First CRYPTO Investing Service In The World SINCE 2017


InvestingHaven was the first to offer a premium research service for cryptocurrency investing, since early 2017. There is no bias in our market calls., we are no perma-bulls. We try to maximize profits during uptrends, and subsequently protect profits.

In 2023, we turned very bullish and hit many multi-baggers for our members in what was widely accepted to be a ‘crypto winter’. For 2024, we are very bullish, but we expect one violent drop around summer. This shows we are able to successfully spot major tops and bottoms. And that is exactly the way to invest in cryptocurrencies: long term belief, take profits when everyone gets excited.


Cryptocurrency super cycle

One of the most powerful super cycle in history of mankind

One chart makes the point: the long term Bitcoin chart shown below. This is a phenomenal super cycle, a once-in-a-generation type of bull market.

Interestingly, the cryptocurrency space is only now starting to mature. Even institutional investors are only now starting to enter this market.

In order to successfully invest in this long term super cycle investors must do 2 things well. First, they need to trade in and out only exceptionally. Less is more, when it comes to crypto investing. This requires the ability to spot major trend changes, and holding for an extended period of time. Second, selecting a limited number of value add cryptocurrencies. Less is more, when it comes to cryptocurrency selection.

bitcoin long term momentum
Last chart update – June 2024

Spotting winners across +100 coins and 7 segments

The cryptocurrency space has grown tremendously. Our research team has found that coins move in groups, like AI-tokens, DeFi, Cross-chain, Layer1, Layer2, etc. It pays off to track coins in groups.

InvestingHaven tracks a selection of 100 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we track sector momentum to identify which group of tokens is ready to move (much) higher.

Our selection of 100 coins is based on cryptocurrencies with a premise to grow over time. ADOPTION is the key, and will differentiate high value from valueless cryptocurrencies.

These coins fall into a structure of 7 groups: DeFi, NFT, AI & Big Data, meme, etc. We look for sector momentum, then tip the most promising setups in the sector that is ready to take off.


Long term vision for the highest returns

Crypto markets can be amazingly profitable. However, short term trades won’t deliver most profits. It is a long term vision combined with accurate market readings that will deliver those astonishing results.

  • Long term holdings are buy-and-hold positions. Buy at the end of a long term bear market, sell at the peak of a raging bull market.
  • Short term crypto trades are too risky. Stop losses will almost certainly be hit because of the volatile nature of crypto. Sudden turnarounds take place intra-day which makes it not profitable to trade crypto on the short term timeframe!

The problem that most crypto investors face is that they get excited once the crypto market moves 10% to 20% higher per day. They cannot find enough excitement in checking their account. However, this is the single biggest failure as investors tend to make fundamental investing mistakes: they start with a short term position and extend it to a long term position, mostly right at a time when prices set a major top. They see their profits evaporate, and sell too late.

We set targets for coins we track, and we have a solid and reliable crypto market leading indicator that helps us understand when tactical trends start and end, but also when secular trends start and end.

InvestingHaven has a selection of top 100 cryptocurrencies based on their tremendous growth potential. Moreover, we track sector momentum to identify which group of tokens is ready to move much higher. That’s what InvestingHaven is great at: spotting those major trend changes.

Proof of success

We pride ourselves of hitting many multi-baggers, yes even in 2023 (‘crypto winter’):

  • went up 30x after our buy alert.
  • METIS went up 10x after our buy alert.
  • PEPE went up 10x after our buy alert.
  • ChainGPT went up 10x after our buy alert.
  • Solana went up 8x after our buy alert.
  • SHIB went up 5x after our buy alert.
  • Thorchain went up 8x after our buy alert.
  • Ocean went up 6x after our buy alert.
  • Optimism went up 4x after our buy alert.
  • Pyth went up 3x after our buy alert.

Towards the end of January 2024, when the entire world turned bearish, we started positioning our members for the next uptrend in AI & Big Data tokens. To illustrate: PYTH Network, tipped at $0.38, went up 3x when we flashed a ‘keep free tokens‘ alert (sell principal, keep tokens for free).


