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Must-Have Gadgets, Apps and Resources for Investors

Investing is a lot more accessible in 2017 than it ever has been before. If you are serious about getting into the market and making your money start work for you instead of the other way around — you’re in luck. There is simply a wealth of information out there and various ways to access it. No longer are stocks and bonds simply reserved for Wall Street bigwigs and money market professionals, but anyone can purchase a gadget or two and start making a killing.

If you want in, these are the best resources to lean on. Some may require a significant up-front investment. But before you know it, your accounts will be thanking you.

Bloomberg Terminal

For as far back as it has been available — and through the current day — the king of the investment community has been the Bloomberg Terminal. It offers an unparalleled breadth and depth of market data that is accessible in real-time to anyone who pays the exorbitantly high fee.

But if your business is money, the fee is well worth the investment, given the type of news alerts, analysis, and information that simply cannot be obtained anywhere else. From trade execution, financial research and data management to trading workflows, multi-asset platforms, and trade books, this is the one thing every world-class investor needs.

Mobile Access

Truth be told, most non-professionals cannot afford Bloomberg access. But in this day and age, it is essential to at least have an unlimited data plan paired with an affordable, fully loaded smartphone like the iPhone 7 that has all the top investment apps. This will make it easy to monitor the ebbs and flows of the market no matter if it’s being driven by the bulls or the bears.

While keeping track of all the latest news is best done in front of a Bloomberg Terminal, television set tuned into CNBC, and the full power and size of a desktop machine, the key is having constant access to stay abreast on any and every market-moving development throughout the day. This will do the job and make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to beat the market just because you stepped out for lunch.

Top Investment Apps

Once you have the right mobile hardware, it is time to get the proper apps to stay on top of the latest market moves. Acorns is an excellent resource for first-time investors who are unsure what type stocks and bonds are right for them. Its pitch is simple: The app “automatically invests your spare change” by rounding up every purchase made with a connected card to the nearest dollar and putting the leftover into a portfolio selected by experts.

For professional traders, securing the Bloomberg Anywhere access is essential on your phone or tablet, while most seasoned traders would do well with the E-Trade app and TD Ameritrade app for making real-time stock moves. The Stash app offers great advice and education for novices and experienced investors alike. The XE app put together by, is also quick, easy and always up to date if you need to monitor currency exchange information.

Tablet Reading

On top of your phone and computer, it would behoove any investor to have a dedicated tablet just to research and monitor stocks. While newspapers and magazines may seem antiquated in this day and age, the old-world publications remain the top resources.

Load your iPad or other tablet up with the top investment apps, but don’t forget to subscribe to the top financial and business rags. All the annual fees will add up, but it is ultimately a small price to pay. At a minimum, make sure you sign up for the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Inc., and Fast Company. Better yet, go beyond this and subscribe to Wired, Consumer Reports, Harvard Business Review, various industry journals and more.

Then it’s time to read, read, read, and read some more. Even those with decades in the game will tell you that there is no definitive way to beat the market. But the more insight you have, the more you will be able to get ahead. And you can never have too much information.

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