed over time part of our MOMENTUM INVESTING METHOD which we covered in How To Turn 10k Into 1 Million In 7 Years: Get-Rich-Not-So-Quick. The aim is to find at a minimum one opportunity per year that doubles in price, if not more.

This year we were right in identifying the crypto uptrend, with Bitcoin more than doubling, and we wrote about it not only to our premium crypto subscribers as of February, but even in the public domain (for free) when we flashed Cryptocurrency Alert: The Crypto Winter Has Ended on Feb 25th 2019.

The other big hit seems to be First Majestic Silver which we covered extensively.

Why do we think this opportunity is now a confirmed top investment? Because of the combination of three things.

First, the The Bullish Gold Price Breakout Is Now Confirmed. As said gold is the leading indicator which gives green light to other precious metals investments. Second, the price of silver has now broken out, it’s the second leading indicator. Third, the chart of First Majestic Silver now confirmed its breakout as well.

This is the classic top down approach. Each step in the top down gives green light. It’s an as safe as possible investment opportunity. But those who wait too long will find themselves scrambling for the last small percentage gains which eventually might turn into losses because they entered near the end of the uptrend.

first majestic silver stock price double 2019

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