Solana (SOL) Price Predictions 2024 2025 2026 – 2030

Our Solana price predictions come from reliable sources: industry analysts, our own predictive research and InvestingHaven’s top forecaster who was the first in the world to publish cryptocurrency forecasts 8 years ago.

Last update: July 23, 2024

SOL Prediction Highlights

Solana price prediction (added July 16th):

  • Solana’s short term price prediction turns bullish for August 2024. According to Solana’s predictive model, a rise in the price of SOL is expected in August of 2024 within the range $177.25 to $242.98. Invalidation of this forecast: a price drop below $122.

Latest SOL price predictions by experts:

  • According to 7 reputable experts, medium term Solana price predictions range from $500 to $750, averaging $600. Long term, SOL predictions span $500 to $2,230, averaging $800. Their consensus indicates steady growth in the mid-hundreds

Solana’s predictive trading range 2024:

  • The latest predictive trading insights indicate this trading area for Solana in 2024: resistance at $224.11 and support at $131.53 with an average projected price of $181.67.

Solana’s 2024 buy the dip level:

  • Based on Solana’s price action in 2024, the predicted ‘buy the dip’ level is $122.22. This level was successfully tested in 2024. If this level holds between July and November 2024, it will be Solana’s ultimate ‘buy the dip’. SOL should not breach $122.22 though.

InvestingHaven’s top forecaster:

  • InvestingHaven’s proprietary SOL forecast 2024 is based on Solana’s bullish cup and handle chart: SOL requires a drop to key support at $82.84 which, if hit, we predict will offer an epic buy opportunity. If support holds, InvestingHaven’s SOL price prediction 2025 suggests targets in the $500 – $1,000 area.

SOL prediction tomorrow

Solana price prediction tomorrow

Today, Solana trades at $177.005. Tomorrow, July 25, 2024, it is forecasted to move to $173.700, a change of $-1.87%.

How to forecast Solana

Yes, Solana has the potential to hit new all-time highs (ATH), but not in 2024. This educational video explains the 7 relevant points that will determine whether SOL will hit new highs.

Take-away: A new ATH in SOL is likely to happen, SOL charts suggest this to occur in 2025.


InvestingHaven’s SOL forecasts

InvestingHaven Solana Price Forecast 2024

InvestingHaven’s analyst predicts SOL to retrace late summer 2024: SOL may dip to the $82.84 – $118.88 area. This forecast is based on the prediction that SOL will move from resistance to support throughout 2024, as seen on below chart. In doing so, it will create a bullish chart pattern.

InvestingHaven’s Solana Price Forecast 2025

If anything, the long term SOL chart looks really bullish. However, it also looks exhausted on the short/medium term timeframe.

SOLANA CHART PATTERN – Visibly, SOL is working on a gigantic cup and handle reversal. Long term, this type of pattern tends to be very bullish. However, a drop is mandatory in order for the bullish energy to be unleashed.

InvestingHaven’s Solana price forecast 2025:

InvestingHaven predicts that 2025 will be BULLISH for Solana. SOL is working on a a cup and handle pattern with resolution in 2025. SOL price targets in 2025 exceed $300, the most bullish targets are in the $500 to $1,000 area. Realistically, Solana can go as high as $650 in 2025.

There is a path for Solana to hit $1,000, late 2025 or in 2026, Solana’s chart structure visualizes the path to $1,000.

Solana SOL price prediction 2024 & 2025
Solana SOL price prediction 2024 & 2025 – chart update July 2024
Can Solana Ever Hit $1,000? Read InvestingHaven’s in-depth analysis.

What are reputable experts predicting?

Here are 7 reputable experts, sort of the premium forecasters, with Solana price predictions:

  1. Jake Gagain – A cryptocurrency content creator and investor, Jake Gagain predicts that Solana could hit highs of $750 in the next bull run​.
  2. Tyler Hill – From Tyler Hill Investing, he forecasts that Solana will reach $669 in the upcoming bull run but mentions a technical possibility of reaching as high as $2,230 based on Fibonacci retracement​.
  3. Taki Tsaklanos – The first analyst in the world to publish crypto forecasts, he projects that Solana will well exceed $500 with a stretched long term high of $1,000​.
  4. Ben Armstrong – Known for his YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto, Ben Armstrong anticipates Solana reaching $500 in the next bull run, driven by increased adoption and DeFi projects​.
  5. Lark Davis – A well-known cryptocurrency influencer and analyst, Lark Davis suggests that Solana could see prices around $300 to $400 in the medium term, considering its strong fundamentals and ecosystem growth​.
  6. VanEck – The investment management firm VanEck offers a range of predictions, including a bearish scenario where Solana could drop to $9.81 by 2030 and an optimistic scenario where it could reach $3,211​​.
  7. Michael van de Poppe – A prominent trader and analyst, Michael van de Poppe believes Solana could hit $600 in the next few years if the market conditions are favorable and the network continues to grow​.

