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5 China Stocks To Consider In 2018 Listed On US Stock Markets

In the last 12 months the InvestingHaven team has published numerous reports notifying investors about the flow of funds into emerging market especially China.

We even dedicated a premium article focusing on China A shares listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange with an overwhelming number of readers downloading this report. So far, in the first weeks of 2018, we have had a taste of what the bulls can do in China’s stock market. This has delighted at least 40% of our global viewers who managed to get access into China A shares before December 2017 via our suggestions. However, we do understand that not every investor wants to get overseas exposure especially if they live far away or unfamiliar with Asian markets.

This brief articles will take a look at 5 China stocks that are listed either in NYSE or NASDAQ. In this way, we hope investors can get indirect exposure to China stocks in case they are seriously considering to allocate some funds for this purpose. This could save them a lot of hassle and paper work of getting a trading account to trade China A shares.

InvestingHaven’s research team screened 136 China stocks currently listed in the USA, and selected the top 5 China stocks which are worth considering in 2018.

5 China Stocks To Consider In 2018

China stock 2018 #1: Sina Corporation (Nasdaq ticker – SINA)

Based in Shanghai, SINA was founded 19 years ago and has emerged as a leading Internet-based media group, providing Chinese-language news, web portals and services, e-mail access, as well as a variety of value-added services for the mobile telephone market. The word SINA is actually a translation from an original mandarin word meaning “NEW WAVE”. Sina operates four major business lines: Sina Weibo (a twitter equivalent social networking platform , Sina Mobile, Sina Online, and Sinanet with a combined registered users of 100 million worldwide. In 2014, Sina decided IPO away Weibo (NASDAQ:WB) in 2014 in order to capitalize on the wave of social media.

SINA china stocks 2018

Monthly chart of SINA

This is another cup pattern visible on the monthly chart of SINA. We do not think it is difficult to reach 140 by 2018. For the unexpected downside, 113-116 is an important short-term support zone while failure to do so, we do not rule out price getting as close as possible to ~104. We maintain the bullish stance unless price structure change abruptly.

China stock 2018 #2: Inc. (NYSE ticker – WUBA)

WUBA runs classifieds and listing platforms that enable local merchants and consumers to connect, share information and conduct business in China. This website contain local information for approximately 480 cities across various content categories, including jobs, real estate, used goods, automotive and yellow pages. Users can browse and search for free local information that they need. Both consumers and merchants can also post content for free. The content includes job resumes, real estate rental and sales listings.

WUBA china stocks 2018

Monthly chart of WUBA

The monthly chart shows that its price has broken the previous resistance of ~84 although the Jan 2018 candle is not completed yet. If we treat the entire structure as a consolidation, the upside is really unlimited. In more realistic terms, our 2018 projection for WUBA is ~101. If a reversal takes place, 85 is the crucial support zone, failure to do so, the next level of support lies ~79

China stock 2018 #3: Bitauto Holdings Limited (NYSE ticker – BITA)

Bitauto Holdings Limited is a leading provider of internet content & marketing services, and transaction services for China’s fast-growing automotive industry. The company manages its businesses in three segments: its advertising and subscription business, transaction services business and digital marketing solutions business

Bitauto’s advertising and subscription business provides a variety of advertising services mainly to automakers through its and websites as well as corresponding mobile applications. These websites and mobile applications provide consumers with up-to-date new and used automobile pricing and promotional information, specifications, reviews and consumer feedback. Bitauto also offers subscription services via its SaaS platform, which provides web-based and mobile-based integrated digital marketing solutions to automobile dealers in China. The platform enables dealer subscribers to create their own online showrooms, list pricing and promotional information, provide dealer contact information, place advertisements and manage customer relationships to help them reach a broad set of purchase-minded customers and effectively market their automobiles to consumers online.

Its transaction services business is a leading automotive transaction services platform in China, which provides e-commerce transaction services to automobile dealers and online automotive financial platform services to consumers and financial institutions including banks, auto finance companies and insurance companies.

The digital marketing solutions business provides automakers with one-stop digital marketing solutions, including website creation and maintenance, online public relations, online marketing campaigns and advertising.

BITA china stocks 2018

Monthly chart of BITA

Although the cup is not completed yet, and there is no guarantee that it will forming, still Investinghaven sees a potential in it. After all, this is all about getting in early in order to ride a big trend. The bullish target for 2018 will be ~54 provided price goes up progressively. If reversal happens, 33 will be the immediate support follow by 26 – 27.

China stock 2018 #4: Ltd (NYSE ticker – WBAI) Limited, incorporated on April 20, 2007, is an online sports lottery service provider in China. The Company acts as an aggregator and processor of lottery purchase orders from its registered user accounts and derive substantially all of its revenues from service fees paid to it by provincial sports lottery administration centers for the purchase orders of sports lottery products that it direct to such centers. The Company offers an integrated suite of online lottery services, information, user tools and virtual community venues to its users. The Company provides its registered users with a range of lottery sales services that include Individual Lottery Purchase, Lottery Pool Purchase, Automatic Tag-along Purchase, Recurring Purchase and Locked-in Lottery Number Purchase. This sort of entertainment is definitely appealing to the public. And we see more growth in the next 2-3 years as long as this company produce different lottery games to meet the need of its customers.

500 DOTCOM china stocks 2018

Weekly chart of WBAI

It is very obvious that price of WBAI is making yet another attempt to break the downtrend line. If the current level of 12.1 is breached, we see price going ~15.2 follow by ~20. Bearishness appears if there is a failed or false break above the current resistance level. ~9.7 is the next support and breaking below 8.2 implies the downtrend will continue.

China stock 2018 #5: China Life Insurance Co Ltd (NYSE ticker – LFC)

China Life Insurance Company Limited, incorporated on June 30, 2003, is a life insurance company. The Company provides a range of insurance products, including individual and group life insurance, health insurance and accident insurance products. It operates through four segments: life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance and other. Its life insurance segment offers participating and non-participating life insurance and annuities to individuals and groups. Its health insurance segment offers short-term and long-term health insurance to individuals and groups. Its accident insurance segment offers short-term and long-term accident insurance to individuals and groups. Its other segment reports the results of the insurance policy management services that it provides to China Life Insurance (Group) Company (CLIC), and the sales agency services that it provides to China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Company Limited (CLPCIC), as well as the results of its associates, joint ventures and subsidiaries. The Company has approximately 220 million individual and group life insurance policies, annuity contracts, health insurance and accident insurance policies in force. This stock is chosen because it is also listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. We see the potential in insurance industry as there is a need to protect us against health, accident and our properties.

LFC china stocks 2018

Monthly chart of LFC

The monthly chart of LFC can be seen as a potentially massive bull flag in the making. Price is currently consolidating along the median line of the channel. Our bullish projection for 2018 is ~26 but if the current consolidation consumes more time than expected then the same target could only hit in 2019. On the flipside, the bearish scenario kicks in once a reversal happens, immediate support zone is ~15 – 15.50 folllowed by ~12 and ~9.80 respectively

Please do consult your broker and financial advisor regarding American Depositary Shares (ADR), each share will represents how much China A share as each stock is different and whether the ADR stocks distribute dividends before making investment decisions. We would like to gently remind investors that a bullish moves in China stocks might or might not translate into an equivalent move in USA.

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