Commodities & Gold

Commodities & gold are a key topic on InvestingHaven. That's because they represent one of the five key investment asset classes. Arguably, there are more key asset classes but the scope of InvestingHaven is limited to the following 5: stocks, bonds or treasuries, commodities, currencies, and the crypto market. Commodities are known to be very volatile, both to the upside but also to the downside. That's why investors should be prudent when taking positions in commodities. Between 2001 and 2011 most commodities, including gold and silver, went through the roof. That's because real inflation was on the rise. Interest rates were falling. Moreover, it was a 'risk on' period with the exception of early-2008 till early-2009. Both real inflation as well as 'risk on' are a great environment for commodities. Since 2011 however commodities are in a downtrend. Some call if the era of 'great deleveraging'. We saw a major bottom in commodities in January of 2016. As we kick off 2022 we believe that commodities are neutral at worst and some specific commodities bullish at best. Gold, specifically, has followed the path of all other commodities. It was bullish starting in 2019, and should be able to break out to new ATH in 2022.

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