XRP Price Predictions 2024 2025 2026 – 2030

We feature XRP price predictions from industry analysts and compare them with our own XRP price forecast by InvestingHaven’s top forecaster.

Last update: July 24, 2024

XRP Price Predictions Summary

  • According to XRP’s predictive model, XRP price is expected to move beween $0.42 and $0.50 in August 2024. This will allow XRP to rise to $0.61 later in 2024 and eventually $1.44 in 2025.
  • Throughout 2024, XRP is expected to move between $0.29 and $0.61 with an average forecasted price of $0.41.

InvestingHaven’s proprietary forecast renders a stunning XRP prediction: XRP’s timeline predicts one super bullish momentum window, i.e. July 2024. XRP may rise above $0.88 by July 31st, 2024. IF this bullish scenario materializes, our 2025 XRP forecast of $9 to $10 will be confirmed.

XRP Prediction Tomorrow

XRP price prediction tomorrow

Today, XRP trades at 0.629. Tomorrow, July 25, 2024, XRP is forecasted to move to 0.605, a change of -3.82%.

XRP Forecasts by InvestingHaven’s Top Forecaster

InvestingHaven’s XRP Time Forecast 2024

InvestingHaven.com was the first in the world to do XRP forecasts. They have all been very accurate with the exception of one which was due to the SEC’s destructive intervention in Dec of 2020.

That said, InvestingHaven has developed a unique forecasting methodology, not just for XRP but for all crypto, with the ability to:

  • Forecast bullish and bearish time windows = timeline predictions.
  • Forecast price targets = price predictions.
  • Forecast price targets in specific time windows = time/price predictions.

Stated differently, InvestingHaven has a unique forecasting capability: XRP time forecasts, XRP price forecasts, XRP time/price predictions.

With this in mind, there is one very important XRP prediction for 2024

The one bullish time window for XRP in 2024 is July. That’s why XRP has the potential to move to and exceed $0.88 in July of 2024. If this happens, XRP has the potential to move to $3 by July 31st, 2024.

Our XRP time forecast is annotated on our XRP chart:

XRP price prediction 2024
XRP price prediction 2024 by InvestingHaven’s forecaster – Update: July 2024

InvestingHaven’s XRP Price Forecast 2025

If we pivot to pure chart analysis, we see that the long term bullish reversal on the chart of XRP has a very bullish structure. It suggests that XRP will go back to $3 sooner or later. The pre-requisite for this: XRP has to respect support around $0.33.

InvestingHaven’s XRP price prediction for 2025 is based on XRP’s price action in 2024: if the long term bullish reversal turns into a W-reversal, in 2024, then the sky will be the limit for XRP in 2025, with conservative price targets of $9 for 2025.

Our XRP price forecast 2025 requires a resolution of its long term bullish W-structure.

XRP price prediction 2025
XRP price prediction 2025 by InvestingHaven’s forecaster – Update: July 2024

InvestingHaven’s Forecaster: “AI is unable to predict an XRP breakout”

In the paragraphs below this section, we feature what our AI model is rendering as it relates to XRP predictions. We picked the best AI model in the market, trained it with a very talented data scientist and the best software. So, the output should be reliable.

As readers can see, AI is mildly bullish on XRP. In contrast, InvestingHaven’s top forecaster is wildly bullish on XRP, particularly on XRP’s prospects in July of 2024. Tsaklanos says:

If there is any moment in time in which XRP can stage a huge bull run, the way we are used to see it towards the end of each bullish crypto market cycle, it really is going to be in July of 2024.

Back in 2017, when truly nobody was writing crypto forecasts, Tsaklanos was the first to publish crypto forecasts in the public space. He nailed it with each and every forecast, they are all still available in the archives of InvestingHaven.com. To illustrate the level of accuracy, this is an article published on Dec 31st, 2017, forecasting a top in the crypto bull market and also in XRP. That very same day, XRP set a major top.

Ripple Rises 10-Fold In One Month. Cryptoccurencies Setting A Major Intermediate Top?

Taki Tsaklanos writes on May 25th, 2024:

Look, AI is so much smarter than I am. But I know how to analyze the XRP chart in a way AI cannot. It is simple for me: AI is absolutely clueless when it comes to predicting XRP. I have full confidence in my XRP time forecast. It is clear, from detailed chart analysis, that XRP has a unique opportunity to stage a breakout, in July of 2024, which should push XRP to one of the following price targets: $1.6, $1.9, $2.7, maybe even $3.3.  The breakout window is clear, whether it will happen in that period and how strong the breakout will be is of course unclear. AI does not have this ability. The pre-requisite for a breakout: XRP has to clear $0.88, for at least 5 consecutive days, not later than July 10th, 2024. Even if the big run does not materialize, it is fine to just reduce positions and give XRP more time, no harm done other than some mental and emotional therapy work to make up for disappointment.

By July 31st, 2024, readers will know which source to trust more when it comes to XRP forecasting: InvestingHaven’s forecaster vs. Artificial Intelligence.

Predictive Model Forecasting XRP Price Trends

XRP Price Prediction 2024

XRP is forecasted to see a price range from a support of $0.29 to a resistance of $0.61 in 2024, with an average trading value of $0.41. This indicates the potential for XRP to move much higher but only if support will be respected.

