Mission 2026

InvestingHaven has a clear and outspoken mission:

We want to take on the challenge of turning $10k into $1M in maximum 7 years. Starting January of 2020 we will take maximum 7 years until December of 2026 to accomplish this mission.

This is our way to show the world how committed we are on improving our methodologies with the aim to deliver real life results.

  • We are not here to publish buzz creating news articles or nice looking charts. We all know there is zero investing value to these things.
  • On the contrary, we want to achieve something totally different: bring meaningful insights to investors.

It is a challenge based on a dream

Think of our mission as a sportsman who has a dream to win the marathon or triathlon. Similarly, think of it as an entrepreneur who thinks of clean energy solutions with the aim to change the way industries use energy.

Think of our mission like the challenge that Maiden took on: the first all-female crew that took on the challenge to sail around the world in the annual Round The World Race. Nobody believed in they would anything else than fail miserably, but not only did Maiden succeed in surviving but also did they end on an 18th place (from 23 participants).

Why we are doing this

Because that’s what a mission is: a strong internal desire to achieve something that seems unachievable at first.

There is a lot passion and ambition in InvestingHaven’s small research team. Achieving things that otherwise look unachievable is what unites us. Moreover we want to show the world the difference between relevant financial content (less than 1%) compared to the vast majority of content (more than 99% and vastly irrelevant).

Achieving the challenge we laid out for ourselves would be a dream really come true.

The problem we try to solve

The vast majority of financial outlets out there have nothing meaningful to tell investors even though they publish content like there is no tomorrow.

The financial news is as misleading as can be.

Social media is a wild wild west.

The sad truth of financial content on the web reflects Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles: less than 1% of content has some investing relevance while more than 99% is useless.

Moreover, and even more concerning, the majority of hedge funds are not able to beat the S&P500.

The sad truth is that even in the world of hedge funds 99% is not able to realize meaningful profits. It is some 1% that do very well, and beat (by large) the broad indexes every year.

It is really, really bad out there, and investors have no clue as they believe in this perception of a financial world full of successful people (them being the only ones not being successful) relying on financial content to find success.

InvestingHaven wants to be different

There is no other blog, site, service or group of people that take on a similar challenge as we do.

We want to be different. We want to do something that nobody else is doing.

We want to achieve, and we will achieve.

And in doing so we want others to join us.

How to achieve this

That’s why we designed 2 methodologies to achieve our challenge.

  1. The first method is an investing methodology based on intermarket dynamics. We have refined this over many years. It is focused on taking positions in the medium term, playing 6 to 9 month cycles. The premium service we designed for followers to follow our work is called MOMENTUM INVESTING.
  2. The second method is a trading methodology based on a proprietary algorithm. It took many years to work this out and bring this to the state of perfection. The premium service we designed for followers to follow our work is called TRADE ALERTS.

Both methodologies allow us to double our capital every year. If we do this consistently over 7 years with an initial capital of 10k (5k per method) we will reach 1M after 7 years.

Why do we use 2 methodologies, and not just one? The answer is simple: once the numbers become bigger (say as of half a million) it becomes more challenging to take positions. Buying one stock for $500k is not the type of best practice we envision. That’s why the solution to this problem is to work with 2 methods separately towards $500k in 7 years, so that the sum of both becomes $1M.

Both methodologies are translated into a premium service. Our followers can sign up to these premium services. These premium services are not like newsletter subscription services. On the contrary we are result focused, don’t write too much and certainly not on specific moments. We share our findings to double our capital annually.

Moreover, we consider our crypto investing research as the ‘cherish on the cake’. Once the bull market in cryptocurrencies pickss up again we should find a significant boost in our capital which will accelerate our mission to turn $10k into $1M earlier than 7 years!

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Tracking our progress

We are fully transparent to openly communicate our results, and whether we are on track / off track. Twice per year we will update this table.

YearHalf year results:
Trade Alerts High Volatility Category
Half year results:
Momentum Investing
End of year results:
Trade Alerts High Volatility Category
End of year results:
Momentum Investing
2019 (warming up year)-/--/-+501% in 2019
(5x initial capital)
+80 in 8 months
(with just 5 trades)
#1: 2020........................
#2: 2021........................
#3: 2022........................
#4: 2023........................
#5: 2024........................
#6: 2025........................
#7: 2026........................

We want the results to speak for themselves. There is only one way to assess how we are doing: the results.

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