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Technological Ways Of Cutting Costs For Production Companies

Modern Solutions

Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars unnecessarily. There are numerous cost-effective opportunities that come with technology. Technology has outlived its usefulness and been replaced by something else. Steam power was all the rage until internal combustion engines came along.

Currently there are “green” options that are slowly phasing out this mode of egress, and such solutions will have their own successors. The point is, technology is always changing, and if you want to get the most use out of it, you’ve got to pay attention in order to “get in while the ‘gettin’s’ good.”

External Fixes

To that end, consider your infrastructure. Are you saving as much as you can throughout your daily egress? With energy, you could be spending unnecessarily. There are a lot of ecologically-friendly ways to boost your business that can actually save you money.

A 3.1 kWh solar system, or a system of about 31 100-Watt panels, will cost around $5k to acquire and install—provided you cover installation yourself—and increase property value from $10k to $20k depending on the state in which the system is installed.

Additionally, such sustainable energy solutions provide tax breaks. The more solar you apply to your building, the greater the tax break, and the greater the property’s value. A cherry on top is the reduction of—or complete elimination of—utility costs related to energy.

For redundancy, you may install a few wind turbines and a few water turbines. There are plenty of models that can be acquired for about $5k per, and which additionally increase your green energy sufficiency, further reducing environmental impact and increasing potential for tax breaks. Finally, if the grid goes down, your business doesn’t.

Internal Infrastructure Optimization

Now let’s look at some technology on the inside of a given business. There are a lot of applications which utilize the cloud that are really worth your while. As a matter of fact, you can take a step beyond applications and outsource your entire internal network. If you’ve got a server—or a group of them—you’ve got some heavy collateral costs.

You’ve got to buy the server, transport the server, store the server, power the server, upgrade the server, patch the server, troubleshoot the server, and provide backup for the server. Then within three to five years you’ve got to replace it. Throughout that time you’ve got to source requisite personnel to maintain it.

Altogether one server likely won’t cost you less than $50k annually, depending on the size of your business—that includes the cost of tech personnel tasked to maintain the device. Meanwhile, cloud computing solutions can outsource on-site expenses related to technology by “floating” networks across non-local clouds.

A network of a thousand servers is like a thousand pixels on your monitor screen. Each one is a bit of information, but the picture is spread across the whole, giving it greater security as a whole.


Once you’ve innovated your business inside and out, it’s time to look at production. Are you spending too much? Are you using the most up-to-date trusted development manufacturers to create prototypes and design machine-specific components?

You might look into Weiss-Aug, a group that offers molding services to the medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace industries. Top-tier molding services like that can provide you with detailed, specification-meeting solutions that are worth what you pay for them and then some.

Between optimizing the way your business uses energy, the way your business uses data, and the way your business produces, you can save tens of thousands of dollars annually with ease; the only difficulty is in transition. So look into available options, and see how you can optimize.

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