These experts provide a broad spectrum of potential outcomes for Solana, reflecting the inherent volatility and uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market.

SUMMARY – According to 7 reputable experts, Solana price predictions range from $500 to $750, averaging $600. Longer term, their SOL price predictions span $500 to $2,230, averaging around $800. The consensus centers on steady growth in the mid-hundreds.

ExpertSOL price predictions
Jake GagainHighs of $750 in the next bull run
Tyler HillHighs of $669, possibly up to $2,230
Taki TsaklanosWell above $500, stretched target $1,000
Ben ArmstrongHigh of $500 in the next bull run
Lark Davis$300 to $400 in the medium term
VanEckMost bearish $9.81. Most bullish $3,211 by 2030.
Michael van de Poppe$600 in the next few years
How many multi-baggers did we hit in the recent bull run? From 3x to 30x, the successes are impressive.

Solana Price Drop Prediction

Markets move in 2 directions. While many investors get anxious when prices drop, it is important to have plan in place for when a drop occurs.

Don’t cry for help, but have plan in place. Price drops are normal, even healthy.

That said, a drop in Solana is expected during the seasonally weak period late summer. For 2024, a Solana price drop can be expected around September. SOL dropping to its 68.2% Fibonacci level of $66.91 will be bullish, and super bullish if $106.58 will not be breached.

SOL price dropFibonacciOutcomePrediction
$106.5875%Super bullishHigh probability
$66.9161.8%BullishMedium probability
$44.2950%BearishLow probability
$29.1738.2%BearishLow probability
$18.2325%Super bearishLow probability

TIP – One of the best kept secrets of whales is that they love to buy low. Investors get afraid when prices drop. Important: a drop in the price of SOL is not a bad thing per se as long as bullish Fibonacci levels are respected. Maximizing profits over time requires a ‘buy low, sell high‘ practice.

Question – Why is Solana falling lately? Because SOL entered our forecasted bullish target. SOL needs a break; price drops can be expected in 2024 and are even healthy. Long term, this is a good thing, as long as Solana respects the support levels indicated above.

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Solana Price Predictions Day-by-day

Over the next 30 days, Solana (SOL) is expected to see prices fluctuate between $163.8 and $192.77 with an average price of $177.19. Analysts suggest that investors monitor these thresholds closely, as SOL could present significant trading opportunities within this range.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
July 25, 2024$167.47$173.7$181.39
July 26, 2024$171.44$178.64$185.01
July 27, 2024$163.8$169.87$180.44
July 28, 2024$172.68$180.65$188.45
July 29, 2024$178.85$186.69$192.77
July 30, 2024$167.87$173.85$184.68
July 31, 2024$169.49$176.93$183.76
August 1, 2024$182.53$190.82$197.18
August 2, 2024$177.12$184.42$190.96
August 3, 2024$184.37$192.25$197.65
August 4, 2024$175.75$181.51$191.27
August 5, 2024$168.29$174.56$182.97
August 6, 2024$146.73$152.85$159.83
August 7, 2024$148.73$154.88$161.49
August 8, 2024$150.91$160.46$168.59
August 9, 2024$158.97$166.58$174.04
August 10, 2024$161.84$172.31$178.63
August 11, 2024$172.35$181.15$187.93
August 12, 2024$172.02$179.51$187.34
August 13, 2024$176.04$186.06$193.15
August 14, 2024$200.37$210.32$215.87
August 15, 2024$189.27$198.12$208.61
August 16, 2024$195.87$202.65$209.81
August 17, 2024$189.2$198.77$205.61
August 18, 2024$175.04$182.23$188.56
August 19, 2024$172.66$179.18$186.69
August 20, 2024$169.45$175.35$185.48
August 21, 2024$167.85$172.77$179.67
August 22, 2024$170.25$180.18$184.35
August 23, 2024$178.03$183.83$189.57

What are predictive models forecasting?

Solana price prediction 2024 by predictive model

2024 SOL Price Prediction – Solana is expected to see a minimum of $131.53 and a maximum of $224.11 in 2024, with an average of $181.67.

