2019 Forecasts

InvestingHaven’s research team publishes non-stop forecasts for 2019 on different markets: a gold price forecast for 2019 as well as a silver price forecast for 2019, many individual stock price forecasts for 2019, predictions on emerging markets and other more niche markets.

The blockchain investing and cryptocurrency space will do well, for sure, in 2019, it is certainly an important 2019 forecast of InvestingHaven.

Find some forecasts on leading currencies with the meaning of it. See, currencies tend to have a correlation with themes like commodities (Canadian and Australian dollar), inflation or deflation (US dollar), fear (Yen).

We believe that the US dollar will not trend in a meaningful way in 2019, so our commodities forecast for 2019 has a bullish bias. Moreover, we see the first signs of inflation coming up which.

Follow the hottest trends in 2019 by checking out all articles we (will) publish in our 2019 forecast section. This will be continuously updated with our latest forecasts and predictions.

Note: InvestingHaven’s research team applies a specific method to forecast markets, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies. It is based on the principle ‘start with the chart’ and combined with InvestingHaven’s proprietary 1/99 rule of successful investing. It is the reason why we attach so much value in forecasting based on charts. Although fundamental analysis and financials play an important role they are certainly not leading. Moreover, news is absolutely useless according to InvestingHaven, news is in no way part of the forecasting method.