XRP prediction 2024 & 2025 by predictive model
XRP prediction 2024 & 2025 by predictive model – Update: July 2024

XRP Price Prediction 2025

By 2025, experts predict XRP will maintain a steady base at $0.52, while potentially reaching up to $1.44. The average price is expected to enhance to $0.87, reflecting incremental growth and sustained investor interest in Ripple.

So, what will 1 XRP be worth in 2025? We derive the following price prediction for XRP in 2025: $0.87. This is the XRP average forecasted price in 2025, i.e. the mid-point of the forecasted price range in 2025, according to XRP’s predictive model.

XRP Price Predictions Day-by-day

Over the next 30 days, Ripple (XRP) is predicted to trade with a minimum price or support level of $0.53 and face resistance at $0.64. Analysts anticipate the average price of XRP to be around $0.59. Currently at its resistance level, Ripple may stabilize near this midpoint.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
July 25, 2024$0.58$0.61$0.64
July 26, 2024$0.58$0.61$0.63
July 27, 2024$0.57$0.6$0.63
July 28, 2024$0.57$0.6$0.63
July 29, 2024$0.6$0.62$0.64
July 30, 2024$0.55$0.57$0.59
July 31, 2024$0.53$0.55$0.57
August 1, 2024$0.54$0.57$0.59
August 2, 2024$0.55$0.57$0.58
August 3, 2024$0.53$0.55$0.56
August 4, 2024$0.49$0.51$0.53
August 5, 2024$0.48$0.5$0.52
August 6, 2024$0.48$0.49$0.51
August 7, 2024$0.48$0.5$0.51
August 8, 2024$0.49$0.5$0.52
August 9, 2024$0.49$0.51$0.53
August 10, 2024$0.48$0.5$0.52
August 11, 2024$0.51$0.53$0.55
August 12, 2024$0.51$0.53$0.55
August 13, 2024$0.53$0.54$0.56
August 14, 2024$0.5$0.52$0.54
August 15, 2024$0.49$0.52$0.53
August 16, 2024$0.47$0.49$0.51
August 17, 2024$0.48$0.49$0.5
August 18, 2024$0.45$0.47$0.48
August 19, 2024$0.46$0.47$0.47
August 20, 2024$0.47$0.47$0.48
August 21, 2024$0.46$0.47$0.47
August 22, 2024$0.44$0.47$0.48
August 23, 2024$0.44$0.45$0.46

XRP Long Term Predictions till 2030

Experts forecast that Ripple (XRP) could vary significantly between now and 2030, with potential support at $0.37 and resistance up to $1.71. The average price is expected to stabilize around $1.11. Currently priced at $0.629, XRP may see an upward trend reaching these predicted highs.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum
XRP price 2024$0.37$0.54$0.67
XRP price 2025$0.52$0.87$1.44
XRP price 2026$0.87$1.19$1.71
XRP price 2027$0.86$1.13$1.37
XRP price 2028$0.85$1.1$1.32
XRP price 2029$1.01$1.12$1.42

XRP Prediction 2026

In 2026, XRP could dramatically expand its value, with forecasts showing a minimum price of $0.87 and a maximum of $1.71. The average price could surge to $1.19, suggesting significant bullish momentum and investment opportunities.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

XRP Forecast 2027

Analysts are optimistic about XRP in 2027, predicting XRP to stabilize at a support of $0.86 and rise to a resistance of $1.13. An average price of $1.37 suggests robust growth and a strong market presence.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

XRP Prediction 2028

Forecasts for 2028 see XRP maintaining solid growth with a support level of $0.85 and resistance at $1.32. The expected average price is projected at $1.10, indicating continued upward trends and investor confidence in Ripple.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

XRP Forecast 2029

XRP is expected to demonstrate steady price movements in 2029, with support at $1.01 and a maximum potential of $1.42. The average forecasted price is $1.12, affirming a consistent market valuation over the years.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

XRP Prediction 2030

By 2030, XRP is projected to trade with a minimum price of $0.70 and a resistance of $1.56. The average price could adjust to $1.09, showing a gradual increase and resilience in Ripple’s pricing dynamics.

XRP predictionMinimumAverageMaximum

Current XRP Price Information

XRP price, trading volume, market cap:

Symbol: XRP
Name: XRP
Price: $0.63
Circulating supply: 55909481874
Total supply: 99987431729
Volume 24h: 1725263183.96
Percent change 1h: 2.375%
Market cap: 35192127816.46

XRP Historical Price Analysis

2015: The Early Days

In 2015, XRP entered the scene with a modest price. Starting at around $0.01, it showed promise but hadn’t yet captured attention from investors. Throughout the year, its price fluctuated within a narrow range. At the time, the mainstream was still very hostile to financial innovation and very supportive of the existing banking infrastructure. The initial founder was Jed McCaleb, who also founded Stellar Lumens.  

2016: Gaining Momentum

By 2016, XRP began to gain traction. The price saw gradual growth, reaching around $0.006 at the beginning of the year and closing at approximately $0.0065. Although still relatively low, this upward trend hinted at the potential for future gains, attracting attention from investors looking for opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. 