What will Solana be worth in 2024? It is the average predicted price of SOL in 2024. At this point in time which is July 24, 2024, predictions indicate that SOL will be worth $181.67 in 2024, here is what you need to know about this forecast.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
July 2024$134.25$157.18$182.05
August 2024$131.53$163.14$203.19
September 2024$164.33$198.67$224.11
October 2024$168.39$189.29$215.75
November 2024$166.11$189.88$211.05
December 2024$164.68$191.87$218.44

Solana price prediction 2025 by predictive model

2025 SOL Price Prediction – In 2025, SOL is forecasted to stabilize, ranging from $159.54 to $256.02, averaging at $203.04. This suggests potential dips from today’s price, marking strategic entry points for investors.

So, what will 1 Solana be worth in 2025? We derive the following price prediction for SOL in 2025: $203.04. This is the SOL average forecasted price in 2025, i.e. the mid-point of the forecasted price range in 2025.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
January 2025$172.75$198.4$216.79
February 2025$163.61$197.96$221.79
March 2025$179.86$196.79$228.24
April 2025$181.73$211.56$240.14
May 2025$188.98$219.32$248.1
June 2025$179.63$216.34$252.23

[Editorial note] InvestingHaven’s forecaster partially disagrees with the predictive model

InvestingHaven’s forecaster has a slightly different view than the predictive model: he agrees with the average price in 2024 but expects a deeper pullback in 2024 (around or below $100), a much better outcome in 2025 with a much higher price target.

Solana SOL price prediction 2024 & 2025
Solana SOL price prediction 2024 & 2025 – chart update July 2024

This is Solana’s price prediction generated by the predictive model (AI)

Solana SOL price prediction 2024 2025 by predictive model
Solana SOL price prediction 2024 2025 by predictive model – Update: July 2024

Solana Price Predictions till 2030 by predictive model

Solana will experience significant fluctuations in the coming years, heading into 2030. SOL predictions suggest a long term support around $146.29 and long term resistance around $268.54. Smart investors will make use of these swings, aiming to take profits near resistance and buy back more tokens near support.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
SOL price 2024$146.29$161.22$225.87
SOL price 2025$159.54$203.04$256.02
SOL price 2026$173.84$214.78$268.54
SOL price 2027$173.71$211.54$242.28
SOL price 2028$173.27$202.7$236.12
SOL price 2029$174.37$205.29$236.83

SOL Price Prediction 2026

2026 Outlook for Solana: In 2026, SOL is predicted to rise, reaching a maximum of $268.54, while support is expected at $173.84. The average price is forecasted at $214.78. This substantial increase hints at a robust year for SOL, with resistance presenting a take profits target.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

SOL Price Prediction 2027

Solana’s Predictions for 2027: Experts predict Solana will maintain a support price of $173.71 in 2027, with resistance potentially reaching $242.28. The forecasted average is set at $211.54, indicating continued growth and stability for SOL, providing an optimistic outlook for long-term holders.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

SOL Price Prediction 2028

SOL Price Projections for 2028: Solana is expected to stabilize, with support at $173.27 and resistance at $236.12. The average trading price is anticipated to be around $202.70. These predictions suggest a year of moderate growth, ideal for investors looking for steady returns.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

SOL Price Prediction 2029

Forecast for SOL in 2029: Forecasters see Solana achieving a minimum price of $174.37 and a maximum of $236.83 in 2029, with an average price of $205.29. This performance illustrates a calmer market phase for SOL, offering investors predictable returns and fewer fluctuations.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

SOL Price Prediction 2030

2030 Long-Term Outlook for Solana: In 2030, Solana (SOL) is forecasted to support at $95.97, with resistance potentially reaching $181.86 and an average price of $118.39. These figures depict a more conservative growth pattern as the decade progresses.

SOL predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

SOL Current Price

Solana price, trading, market cap (source):

Symbol: SOL
Name: Solana
Price: $177.01
Circulating supply: 464504148.53
Total supply: 580739248.08
Volume 24h: 2995683122.19
Percent change 1h: 0.403%
Market cap: 82219479535.25

SOL Historical Prices

2017: The Dawn of Solana

In 2017, Solana emerged as a scalable blockchain platform designed to support high-performance decentralized applications (dApps). Its native token entered the market at an initial price of around $0.50 per coin. Despite limited initial recognition, Solana’s innovative approach to blockchain technology laid the foundation for its future growth and development. It provided a new proof-of-history consensus mechanism. 