PYTH Network PYTH breakout


Spot-on crypto forecasts since 2017

We are following blockchain and cryptocurrency markets for 9 years. We have an exceptional track record of forecasts:

  • We initially published our $1,000 Ethereum price forecast in April of 2017. Nobody believed us. Ethereum exceeded $1,300 in December of 2017.
  • We called the cryptocurrency market top on December 31st, 2017. Our forecast was spot-on, please check our market call.
  • In April of 2020, right after the Corona crash, we recommended to get into crypto, flashing strong buy alerts when BTC was trading at $5k. Since then, we hit many multi-baggers, several ten-baggers: we hit MANY 10-baggers for our members in 2020/2021!
  • In 2023, we turned very bullish and hit many multi-baggers in what was widely accepted to be a ‘crypto winter’. We flashed a strong buy on two days before it took off like a rocket (800% gains for our members), we flashed a strong buy on Thorchain right before it staged a rally of 600%, we tipped Optimism before it went up 400%, and hit many more multi-baggers, yes in 2023!

In 2023, we turned very bullish and hit many multi-baggers for our members in what was widely accepted to be ‘crypto winter’. We flashed a strong buy on two days before it took off like a rocket, we flashed a strong buy on Thorchain right before staging a 600% rally, we tipped Optimism before it went up 400%, and hit many more multi-baggers, yes in ‘crypto winter 2023.’


How is our service different?

We focus on the timeframe where most money is made – long term trends.

Most crypto investors get into crypto towards the end of a bull run; that’s when it feels safe. That’s also when no money is made.

We always keep our members grounded, reiterating that most money is made on the long run.

Crypto investing can be hugely rewarding provided you follow crypto markets for at least 3 years. It’s one of the best kept secrets; it’s also the toughest simple thing to do: wait and let the market do the work for you.

We have many loyal members, following our work for +3 years, confirming how much their net worth has grown with the guidance from our premium crypto service.


Overview of benefits

We offer continuous research to maximize cryptocurrency investments:

  • Forecasting the direction of the crypto market, with a very high level of accuracy.
  • Members are alerted when specific cryptocurrencies are ready for bullish momentum.
  • AI tokens get specific attention in 2024 and beyond.
  • Take profits time/price: either in terms of time or in terms of price or both.
  • A long and detailed security guide is available in the restricted area: how to secure your cryptocurrencies.

All of the above is shared in the form of ‘crypto alerts’: 1 or 2 such alerts per week, well timed.

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7 reasons why you can trust InvestingHaven’s crypto investing research service

  • Long history – the first in the world, since 2017.
  • Consistency – weekly updates for nearly 400 consecutive weeks
  • Accuracy – unusually accurate crypto market readings
  • Track record – many dozens of ten-baggers hit for members
  • Values – team values are trust, respect, value investing
  • Commitment – only one thing, i.e. delivering value
  • Risk management – focus on protection and security

Exclusive offer: our 10-year anniversary

Option 1: Our top notch gold/silver reports and crypto alerts. For just $114 you will receive our Gold & Silver Market reports as well as the Crypto Investing reports until Dec 31st, 2024.

Option 2: VIP membership – all 4 premium services. For $360 you will get access to our Gold & Silver Market report, Stock Market report, Crypto Investing report, until Dec 31st, 2024. Moreover, VIP members can get started with Co-Trader.

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taki tsaklanos

About the founder

InvestingHaven was founded +10 years ago by Taki Tsaklanos who is extremely committed to top notch research for his readers.

The research team behind InvestingHaven has different areas of expertise: market analysis, chart analysis, technology and risk management expertise. The combination of these areas gives InvestingHaven an edge in analyzing and understanding blockchain & crypto investing. InvestingHaven’s research team members share similar values. They are spread across the globe and have all learnt through pain and gain.

(*) “The first blockchain (stock and cryptocurrency) investing research service of its kind in the world” refers to research services with a focus on crypto token analysis targeting retail investors. 

Any question about this service? Please send an email to, we answer almost instantly.

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