Premium Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions 2024 2025 2026

We feature BTC price predictions from multiple reliable sources: industry analysts, crypto experts, traditional investment banks and also specialized financial institutions. We combine this with our own BTC predictive research and also InvestingHaven’s top forecaster’s BTC predictions who was the first in the world to publish crypto forecasts more than 8 years ago.

Last update: June 22, 2024

Premium BTC Predictions

1. BTC predictions from 7 top forecasters:

  • A selection of 7 experts are unanimously bullish on Bitcoin: consensus BTC price predictions around $200,000 by 2025. While aggressive, these BTC forecasts for 2025 seem realistic simply because the selection of these forecasters is made based on reputation.

2. BTC predictions from 10 institutions:

  • Crypto-focused financial institutions have unanimously bullish on Bitcoin predictions. Many of these institutions avoid specific targets but they predict significant upside potential in Bitcoin’s price. Those with Bitcoin targets see BTC rising well above $100,000 by 2025.

3. InvestingHaven’s top forecaster:

  • InvestingHaven’s Bitcoin forecast 2024 is based on Bitcoin’s cup and handle chart. BTC may drop to its bullish Fibonacci levels $50,882 or $41,997 which we predict to offer an epic buy opportunity. If support holds, InvestingHaven’s Bitcoin price prediction 2025 suggests targets in the $100,000 – $120,000 area.

Bitcoin’s predicted price range for 2024: Bitcoin’s predictive research for 2024 suggests a forecasted BTC trading range between $56250.3 and $82475.04. The average predicted price for 2024 is $68169.94.

BTC prediction tomorrow

Bitcoin price prediction for tomorrow:

Today, Bitcoin trades at 64285.736. Tomorrow, June 23, 2024, BTC is forecasted to move to 61116.930, a change of -4.93%.

BTC predictions from top forecasters *premium*

Our selection of the most reliable and reputable Bitcoin forecasters – premium BTC forecasts

Bitcoin predictions for by a selection of premium Bitcoin forecasters are all bullish. Their BTC forecasts experts are unanimously bullish with Bitcoin targets around $200,000 for 2025.

Our assessment – This is a group composed by highly reliable experts, selected based on our expertise. Their viewpoint is solid, often also unbiased because they communicate as individuals (not as an organization or institution).

ForecastersBitcoin price predictions
Mike NovogratzBitcoin prediction new all-time highs in 2024.
Peter BrandtBTC forecast for 2025 of $200,000.
Gerber KawasakiBitcoin prediction directionally bullish, no specific price target given.
Taki TsaklanosBitcoin prediction north of $120,000.
Samson MowBitcoin prediction directionally bullish, no specific price target given.
Tone VaysBTC forecast with lows of $39,000 enabling a bullish BTC forecast 2025 of $200,000.
Larry Fink, BlackRock CEOBitcoin prediction directionally bullish, no specific price target given.

InvestingHaven’s BTC forecasts *premium*

InvestingHaven’s Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2024

InvestingHaven’s track record is outstanding. Our Bitcoin price predictions are very accurate. This is unusual considering the highly contrarian nature of our market calls. Hardly anyone believed the above mentioned calls at the time they were published.

  • In October 2023, when markets were uncertain, InvestingHaven’s forecaster wrote How High Can Bitcoin Go In 2024? with this conclusion: “Bitcoin entered the area above its 50% retracement level. This bodes well for 2024, it suggests that Bitcoin can move higher in 2024, for sure it will move to 46k and potentially even 66k.
  • In September 2023, when BTC was trading at $26k, InvestingHaven wrote: “Our base forecast for Bitcoin in 2024 is $45,600 with a bullish forecast being $66,000. We expect Bitcoin to move to all-time highs in 2025.”

This is InvestingHaven’s BTC price forecast for 2024, chart provided below:

InvestingHaven’s Bitcoin price forecast for 2024 is based on the cup and handle chart pattern. BTC should drop to one of its Fibonacci levels: either $50,882 or $41,979. If levels hold, it will be bullish long term. The remainder of 2024 will mark a consolidation for BTC.

InvestingHaven’s Bitcoin Price Forecast for 2025

Below is the long term Bitcoin chart. It suggests that a cup and handle chart formation is underway. If true, BTC is starting to work on the ‘handle’ which should be completed late 2024 / early 2025 which will be super bullish for BTC in 2025.

