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Well Health Technologies: Multi-Bagger Small Cap Stock In The Making

All the conditions are right for this health and tech stock: Well Health Technologies, symbol WELL.V. It is transitioning from a nano cap to small cap stock. It is one of the top investing opportunities of 2019, and it is one of the stocks we are adding as part of our plan to turn 10k Into 1 Million In 7 Years, a program that we have not launched yet to the public but that we are ‘dry running’ before launching.

Our method to turn 10k into 1M is based on 3 picks per year of which max 2 can be made simultaneously. So the capital is split among 2 investments at the same point in time. Also, every investment is 50% of the total capital.

  • Investment 1 yields +30% (sell as of the moment 30% is reached)
  • Investment 2 is a loss of -30% (losses are cut short at max 30%)
  • Investment 3 yields +100% (capital doubles)

The major benefit of this method is that it is all based on clear exit points. One of the great pitfalls for all investors, including ourselves, is the inability to sell, for sure when prices rise. There is always this feeling to wait just a little bit longer as some higher prices may be coming. That’s where it often goes wrong.

We have developed, and are still finetuning our method, a way to identify future top performers out of the 50,000 financial instruments out there. Moreover, we are have a set of criteria in place to assess the quality of the stock or market we identified.

Essentially, it is a score card with criteria, and we call it the ‘multi-bagger score card’.

If we apply this to Well Health Technologies we see the following:

  • The cart is beautiful, it is gaining momentum now and went through a breakout. Great.
  • There is no pump-and-dump in this stock, one of the biggest dangers of investing small cap stocks.
  • The chart looks disruptive, but there must be an equally disruptive outlook for the stock. It is the case, with a 5-fold revenue increase.
  • Financials are improving, and pointing in the right direction.
  • The broad market correlation is partially there. In other words this stock can continue to rise in a weak broad market environment.

Hence, we expect this stock get bullish momentum, and rise strongly in the next few months.

We call this momentum.

That’s why our new service will be labeled MOMENTUM INVESTING which means we look at investments (not trades) that are picking up momentum. We want to buy momentum, and sell after a substantial rise, ideally either 30% or 200%. We don’t look back after selling, and never invest again in the same stock or market. It’s momentum investing, a different method in a different portfolio compared to long term investing.

Stay tuned, more will come, but we believe we can make the case with WELL.V being our top pick. We challenge ourselves to be ultra precise even before we launch our new premium service, and expose this to the public domain.

well health technologies multibagger stock

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