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JD.com: Our Most Recent Articles with Forecasts and Insightful Charts

Below are our latest articles about China tech stock JD.com that are written by InvestingHaven’s research team, symbol JD.

China tech stock JD.com has an amazing track record regardless of the personal issues of their CEO in the summer of 2018. It is a top e-commerce player in China, a huge market, that is known for continuous innovation in the retail space. It did so amazingly well that it attracted investments from companies like Google (Alphabet) to innovate especially in the retail experience and last mile delivery.

One great example to illustrate the level of innovation of JD.com is their trial with drone deliveries of e-commerce orders.

The tricky part about forecasting JD.com is that it is both a tech stock, hence correlated to the NASDAQ, but also a China stock, hence correlated to China’s stock market movements. So there are a couple of outcomes: if both the NASDAQ and China’s stock market have upward momentum it gives an amazing leverage on JD.com. The opposite is true as well. But if both diverge then JD.com can go either direction.

At InvestingHaven we consider JD.com one of the stocks that has an amazing long term potential. In other words we consider JD.com a great stock to consider as a long term investment.

That’s why, based on our chart analysis with handcrafted charts of JD.com we believe we have identified great entry and exit points.

Below you can find our own articles about tech stock JD.com. Note that each and every of these articles contain charts that were manually crafted by InvestingHaven’s research team.


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