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How to Improve Your Uber Driver Profile

Do you drive for Uber? If you do, then you realize the importance of your driver profile. Your driver profile is the first thing that a potential passenger will check when ordering a ride. Your profile is a culmination of all your client experiences in your Uber. Your service, condition or your car, and behavior are all taken into account by your passenger when they leave you a review. The easiest way to kill your Uber business is to receive too many low-rated reviews by your passengers. With a low-rated review, you will be passed over for other drivers that score well.

Some clients may not even leave you a review, which is almost as damaging as a negative review. Here are a few tips that you can use to improve the chances of receiving a five-star review from your passengers.

#1 Added Extras

Going the extra mile for your passengers is the easiest way to ensure you receive a stellar review when you drop off your passenger. Most Uber drivers simply arrive, collect, and drop their clients without saying a word. The best way to separate your service from 99% of other drivers, is to add value to your service.

This strategy is straightforward to execute. Start by investing in a portable electric cooler and a large, portable power bank that connect to your car charger ports. Stock the cooler with bottles of mineral water and a few sodas. When you arrive to collect your client, and they step into the clean cabin, offer them a cold beverage and the power bank to charge their device. This service will shock your customers and is the first way to provide them with a WOW experience that they will not forget.

#2 Watch What You Wear

Your passenger will make their initial impression of you within the first second of laying eyes upon you. Make this moment count by dressing well. Your clothes should be neat and clean, and you should smell fresh. Avoid using fragrances or colognes as they may offend passengers, especially when you are both trapped inside the vehicle during the trip. If you are driving for the premier service, Uber Black, consider wearing a suit. The more you can do to provide a professional appearance, the more your passengers will view you as a professional.

#3 Be Friendly

It should be common sense to be friendly and polite to your fares. However, you may be surprized to learn that many Uber drivers are neither. This attitude gives you another opportunity to separate your service from the rest. Always remain friendly and spark conversation with your passenger if you see that they are bored. You never know who will step into your Uber, it could be a person looking for someone just like you to start a new business opportunity.

#4 Cleanliness is Important

Keeping your car clean is of critical importance. Nobody wants to step into a dirty car that smells like old gym socks. Keep your vehicle clean and wash it when it gets dirty. Consider investing into a portable, compact vacuum cleaner that you can stow away in your trunk. Bring it out after every fare and clean the back seat and floorboards before collecting your next passenger. These little differences will earn you a five-star review.

#5 Be Polite and Ask for a Review, Not a Tip

Uber frowns upon drivers accepting tips from their passengers. If you are caught accepting tips, then you may have your driver profile suspended indefinitely. However, it is important to remember that you are in this for the review, not the tip. When your passenger offers you a tip, politely decline and say that it is not necessary. Then immediately counter this with a request for a five-star review. Explain to your client that you are a professional and value their rating. Almost every passenger you meet will comply with your request for a five-star review.

In Closing

Driving for Uber is a great way to earn extra money for the coming festive season ahead. With Uber, you can earn extra income while being your boss. You do not have to answer to anyone, and you choose where and when you want to get behind the wheel and earn. Uber pays out its drivers frequently and accurately, leaving you with more income to take care of unforeseen expenses that pop up during the month. The Uber partner network gives you discounts on tires, servicing, and spares and even data for your phone. Check out the best navigation apps for Uber and get started with your driving business today!

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