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Our ‘about us’ page explains why InvestingHaven.com came to live, our vision and our passion, as well as in which areas we excel.

Which problem do we solve?

Let’s get things straight: we are tired to see the endless stream of superficial financial content daily on the internet!

There has been a tsunami of financial content in recent years. But at least 95% of that content is meaningless, at least for serious market students and investors. That’s why we apply this rule of thumb which is the 1/99 Investing Principles. What this mean for financial news and content is the following:

Only 1% of news is relevant to investors while 99% is noise. In a world of information overload you must be aware that you should not make decisions to buy or sell based on news articles as they are designed to sell advertising, not to be relevant data points for investors. Hence, only 1% of news articles is relevant. Note as well that news is a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator. Smart investors want relevant + leading indicators (99% of news is the opposite).

Although we are aware that financial content is a red ocean, we firmly believe that investors need useful insights, based on a solid methodology.

InvestingHaven’s methodology in the making for a decade

Our experience entails +15 years of experience in global markets. We have developed a methodology which is unique, but, more importantly, effective and easy to understand. Our methodology is based on:

  • chart analysis: the art of identifying chart patterns and determining crucial price points (99% of prices on a chart are meaningless and just 1% of price points carry important (meta) information)
  • no technical analysis (because it is based on lagging indicators)
  • intermarket analysis: dominant overall market trends based on the five primary asset classes (stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, gold)
  • fundamental, monetary indicators and sentiment indicators.

Our proprietary methodology is available to the public

The easiest way to understand our proprietary method is to read the following 3 sections. We want to emphasize here that all this work is proprietary, meaning we have spend more than a decade compiling this method and style, it has stood the test of time and is now available for the public:

  1. Our proprietary 1/99 Investing Principles defined by founder Taki Tsaklanos. Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles is a set of rules to help investors make the right decisions. Stated differently, this set of rules helps investors become more aware of wrong decisions which are primarily the result of emotional and impulsive action. Bottom line: these principles align investors to the asymmetric success formula of markets.
  2. Our proprietary 15 leading indicators which determine the dominant market trend. InvestingHaven’s research team tracks a small number of leading indicators which determine the trend of the vast majority of markets. Specifically, it is 15 leading indicators which, simultaneously, derive the dominant market trend at any given point in time. The trick is to identify the leading indicators and interpret them simultaneously within their chart patterns. Together they paint a picture, but also trigger entry and exit signals. This method took several years to work out.
  3. Our proprietary set of 100 investing tips. Investing is a process that has multiple steps, investing is also a multi-faceted activity, and we look at all steps in the investing process as well as all the facets of investing. The structure we have laid out below should reflect this, and it is the structure in which we have bundled our 100 long term tips for successful investing. Moreover, our 100 investing tips incorporate the 1/99 Investing Principles as well as the method of 15 leading indicators determining the dominant market trend.

Forecasing markets: our passion

We are really keen on forecasting markets. That’s why we were among the first ones in the world to publish 2019 market forecasts, starting already early in 2018. We are particularly proud of some 2019 forecasts which we published early in 2018 but which already are close to being fulfilled way before 2019 started: Rapid7 Stock Forecast For 2019Pandora Stock Forecast for 2019Nike Stock Forecast For 2019.

Furthermore, our annual gold price forecast 2019 is one of the pieces we work very long and hard to accomplish. Similarly, our annual silver price forecast 2019 requires a lot of research before publishing. Both the gold and silver market are well on track to meet the price targets in 2019.

2019 just kicked off, and palladium hit our 2019 price target published in our palladium forecast written 4 months earlier.

Forecasing the 3 TOP investing opportunities per year: our mission

In our new section 3 TOP investing opportunities we explained that a typical year offers 3 top opportunities which bring mega returns. We are talking mega returns, no peanuts. We are talking 2-fold to 3-fold returns within one and the same year. InvestingHaven’s (adjusted) mission is to forecast those 3 top opportunities per year, with a minimum goal of catching 2 of the 3 opportunities for followers.

This mission was inspired by combining 2 investing principles.

  • One comes from legendary investor Stan Druckenmiller. His point of view is that it is only some 2 or 3 moments per year that he got really excited.
  • The other one comes from Peter Schiff his “Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets”. It essentially points out that there is always a bull market somewhere meaning one asset class (at a minimum) is always trending.

By combining both investing insights we also derived our 1/99 Investing Principles which is a variation on Pareto’s 80/20 principles but then applied to investing and markets. It says that investing in markets is subject to extremely asymmetric dynamics. Read more about Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles.

Special focus: crypto and blockchain investing

InvestingHaven is especially proud to be the editor of the first in the world to offer a crypto and blockchain investing research service. It is a premium crypto subscription service with lots of info and wisdom on blockchain stocks and cryptocurrencies.

We were the very first ones in the world to publish cryptocurrency forecasts. No, we are no perma bulls, because being a perma bull or bear is a recipe for failure in markets. We were one of the lonely voices to call the top of cryptocurrencies, and adviced to become defensive on Dec 31st 2017 Ripple Rises 10-Fold In One Month. Cryptoccurencies Setting A Major Intermediate Top?

We were one of the few ones to come with a very clear and clean vision on crypto investing, read this article which was published at a time hardly anyone was involved in crypto: 10 Investment Tips For Cryptocurrencies Investing

InvestingHaven’s research team

The team behind InvestingHaven is small but ambitious and capable. InvestingHaven’s research team consists of several passionate and talented market analysts, spread over all continents of the world, that have several characteristics in common.

We talk more about the values which characterize team members in 10 Qualities of InvestingHaven’s Research Team. If we have to choose our top 3 qualities that all team members have in common we would put it like this:

  1. An extreme passion for markets, and analyzing them.
  2. Always ‘start with the chart’: any market, stock or idea is first verified on the chart, and, only if the chart looks good, is it allowed to continue the (fundamental) analysis.
  3. We put our money where our mouth is, or, stated differently, ‘we eat our own dog food’.

Anyone can apply to help out with the research. Just drop us a message, and we’ll be in touch soon.

About Us: Past work and accomplishments

In the past, our work appeared on major financial outlets like FinancialSense, SeekingAlpha, MarketWatch. The InvestingHaven.com charts appear on a growing number of large financial sites. It makes us very happen as it confirms that our methodology is sufficiently sharp.

taki4The founder of InvestingHaven.com is Taki Tsaklanos. He is truly passioned by financial markets, worldwide and across asset classes, as well as the digital world.

In the past, he founded a precious metals blog which a U.S. based investment group acquired after 3 years.

He was a strategic analyst / head of research, at SecularInvestor.com, a subscription based online service. Focus: commodities and precious metals.

Next to that, he acted as the tech sector analyst for the largest online investing subscription service in the BeNeLux. Focus: global technology stocks.


Any question, suggestion or proposal? Feel free to get in touch. We aim to answer all relevant emails within 48 hours.

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