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Blockchain is the hottest tech opportunity in the market right now. It is stronger than anything else we have seen in the last 2 decades.

Arguably the blockchain bull market will become bigger than the dotcom bull market.

With blockchain stocks rising 5-fold to 10-fold in one week, you can’t even catch these stocks. There is a real frenziness around blockchain: blockchain stocks, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, security tokens, and so on.


Blockchain investing: should I care?

On the question whether you need to care about this as an investor the answer is simple and clear: YES ABSOLUTELY.

Blockchain is the biggest revelation since the advent of the internet. The blockchain enables the “internet of transactions” which leads to the “internet of value”. As opposed to the internet which enabled communications, content and social connections, the blockchain is focused on every type of transactions first and foremost payments.

blockchain investing

Capital is flowing massively into blockchain. Recent research illustrates this:

Research by CB Insights showed that the 10 biggest banks in the US have collectively poured a total of $267M into Blockchain. It also revealed that total corporate investments in Blockchain so far in 2017 already reached $327M.

This is just the beginning. The blockchain boom only got started. You better have a strategic plan with sound risk management to play this strong bull market. That is what InvestingHaven’s blockchain investing research does for you!


How to be successful with blockchain investing?

One thing is for sure: mainstream media and blogs out there will not help you, they will only confuse you.

There are several ways to play this mega bull trend in blockchain, and, in our service, we feature the following two:

  1. You can buy blockchain stocks and fintech stocks but be extremely careful as there are many dishonest companies out there.
  2. You can buy cryptocurrencies but be extremely careful as less than 5% will survive the storm. Once the bubble burst at a certain point in time it will be approximately 5% that will continue to deliver value.

InvestingHaven has developed a proprietary methodology to identify the best blockchain stocks as well as cryptocurrenciesMoreover, InvestingHaven selects the absolute top 5 to 7 tokens per year in which it is comfortable investing for the long run.

  • Here is the bad news: you can take horribly bad decisions if you don’t take the right decisions. While it appears that can’t do anything wrong with blockchain stock investing we are sure many things can go wrong. You need an accurate investing strategy.
  • Here is the good news: “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” This mega bull market only got started. There is only a handful of pure play companies trading on public exchanges.

In order to assess blockchain stocks and tokens you need 3 different levels of knowledge: technological insights + company development insights (startup development) + market insights.


How will InvestingHaven help you?

InvestingHaven’s research provides the mandatory insights for you to assess future value as an increasing number of blockchain stocks and cryptocurrencies come up, both good companies as well as scams.

We do the in-depth research for you, and we analyze every relevant document that is publicly available, per blockchain stock: Financial reports (quarterly and annual results), SEC Filings, Evolution of the company and its services over time, Official news releases and press releases, Investor presentations, Information suggesting potential scams, Chart analysis, trading volume analysis.

Our in-depth research results in a proprietary score which indicates the future potential of blockchain stocks and cryptocurrencies. Subscribers have access to a long list with approx. 100 blockchain stocks currently available on different stock exchanges, each with our score and ranking. We continuously add new blockchain stocks, and update the scores when needed.


What our subscribers are telling us:

This is what we got as feedback during the first 2 weeks of May 2018:

  • “You guys are really great. Just wanted to add that your call on Ethereum going to $1000, sometime in 2017, made us some six figures last year. I personally appreciate the effort you and team put into these research.”
  • “You have taught me a lot of how to trade. Doing nothing is doing something and barely trade. Thanks for all the guidance.”
  • “What you are publishing is the kind of essential information we really need! You’re already doing a really great job. Keep up!”


Blockchain investing research: weekly renewed
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1.90 USD per week
Blockchain investing research: monthly renewed
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Blockchain investing research: annually renewed
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88.88 USD per year

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Why should I trust InvestingHaven? Because of its amazing track record of blockchain forecasts!