InvestingHaven’s analyst has a very bullish BTC forecast 2025: f the area $50,882 to $41,979 holds strong on a 3-week closing basis, BTC will resolve much higher in 2025. The current long term bullish chart pattern has bullish targets in the $100,000 to $120,000 area provided support is respected.

Bitcoin prediction BTC forecast 2024 & 2025
Bitcoin prediction BTC forecast 2024 & 2025 – Update: June

BTC predictions from institutions *premium*

Bitcoin predictions from financial institutions that are engaged in crypto markets – obviously very bullish

Crypto-focused financial institutions have unanimously bullish on Bitcoin predictions. Many of these institutions avoid specific targets but they predict significant upside potential in Bitcoin’s price. Those with Bitcoin targets see BTC rising well above $100,000 by 2025.

Our recommendation – We advise to be mindful of bias in predictions by institutions that are fully dependent for their revenue on the crypto market.

Specialized institutionsBitcoin price predictions
Galaxy DigitalBitcoin outlook directionally bullish. Bitcoin forecast up to $150,000.
FidelityBitcoin forecast directionally bullish, no specific price target given.
VanEckBitcoin forecast directionally bullish, new all-time highs forecasted for BTC.
Pantera CapitalBitcoin price prediction up to $148,000.
GrayscaleBitcoin forecast directionally bullish, no specific price target given.
BlackrockBitcoin forecast directionally bullish, no specific price target given.
MatrixportBitcoin prediction suggests a drop to $45,000 enabling a bullish trend to $125,000.
BitwiseBitcoin prediction 2024 up to $80,000.
BernsteinBitcoin prediction 2025 up to $150,000.
MicrostrategyBitcoin prediction 2025 up to $125,000.

Bitcoin price predictions from traditional banks

Bitcoin forecasts from traditional investment banks – it depends their crypto affinity

Bitcoin predictions from traditional investment banks vary from very bearish to mildly bullish. Some important findings:

  • What is striking is that several of them are actively exploring offering Bitcoin-related services, which indicates that there is a growing interest from that group to benefit from Bitcoin’s secular uptrend.
  • Banks that are not actively looking to offer crypto services tend to be much less bullish to even outright bearish.

Our recommendation – We advise to be mindful of bias in predictions by investment banks.

Investment banksBitcoin price predictions
JP MorganNeutral to bearish with minimum Bitcoin forecast 2024 of $42,000 and Bitcoin target for 2025 of $45,000.
Deutsche BankOutright bearish with a Bitcoin forecast 2024 of $20,000.
Goldman SachsDirectionally bullish BTC outlook because of institutional adoption.
Morgan StanleyDirectionally bullish BTC outlook because of institutional adoption.
Standard CharteredDirectionally bullish with a long term Bitcoin forecast of $100,000.

Bitcoin price predictions from popular online outlets

Bitcoin predictions by popular online outlets using machine learning

Bitcoin predictions by popular online outlets typically use machine learning models:

  • They don’t tend to predict a dip which is not realistic, markets don’t move in one straight line.
  • Most often, it’s very hard to spot a turning point in those BTC predictions which is not convenient.

Our recommendation – We do know from experience that machine learning models have a capacity to accurately predict the short term but require a bias to predict the long term, be mindful of this also when assessing our own predictive model’s output.

Online popular outletsBitcoin predictions 2024 (update: May 19th, 2024)
CoinDCXMinimum $72,000 - maximum $78,000
CoinpediaMinimum $35,000 - maximum $120,000
CoincodexMinimum $67,614 - maximum $116,445
30rates.comMinimum $56,936 - maximum $122,479
ChangellyMinimum $84,475 - maximum $96,546

A cross-industry study of Bitcoin predictions

Industry participantsBitcoin price predictions
Premium crypto forecastersUnanimously bullish.
BTC forecasted highs in the $80,000 to $100,000 range.
BTC lows for 2024 not lower than $45,000.
Financial institutions specialized in cryptoUnanimously bullish.
BTC forecasted around $200,000.
BTC lows for 2024: potentially $40,000.
InvestingHaven's top forecasterVery bullish long term with BTC target north of $150,000.
Potential BTC lows for 2024 either $41,000 or slightly lower (worst case).
Traditional banksVery bearish to mildly bullish.
Banks with Bitcoin offerings are more bullish than their peers.
Popular online outletsPotential BTC lows of 2024: $40,000.
Potential BTC highs for 2024: from $78,000 to $120,000.