2018: Building Momentum

During 2018, Solana worked diligently to build momentum within the blockchain community. SOL prices fluctuated between $0.20 and $1.00 per token as the project focused on developing its infrastructure and attracting developers to build on its platform. A major selling point was its high speeds and low fees as compared to Ethereum. 

2019: Mainnet Launch

In 2019, Solana achieved a significant milestone with the launch of its mainnet. Prices surged to over $2 per SOL as the project gained traction among developers seeking a high-performance blockchain platform. Solana’s innovative consensus mechanism and low transaction costs appealed to users looking for scalable solutions for decentralized applications.

2020: DeFi Integration

The year 2020 marked a period of integration for Solana within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Prices climbed to over $4 per SOL as the project became increasingly integrated with various DeFi protocols. Solana’s high throughput and low latency made it an attractive option for DeFi applications, driving demand for its native token. In 2020, Ethereum gas prices were extremely high. 

2021: Explosive Growth

Like all tokens, Solana experienced explosive growth in 2021. Prices soared to over $200 per token, propelled by the rapid expansion of decentralized applications and the growing popularity of the Solana ecosystem. The project’s ability to handle thousands of transactions per second and its low fees positioned it as a leading competitor in the blockchain space. 

2022: The Post-Boom Price Decline

After the rapid ascent of the previous year, Solana declined in 2022. Prices retraced to around $50 to $100 per SOL as investors took profits and market sentiment shifted. However, Solana’s fundamentals remained strong. It continued to make a huge number of market partnerships. Like the wider market, it took a hit after the 2022 FTX collapse with its link to Sam Bankman Fried. 

2023: Resilience and Innovation

SOL would be one of the most successful tokens of 2023. While retracting to around $20 and staying there for most of the year, it rose in prominence during the final quarter. In December, its price would rise beyond $100. This is puzzling to many analysts who suggested that the ecosystem would go bust after negative press surrounding FTX. 

A Bright future

Solana was a top-performing coin in 2024. Trading at ~$20 in mid-2023, it would rise above $200 by Q1 2024. In June, it could move to ~$200, attempting a test of previous highs, coinciding with resistance. Long term, analysts see a bright future for Solana, eyeing new ATH. Many analysts contend that Solana-based meme coins are what contributed to its price rise in 2024, not project fundamentals.


Solana remains one of the lowest-cost, fastest, and most scalable dApp ecosystems on the market. There has to be a reason why so many meme projects decided to launch from Solana, and it was one of the best-performing tokens of Q4 2023. It underwent a 10x in less than 8 months which requires a well-deserved break before continuing its ascent presumably in 2025.


Will Solana go up or down?

According to predictive research outlined on this page, SOL is expected to drop in 2024 around September / October after which it will go up in 2025 and 2026. This prediction is derived from a broad number of forecasters and industry analysts.

What will Solana (SOL) be worth in 3 years from now?

The value of Solana (SOL) is expected to rise over the coming years, although in a typical rollercoaster fashion. Directionally, SOL should be moving higher in the coming three years, getting closer to the $1,250 mark in 3 years from now.

Will 2024 offer a buy opportunity in Solana?

Today, on July 24, 2024, SOL trades at $177.005. With an average predicted price for 2024 of $181.67, approaching the lower end could represent a buying opportunity.

Will Solana (SOL) ever reach $500?

Yes, it’s a very likely outcome. These 3 conditions will determine whether SOL will ever hit $500. First, BTC needs to clear $72k to trigger crypto market momentum. Second, as a consequence, SOL should be exceed $250. Third, Solana should not be qualified as an unregistered security (Solana/SEC battle).

When will Solana (SOL) hit $300?

It is a high probability outcome that the price of Solana will hit $300. Based on the extensive predictive research, it appears that SOL charts and predictive models have a consensus answer: 2025 will be the year in which SOL is expected to hit $300, arguably around summer.

What will Solana (SOL) be worth in 5 years from now?

The value of Solana (SOL) is expected to be much higher in 5 years from now. SOL should be able to make its way to the hard-to-believe level of $2,000 mark in 5 years from now, a major milestone, arguably also the absolute market top.

What will Solana (SOL) be worth in 2030?

Solana (SOL) can rise on or before 2030 to the area $1,250 to $2,000. This should mark an absolute market top  arguably in the period 2026-2028. So, it’s not a matter of what Solana will be worth in 2030, but what matters is the highs it may touch until 2030.

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