Silver Price Today

Silver price today

The silver price on June 12, 2024, denominated in US Dollars:


Silver price chart

The silver price today as it relates to recent silver price trend.

This is the silver price chart, a line graph chart, that shows the recent silver price trend. It puts today’s silver price in perspective. The silver price is a simple value, without context; the silver chart below provides so much more context, i.e. the 12-month silver price trend.


Interactive silver price chart

The silver price, interactive chart, on multiple timeframes.

This silver price chart helps silver investors as it allows to look for patterns on the short, medium and long term timeframe. It is crucial to pick the appropriate timeframe, at the top of the interactive silver chart. It is useful to pick an intraday timeframe, like the 1-hour candle, to see the intraday silver price changes. However, for silver investors, only the daily timeframe is useful when combined with the weekly and occasionally the monthly timeframe.


This interactive silver price chart, h/o TradingView, is the one we use for our silver articles at InvestingHaven.

Silver price today in global currencies

While the silver price is expressed in USD, on the above chart, it is easy to change the currency (click the symbol at the left top).

Look up the silver price today in other leading currencies:

  • XAGEUR – silver price today denominated in Euro
  • XAGCHF – silver price today denominated in Swiss Franc
  • XAGCAD – silver price today denominated in Canadian Dollar
  • XAGAUD – silver price today denominated in Australian Dollar
  • XAGNZD – silver price today denominated in New Zealand Dollar
  • XAGJPY – silver price today denominated in Japanese Yen

Silver today

While we acknowledge the need for silver investors to check the price of silver on a regular basis, there is also a risk with checking prices too often.

Based on our experience, we share a few do’s and don’ts as it relates to price analysis:

  • Don’t check the price too often. If you check prices very often, it means there is an emotional trigger like fear or greed. This implies that either your position size does not reflect your risk assessment or volatility levels, your entry price was not right, your timeframe was not picked properly.
  • Focus on the trend – the silver market, despite its volatility, has a clear trend. Note that a trendless state is also a trend, i.e. a flat trend.
  • Support and resistance levels in the price of silver matter a lot. It is best practice to match support and resistance on your preferred timeframe, so you check the silver price today as it relates to support and resistance.

Check the silver price today, but don’t let emotions control your mind nor decisions.


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