Bitcoin price drop prediction

A drop in Bitcoin’s price, during the seasonally weak period Sept/Oct 2024, would be healthy provided key levels will be respected:

  • A Bitcoin price drop will be ‘bullish‘ provided the 61.8% Fibonacci level of $41,979 will be respected
  • A Bitcoin price drop will be ‘super bullish‘ if the 75% Fibonacci level $50,882 will act as a support.
BTC price dropFibonacciOutcomePrediction
$50,88275%Super bullishHigh probability
$41,97961.8%BullishHigh probability
$35,34750%BullishMedium probability
$29,83038.2%BearishLow probability
$24,66625%BearishLow probability

TIP – One of the best kept secrets of whales is that they love to buy low. The general public tends to be afraid when prices drop. Remember, a Bitcoin price drop is not a bad thing as long as bullish Fibonacci levels are respected. Maximizing profits over time requires a ‘buy low, sell high‘ practice.

Bitcoin’s predictive price indicator

The most important leading indicator of Bitcoin’s price is the US Dollar. Trends on the USD chart are inversely correlated to BTC.

When the USD goes down, Bitcoin tends to go up. Case in point: the USD set a local top in October of 2023, that’s also when the big move higher in Bitcoin started.

If the Bitcoin forecast 2024, outlined above, materializes, the USD should stay steady or move higher in the 2nd half of 2024. The USD chart pattern is increasingly bullish, there is a series of smaller bullish reversals. The big breakout area is 106.6-107.7 points. Once above that area, we see a bullish trend unfolding in the USD which is bearish for BTC.

US Dollar leading indicator Bitcoin price predictions

Current Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price, trading, market cap (source):

Symbol: BTC
Name: Bitcoin
Price: $64285.74
Circulating supply: 19715368
Total supply: 19715368
Volume 24h: 10016463930.83
Percent change 1h: 0.021%
Market cap: 1267416944042.2

Bitcoin Historical Prices

2010: The Genesis Block

Bitcoin made its debut in 2010, with its first recorded price at just $0.003 per BTC. Trading was limited, and few recognized its potential. Despite the humble beginnings, Bitcoin laid the groundwork for a revolution in digital finance. The first block was actually mined in 2009, with the words “The Times 03/Jan/2009 on brink of second bailout for banks” inscribed.

2011: Early Adoption

As awareness of Bitcoin grew, so did its price. In 2011, BTC reached parity with the US dollar, trading at around $1 per coin. The coin gained traction among tech enthusiasts and libertarians, heralding the beginning of a new era in finance. At this stage, it was viewed much like a meme coin such as Doge, with no serious potential.

2012: Price Volatility

Despite its growing popularity, Bitcoin’s price remained highly volatile in 2012. Prices fluctuated between $5 and $13 per BTC, reflecting the speculative nature of the market. However, this volatility did not deter early adopters, who saw the long-term potential of digital currency. The mainstream media was mainly hyper-critical of the token and remained that way until 2024, when it became institutionally acceptable.

2013: The Bull Run Begins

In 2013, Bitcoin experienced its first major bull run, with prices soaring to over $1,000 per BTC by the end of the year. The meteoric rise captured the attention of mainstream media and investors worldwide, sparking a frenzy of buying and speculation. However, this rapid ascent also raised concerns about the sustainability of the rally.

2014: Mt. Gox Collapse

The optimism of 2013 was short-lived – the collapse of the Mt. Gox exchange sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency community. Prices plummeted, falling from over $1,000 to below $400 per BTC. The incident highlighted the risks associated with centralized exchanges and the need for tighter security measures in the industry. Others stated that crypto was never meant to be kept in centralized exchanges in the first place.

2015: Market Recovery

Despite the fallout from the Mt. Gox debacle, Bitcoin began to recover in 2015. Prices stabilized around $200 to $300 per BTC, as investors regained confidence in the resilience of the cryptocurrency. The focus shifted towards building a more secure and sustainable ecosystem for digital assets.

2016: Halving Hype

The Bitcoin halving in 2016 generated renewed interest in the cryptocurrency, as supply dynamics came into focus. Prices started to climb, reaching over $700 per BTC by the end of the year. The event underscored Bitcoin’s deflationary nature and its appeal as a store of value in an uncertain economic landscape.

