First CRYPTO & Blockchain Investing Service In The World


InvestingHaven was the first in the world to offer a premium research service for cryptocurrency investing, since 2017.

There is no bias in our market calls. Case in point: on December 31st, 2017 we flashed a sell alert, and it is still available in the public domain. In March of 2019 we flashed an aggressive buy alert. In April of 2020 we started flashing multiple aggressive buy alerts. In April of 2021 we suggested to start taking profits. This shows we are able to successfully spot major tops and bottoms. And that is exactly the way to invest in cryptocurrencies: trade in and out only when there are major trend changes, and hold for a longer period of time to deal with the enormous price swings.


Cryptocurrency Super Cycle

One of the most powerful super cycle in history of mankind

One chart makes the point: the long term Bitcoin chart shown below. This is a phenomenal super cycle, a once-in-a-generation type of bull market.

Interestingly, the cryptocurrency space is only now starting to mature. Even institutional investors are only now starting to enter this market.

In order to successfully invest in this long term super cycle investors must do 2 things well. First, they need to trade in and out only exceptionally. Less is more, when it comes to crypto investing. This requires the ability to spot major trend changes, and holding for an extended period of time. Second, selecting a limited number of value add cryptocurrencies. Less is more, when it comes to cryptocurrency selection.

bitcoin 10 year channel


We Track 30 Coins In 5 Segments

The cryptocurrency space has grown tremendously. Our research team has found that coins move in groups, DeFi coins being one of them. It pays off to track coins in groups.

InvestingHaven tracks a selection of 30 cryptocurrencies. They will survive and thrive. They are based on their potential to disrupt industries.

Our selection of 30 coins is based on cryptocurrencies with a premise to grow over time. ADOPTION is the key, and will differentiate high value from valueless cryptocurrencies.

These 30 coins fall into a structure of 5 groups (DeFi, NFT, traditional tokens, etc). We share multiple weekly and one monthly charts, and in our monthly detailed chart updates we show how each group (also called ‘segment) is performing.


Long term vision for the highest returns

Crypto markets can be amazingly profitable. However, short term trades won’t deliver most profits. It is a long term vision combined with accurate market readings that will deliver those astonishing results.

  • Long term holdings are buy-and-hold positions. Buy at the end of a long term bear market, sell at the peak of a raging bull market.
  • Short term crypto trades are too risky. Stop losses will almost certainly be hit because of the volatile nature of crypto. Sudden turnarounds take place intra-day which makes it not profitable to trade crypto on the short term timeframe!


The problem that most crypto investors face is that they get excited once the crypto market moves 10% to 20% higher per day. They cannot find enough excitement in checking their account. However, this is the single biggest failure as investors tend to make fundamental investing mistakes: they start with a short term position and extend it to a long term position, mostly right at a time when prices set a major top. They see their profits evaporate, and sell too late.

We set targets for coins we track, and we have a solid and reliable crypto market leading indicator that helps us understand when tactical trends start and end, but also when secular trends start and end.

InvestingHaven has a selection of top 30 cryptocurrencies based on their disproportionate growth potential. ADOPTION is key, and it differentiates high value from valueless cryptocurrencies. This top 30 offers a range which members can pick from for their long term portfolio. Only sell them near a major peak. That’s what InvestingHaven is great at: spotting those major trend changes.

Our Methodology: ‘The Rule Of 3’

Forget news. Forget social media crypto gurus. Forget financial media articles. Absolutely worthless, both in spotting major reversals as well as those days when the crypto market falls 10% or 20% on a day (which is when crypto investors need the right assessment but cannot find it on financial + social media).

Our methodology is based on ‘the rule of 3’. We work in a top down approach:

  • Intermarket analysis: Global markets influence Bitcoin, and Bitcoin influences crypto markets. If global markets sell off, so does the crypto market. Understanding global markets is step 1, anyone who fails do so lives in la-la-land.
  • Bitcoin’s detailed chart analysis. Bitcoin leads the way for all other cryptocurrencies so top notch Bitcoin chart analysis is a mandatory skill. Our Bitcoin charting skills are world class
  • Highly accurate crypto chart analysis. Our crypto charting work is top notch: extremely accurate in determining consolidations, entry areas and exit areas. We deliver annotated crypto charts every 4 to 6 weeks for the selection of 30 coins we mentioned before.

