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How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

Are you tired of how much gift cards you receive from relatives to go shopping on your birthday or maybe Christmas when you’d rather have cash? Or you want nothing to do with the gift card given to you by the store you would rather not visit again for being their 100th customer during the festive period? There are several ways in which you can swap your gift cards for cash. Sell that gift card you have been keeping for a long time for cash. We bet you are getting excited about this. But the question is, how do you sell your gift cards for cash. Here are several ways to sell gift cards for cash;

Sell Online

Online stores are the real deal these days as there are over a thousand stores offering mouthwatering deals for a vast variety of products. Of these products include gift cards. There are actually a few online stores with a sell-buy gift card section. Most have made it quite easy to sell your gift card. Some online stores require you to ship the card while some can be sold easily without the need for a shipping transaction and you get your money. If you want to know the best store to go, you should check online, read the comments and ratings of customers in your own geographical zone in order to be sure of an authentic exchange.

Advertise and Sell on Social Media

Social media is a platform used for varieties of reasons. It is also a platform where one has access to millions of people. Use your Instagram account or your Facebook account to your advantage and advertise your gift cards. Make the sale as convenient as possible so as not to chase customers away. This is one of the fastest ways to sell your gift card for the money.

Use MoneyMart

Some people may complain and claim online transactions cannot be 100% legit or safe or the stores are not quite quick enough in sending the money. So, if you find an online transaction bothersome or you are just technology-phobic, use MoneyMart. All you have to do is to take a drive down to any MoneyMart store around you and exchange your gift card for cash. The transaction is quite easy once you can find a MoneyMart branch near you.

Face-to-Face Sale

Too young to drive? Or you just have not gotten your driver’s license yet, you can sell your gift card face to face. Create small posters using a computer and your printer at home and paste around your neighborhood with the permission of the house owners. This is quite the easiest method to sell your gift cards. Make sure your confident level is on the high side as you walk down to people, relatives, classmates to sell your product, gift card.

The most important thing is that you begin to create a name for yourself as someone who understands the game of selling gift cards. You could even begin to write articles about the beauty and importance of gifts cards. These articles would make people get more interested in the idea of buying gift cards and want to patronize you the more.

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