This is an overview of all InvestingHaven's research team forecasts. They span across all global markets, and cover all asset classes. Interestingly, we tend to distinguish asset classes when forecasting. As per our forecasting method we use leading indicators from currency and credit markets to forecast stocks and commodities. Even though we come with forecasts for individual currencies or Treasuries they mostly tend to act as a leading indicator to forecast future directions of stocks and commodities. When it comes to stock markets our forecast is bullish for 2022 for many markets, but we can reasonably expect a good pullback. That's because stocks tend to move in cycles. Our stock market forecast is one of a RISK ON cycle starting at the end of 2021 and going into 2022. Our commodities forecasts are bullish but the USD is probably going to break some ongoing bullish trends. Some specific commodities may do well in 2022. We are huge fans of green battery metals: lithium, graphite, cobalt. We also focus on cryptocurrencies because they are working their way to a fundamentally important position in society. Bitcoin is taking a position in the financial world as the representative of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is here to stay, but has no utility. A handful of cryptocurrencies will grow big as they will see an overwhelmingly successful utility. That's why our crypto forecast for 2022 is bullish although we cannot exclude a topping pattern! That's also why we recommend to look into our crypto forecasting service so you can get the maximum profit out of the secular crypto bull market! We were the first in the world to publish a crypto investing research service, and we have a majority of successful crypto forecasts with only a few misses. Last but not least we do include forecasts of individual stocks, not only in the U.S. but also in global markets like Asia, Europe and Australia. We strongly believe in the 'less is more' principle. This implies that we will only flash individual stock forecasts from time to time, but they are highly lucrative. We absolutely recommend to subscribe to our free newsletter. All our forecasts as well as updates and revisions on our forecasts appear in our free newsletter. Therefore, the only way to track the pulse of markets we ask you to subscribe to our free newsletter >>

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