2017: The Year of the Bull

2017 was a watershed moment for Bitcoin, as prices surged to unprecedented heights. BTC reached an all-time high of nearly $20,000 per coin, driven by a perfect storm of institutional interest, retail FOMO, and mainstream adoption. However, the rapid ascent also led to concerns of a potential bubble and regulatory crackdown. The same day that futures were launched on major exchanges, BTC prices fell, leading some to cite insider trading and fraudulent activities..

2018: The Crypto Winter

The euphoria of 2017 was short-lived, as Bitcoin entered a prolonged bear market in 2018. Prices plummeted, falling below $4,000 per BTC, as regulatory uncertainty and investor fatigue took their toll. The ICO industry was also rife with hacks and scams, which scared away some of the more influential investors. 

2019: Signs of Recovery

Despite the challenges of the previous year, Bitcoin showed signs of resilience in 2019. Prices gradually recovered, climbing back above $10,000 per BTC by mid-year. Institutional interest also began to grow, with major corporations and financial institutions exploring the potential of digital assets. The stage was set for a new chapter in Bitcoin’s evolution. 

2020: The Halving Effect

The Bitcoin halving in May 2020 once again captured the attention of the market, as supply issuance was cut in half. Prices surged, surpassing $20,000 per BTC by the end of the year, fueled by a combination of institutional adoption and macroeconomic uncertainty. With COVID-19 well underway, the value of BTC as a hedge against inflation was a contributor to its growth. 

2021: Institutional Adoption

In 2021, Bitcoin cemented its status as a mainstream asset class, as institutional adoption reached new heights. Prices surged to over $60,000 per BTC, driven by corporate treasuries, investment funds, and billionaire investors. It also prompted other coins to rise in value, as this was the best-performing year for the wider crypto industry. However, regulatory scrutiny and environmental concerns also emerged as key challenges for the cryptocurrency industry. One study in particular about BTC using more electricity than most countries did a lot of reputational damage. 

2022: Market Correction

After the euphoria of 2021, Bitcoin faced a market correction in 2022, as prices retreated from their all-time highs. Prices fluctuated between $30,000 and $50,000 per BTC, reflecting a more cautious sentiment among investors. The pullback was seen as a healthy consolidation after the rapid gains of the previous year, providing opportunities for long-term investors to accumulate. As we have always stated at IH, market corrections are wonderful buying opportunities – assets are not going to rise in a straight line forever. 

2023: Resilience and Adaptation

Despite the challenges of the previous year, Bitcoin continued to demonstrate resilience in 2023. Prices stabilized around $40,000 to $60,000 per BTC, as the cryptocurrency found support from institutional investors and retail traders alike. The focus shifted towards addressing scalability and sustainability concerns, laying the groundwork for future growth and adoption. The narrative that Bitcoin was a fringe asset had finally died off, and even TradFi investors like Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffet had to reevaluate their assessments. 


In 2024, Bitcoin continued its evolution as a digital asset and store of value. Prices remained relatively stable, trading above $60,000 from March 2024. 

Institutional adoption continued to grow, with more corporations and financial institutions integrating Bitcoin into their portfolios. Technological advancements, such as the Lightning Network, aimed to improve scalability and transaction speeds, enhancing Bitcoin’s utility as a medium of exchange. 

Bitcoin halving is also expected to have a significant impact on the price of BTC, an event that took place on April 2024 and takes place every four years, promoting scarcity.

Bitcoin FAQs

Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2024?

Bitcoin’s dominance is superior in 2024: it beats most other cryptocurrencies in terms of performance in 2024. Given the long term price appreciation over time, Bitcoin can be considered a good investment opportunity in 2024. Given Bitcoin’s volatility, it is wise to invest in Bitcoin when it hits key support.

How much will Bitcoin be worth in 2024?

We derive Bitcoin’s predicted value for 2024 by calculating its average predicted price for 2024: $68169.94. This value is adjusted every week in order to account for the volatile nature of Bitcoin.

Will Bitcoin rise in 2024?

Bitcoin is expected to hit support levels in 2024, coming down from its 2024 highs. When considering the average predicted price for Bitcoin in 2024 which is $68169.94 the expectation is that Bitcoin eventually will rise. It might need to come down first, though, below its average predicted price.

Will Bitcoin ever hit $1 million?

Not this decade, definitely not! Bitcoin might hit $1 million after 2030, potentially. If BTC would trade at $1,000,000 its market cap would be nearly $15 trillion which is simply impossible to happen unless extraordinary market conditions would occur which is something investors better don’t count on.

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