About Us

Our ‘about us’ page explains why InvestingHaven.com came to live, our vision and our passion, as well as in which areas we excel.

Which problem do we solve?

Let’s get it straight: we are tired of the superficial financial content on the internet!

There has been a tsunami of financial content in recent years. But at least 95% of that content is meaningless, at least for serious market students and investors.

Although we are aware that financial content is a red ocean, we firmly believe that investors need useful insights, based on a solid methodology.

InvestingHaven’s methodology

Our experience entails +15 years of experience in global markets. We have developed a methodology which is unique, but, more importantly, effective and easy to understand. Our methodology is based on:

  • chart analysis, which is the art of looking at chart patterns based on price points, given the fact that 80% of prices on a chart is meaningless but only less than 20% of price points carry important (meta) information
  • we do not engage in technical analysis
  • intermarket analysis, for the five primary asset classes (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, gold)
  • fundamental and monetary indicators
  • sentiment indicators.

Forecasing markets: our passion

We are really keen on forecasting markets. That’s why we were among the first ones in the world to publish 2019 market forecasts, starting already early in 2018. We are particularly proud of some 2019 forecasts which we published early in 2018 but which already are close to being fulfilled way before 2019 started: Rapid7 Stock Forecast For 2019Pandora Stock Forecast for 2019Nike Stock Forecast For 2019. Furthermore, our annual gold price forecast 2019 is ready, it is one of the pieces we work very long and hard to accomplish.

Special focus: crypto and blockchain

InvestingHaven is especially proud to be the editor of the first in the world to offer a crypto and blockchain investing research service. It is a premium crypto subscription service with lots of info and wisdom on blockchain stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

We were the very first ones in the world to publish cryptocurrency forecasts. We are no perma bulls by the way, we hate perma bull and bear as that’s a recipe for failure in markets. We were one of the lonely voices to call the top of cryptocurrencies, and adviced to become defensive on Dec 31st 2017 Ripple Rises 10-Fold In One Month. Cryptoccurencies Setting A Major Intermediate Top?

We were one of the few ones to come with a very clear and clean vision on crypto investing, read this article which was published at a time hardly anyone was involved in crypto: 10 Investment Tips For Cryptocurrencies Investing

About Us: Past work and accomplishments

In the past, our work appeared on major financial outlets like FinancialSense, SeekingAlpha, MarketWatch. The InvestingHaven.com charts appear on a growing number of large financial sites, which makes us very happen as it confirms that our methodology is sufficiently sharp.

taki4The founder of InvestingHaven.com is Taki Tsaklanos. He is truly passioned by financial markets, worldwide and across asset classes, as well as the digital world.

In the past, he had founded a precious metals blog (GoldSilverWorlds.com) which was sold to a U.S. based investment group.

He was a strategic analyst / head of research, at SecularInvestor.com, a subscription based online service focused on commodities and precious metals.

Next to that, he was an analyst for the largest online subscription service in the BeNeLux, focused on analyzing global technology stocks from a fundamental perspective.


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