Many Years Of Crypto Investing With Spot-on Crypto Forecasts Since 2017

We are following blockchain and cryptocurrency markets for 5 years now. We have an exceptional track record of forecasts. Consequently, our trades work out very well! InvestingHaven’s research team has done an amazing job in 2016, 2017 and 2018 when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency forecasting:

  • We initially published our Ethereum price forecast of $1,000 in May of 2017 which was totally crazy at that time. Ethereum exceeded $1,300 in December of 2017.
  • Ripple (XRP) has been our favorite cryptocurrency, some were laughing at us as it was the only cryptocurrency not exploding in price. Ripple did what we expected it to do: rise fast but among the last ones to rally. We remained super bullish, and our 2 USD target (for 2017) got crushed.
  • We called the cryptocurrency market top on December 31st, in the public domain. Our forecast was spot-on, see our call for a top.
  • On April 15th 2018 we got slightly bullish again, and called for the end of the tactical bear market. We got more bullish on December 10th 2018 with a strong buy alert on Ripple’s XRP which was an entry point right at major bottom!
  • In April, right after the Corona crash, we recommended to get into crypto again. Since then we hit many multi-baggers, several ten-baggers, between June of 2020 and April of 2021. Yes, we are talking MANY ten-baggers!

Members get access to our private Telegram group. In this group we focus on NFTs, an emerging investment opportunity in the blockchain space. You can ask questions to other members, learn from them, share your knowledge. Our members are very active, and the insights that are shared are extremely valuable for crypto investors.


When The Going Gets Tough … Is When You Receive InvestingHaven Crypto Alerts

Anyone with exposure to cryptocurrencies knows how hard it is when crypto prices are crashing. First reaction: check the news, and social media. The result? Major disappointment, as news and tweets just ‘follow’ prices with worthless ‘explanations’.

Whenever prices are crashing, we are there with answer. Real answers. And answers only exist on charts, not in the news.

What our members appreciate most is the guidance we give when prices drop in a scary way. It is priceless, is what they tell us.

InvestingHaven’s ‘crypto alerts’ are there right at a time you need them. When markets go in overdrive (to the upside), and you need a voice to calm down your emotions. But more importantly, when markets go south, and there is panic we are there to guide in how bad this is or if it’s a buy opportunity. Nowhere else do crypto investors find this guidance, and many members continuously report this to us (not our words).


Overview Of Benefits

We offer continuous research to maximize cryptocurrency investments:

  • A strategy on how to invest in cryptocurrencies with a clear vision for a long term portfolio.
  • Weekly multiple ‘crypto alerts’, depending on market conditions between 1 and 3 crypto alerts.
  • Our top 30 cryptocurrencies which offers choice for long term crypto portfolios (buy-hold-enjoy).
  • Monthly charting updates on our top cryptocurrencies selection.
  • Educational emails with which we ‘coach’ our members by focusing on timely investing skills and principles.
  • A long and detailed security guide: how to secure your cryptocurrencies.
  • Access to a private Telegram group about the NFT investing opportunity.

“Subscribe to stay on top of the real crypto & blockchain ADOPTION phase. This is just the beginning.”

About the founder

InvestingHaven was founded almost 4 years ago by Taki Tsaklanos who is extremely committed to top notch research for his readers.

The research team behind InvestingHaven has different areas of expertise: market analysis, chart analysis, technology expertise, company development expertise. The combination of these areas gives InvestingHaven a edge in analyzing and understanding blockchain investing.

InvestingHaven’s research team members share similar values. They are spread across the globe and have all learnt through pain and gain.

(*) “The first blockchain (stock and cryptocurrency) investing research service of its kind in the world” refers to the fact that there is no other research service with a focus on blockchain stocks and tokens which is actionable for retail and professional investors. Our research is actionable in the orientation phase of investors.

Any question or are you experiencing any issue? Please send us an email to and we will answer almost instantly.

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