2017: Explosive Growth

The year 2017 marked a turning point for XRP. As cryptocurrencies gained widespread attention, XRP experienced a meteoric rise in price. Starting the year at around $0.0065, it surged to extraordinary highs, reaching over $3 by the end of the year. This unprecedented growth made headlines and drew both retail and institutional investors seeking to capitalize on the digital asset’s bullish momentum. This was also the year of crypto ICOs and massive blockchain expansion in general. 

2018: A Year of Correction

Following the highs of 2017, XRP faced a period of correction in 2018. The price retraced from its peak, gradually declining throughout the year. Despite this downturn, XRP maintained relatively stable support around $0.25 to $0.30, reflecting resilience amidst market volatility. Investors closely monitored developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, anticipating potential catalysts for renewed growth.

2019: Stability Amidst Uncertainty

In 2019, XRP demonstrated stability amidst uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market. The price remained relatively flat, hovering around the $0.30 mark for much of the year. Despite ongoing regulatory challenges and market fluctuations, XRP’s resilience bolstered investor confidence in its long-term viability as a digital asset with real-world utility.

2020: A Year of Resurgence

Amid global economic uncertainty, XRP experienced a resurgence in 2020. The price saw a steady uptrend, fueled by increased institutional interest and strategic partnerships within the financial industry. Starting the year at around $0.20, XRP surpassed $0.60 by year-end, marking a significant recovery from previous lows. This renewed momentum reignited investor enthusiasm and positioned XRP as a leading contender in the digital asset landscape. The SEC filed a case against the SEC, claiming it offered unregistered securities to investors in its ICO. 

2021: New Heights and Regulatory Challenges

In 2021, XRP reached new heights amidst regulatory challenges. The price surged to over $1.50, driven by a combination of retail speculation and institutional adoption. However, a legal dispute with regulatory authorities cast a shadow over XRP’s prospects, leading to price volatility and uncertainty among investors. 

2022: Navigating Turbulent Waters

Navigating turbulent waters, XRP faced headwinds in 2022. Regulatory scrutiny intensified, impacting investor sentiment and contributing to price fluctuations. The price oscillated within a range, reflecting ongoing uncertainty surrounding XRP’s regulatory status. Despite these challenges, the XRP community remained resilient, advocating for clarity and transparency in regulatory frameworks to support the digital asset’s long-term growth.

2023: Renewed Optimism

With increasing mainstream acceptance and adoption, XRP emerged as a leader in the digital asset space, attracting a diverse range of investors seeking exposure to its potential for transformative innovation. The price surged to nearly $0.80 after an SEC court victory. The outcome of its court battle with the SEC indicated that XRP was only a security when offered to institutions, but not retail inventors. 

The Future of Ripple & XRP

The future appears promising for XRP as a leading digital asset with real-world utility. It remains a compelling option for those seeking exposure to innovative financial solutions and the potential for long-term growth. Ripple has more market penetration that perhaps any other Web3 ecosystem. However, the SEC is still looking to fine XRP over $2 billion, which could be yet another huge setback to the project.


Ripple (XRP) is one of our favorite long-term coins with good price potential. If you can consider the level of partnerships it has achieved and its premise to disrupt a $150 trillion market, along with the fact that it is trading at less than 25% of Bitcoin’s market capitalization, a $10 price is conceivable. XRP is designed to integrate easily with the banking industry at a time when it is genuinely starting to go mainstream. 

Plus, from a charting perspective, it is undergoing a massive consolidation. As we continually indicate, a long and boring consolidation is what leads to a massive breakout. Ripple was also prevented from breaking out somewhat in 2021 due to the SEC case.


Is XRP a good investment?

We believe XRP to be a great investment. It has solid fundamentals and a great reputation. It has made many strategic partnerships with a strong international presence. The network offers many solutions for banks and businesses. However, it might be a buy-and-hold coin for the foreseeable future.

Will XRP go up or down?

According to predictive research outlined on this page, XRP is expected to be rather flat in 2024 but go up towards the end of 2024. It should move up strongly in 2025 and 2026.

What is the maximum price that XRP can achieve?

XRP could go to $10 or even $20. It has an extensive network of partnerships with key firms and a powerful ecosystem to assist the gigantic banking sector. It’s a fast net zero emissions blockchain suited for financial institutions. Plus, it is undergoing a huge consolidation, which is LT bullish.

How does XRP's supply affect its price dynamics?

XRP’s fixed total supply of 100 billion coins, with a portion held by Ripple, can impact its price dynamics. Investors may monitor Ripple’s sales of XRP from its escrow account, as large sell-offs can exert downward pressure on XRP’s price, while scarcity resulting from reduced selling contributes to price appreciation.

Will XRP 10x or 100x this year?

XRP is very unlikely to 10x or 100x this year. It is conceivable that it will 10x in 2025/2026. It won’t 100x because it is an established cryptocurrency. 100x returns are usually for nano-cap tokens. 100x coins come with additional risk. As we have written previously in our exclusive membership, 100 baggers are nearly impossible to find.

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