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The US Dollar, symbol USD, is one of the most important leading indicators for global markets. In fact, the USD is one of the most important markets in our market analysis methodology. The way we interpret the outcome from our USD chart analysis is very simple: a strong uptrend in the USD tends to push back metals and markets. Historically, the USD has shown that rallies of 15 to 20 pct tend to break markets and metals. Such rallies occur one or twice per decade. While we there was a strong USD rally in 2022, breaking markets and metals, we can reasonably expect another one later this decade. This really means that a big catastrophe in markets, because of another strong USD uptrend, is not likely to occur in 2024, 2025 or 2026. Other than the big rallies in the USD, there are many smaller ‘pump and dumps’ in the USD, throughout each year, impacting the ability of markets and metals to move. Also, the USD should be analyzed together with Yields, both combined tend to provide very specific and actionable information on how they impact specific markets and certainly metals like precious metals and base metals. The USD is key in our gold & silver price analysis work, for weekly updates we encourage readers to subscribe to our premium service gold & silver price analysis >>

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