InvestingHaven’s research team has done an amazing job in 2017 when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency forecasting:

  • BTL Group is our top blockchain stock. We tipped BTL Group on March 7th 2017 when it was trading at $3.00, it is now many multiples higher. This is our May update. Hardly anyone knew about BTL Group, it has become a popular stock since then.
  • Early February of 2017 we tipped Global Arena Holding for a mega-breakout. It now trades many multiples higher.
  • We initially wrote our Ethereum price forecast of $1,000 in May of 2017 which was totally crazy at that time. Ethereum almost hit this forecast in December.
  • Ripple has been our favorite cryptocurrency, some were laughing with us as it was the only cryptocurrency not exploding in price. Ripple has done what we expected it to do, it is now very close to meet our 2 USD price target. We remained super bullish as explained many months ago here, here and here.
  • We called the cryptocurrency market top on December 31st, in the public domain. Our forecast was spot-on.
  • On April 15th 2018 we officially get bullish again, and call for the end of the tactical bear market. Time to buy cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks!

We are following the blockchain space very closely for more than 2 years meantime. We track all blockchain stocks in detail, and identify the highest quality cryptocurrencies.


The first premium blockchain (stock and cryptocurrency) investing service in the world

InvestingHaven is following the blockchain space for more than 2 years now. We have 3 areas of expertise in-house: technology expertise + markets and investing expertise + startup expertise.

InvestingHaven’s research team is in a unique position to combine these 3 areas of expertise, and that’s the basis to make thorough assessments related to blockchain stocks.

This is the first blockchain stock service of its kind in the world (*). We are happy to offer it at the lowest cost in the world.


Subscribe now to this package for less than 2 USD per week / 8 USD per month

We offer continuous research as an increasing number of blockchain stocks will become available in the coming months and years.

  • A strategy on how to invest in blockchain  with a clear vision for a long term portfolio.
  • A list of +70 blockchain stocks with our scores based on our proprietary methodology. * continuously updated *
  • Weekly update of blockchain stocks, with upgrades and downgrades almost in real-time. * continuously updated *
  • A list of stocks you cannot invest in because they are too high risk (this can save you lots of money). * continuously updated *
  • A list of 10 top quality cryptocurrencies for any long term portfolio (buy-hold-and-enjoy).
  • Weekly top cryptocurrency price analysis.
  • Alerts as required: new blockchain stocks, concerning news of blockchain stocks, opportunities in ICOs, … We believe we have spotted the ‘new Ripple’, only available for our subscribers.
  • Educational emails with which we aim to make you a better investor.

To illustrate the depth and breadth of our research, this is what our paid subscribers got in between January & April of 2018:

  • +30 email alerts: alerts on the crash that took place and what to do (tip: we recommended to hold, and, we were spot-on), as well as eductional emails on how to think and act as a successful crypto & blockchain investor.
  • Top cryptocurrencies: entry and exit points for the top cryptocurrencies based on detailed chart analysis.
  • Weekly updates on blockchain stocks, with the 1% of the news that really matters to investors.
  • +30 blockchain stocks to avoid so that you don’t risk putting your capital in something that is hyped in the media but has no value.
  • 100 blockchain stocks with a score and ranking.
  • Our favorite 10 top quality cryptocurrencies, in the top 100 market cap, which are all potential 100-baggers.
  • The ‘next Ripple’ which will become a 100-bagger.


Blockchain investing research: weekly renewed
Weekly recurring payment (cancelable any time)
1.90 USD per week
Blockchain investing research: monthly renewed
Monthly recurring payment (cancelable any time)
7.77 USD per month
Blockchain investing research: annually renewed
Annual recurring payment (cancelable any time)
88.88 USD per year

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About the founder

InvestingHaven was founded almost 3 years ago by Taki Tsaklanos who is extremely committed to top notch research for his readers.

The research team behind InvestingHaven has different areas of expertise: market analysis, chart analysis, technology expertise, company development expertise. The combination of these areas gives InvestingHaven a edge in analyzing and understanding blockchain investing.

InvestingHaven’s research team members share similar values. They are spread across the globe and have all learnt through pain and gain.

Taki Tsaklanos ( is the founder. He has close to 2 decades of experience in markets, and he literally puts his money where his mouth is.

His work has appeared on leading sites like MarketWatch, FinancialSense,, and the likes. His cryptocurrency and blockchain forecasts are read and respected in the whole world.



(*) “The first blockchain (stock and cryptocurrency) investing research service of its kind in the world” refers to the fact that there is no other research service with a focus on blockchain stocks and tokens which is actionable for retail and professional investors. Our research is actionable in the orientation phase of investors.


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