Swiss Market Index (SMI)

The default Swiss Market Index Chart is not useful for stock investors. Scroll down to our latest Swiss Market Index articles which feature our own charts with meaningful insights.


Swiss Market Index: Our Most Recent Articles with Forecasts and Insightful Charts

Below are our latest articles about the Swiss Market Index, symbol SMI. Note these are articles that are researched, analyzed, written and published by InvestingHaven’s team.

The Swiss Market Index chart is a not very popular stock market. However, it looks like it will offer an amazing opportunity in 2020 and beyond. That’s because it started a bullish breakout in the month of April of 2019. It is among the few stock markets in the world that is breaking out of such a long pattern.

The Swiss Market Index chart (SMI) achieved a breakout above a pattern that is in the making for 13 years. More importantly, the Swiss stock market breaks out of its 2-decade old ‘canvas’ on its chart.

The economic data underpin a steadily growing economy, which, in turn, favors a rising stock market. Below zero interest rates stimulate consumer spending which in turn is supportive of rising consumer prices. This, in turn, helps GDP.

On the longest timeframe the Swiss Market Index chart looks awesome. The monthly chart shows how the SMI breakout above its 2007, 2015 and 2017 highs. A triple top breakout is a major event, once in a decade for most stock markets. Sometimes it represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a stock market.

That’s why we have believe there is plenty of upside potential in the Swiss Market Index on the long term.

We continuously track the answer to this crucially important questions. That’s why we recommend to follow our articles about the Swiss Market Index and our forecasts. Note that each and every of these articles contain charts that were manually crafted by InvestingHaven’s research team. Especially the monthly charts are awesome, not only because of the patterns they reveal but more so because they are actionable for investors.