Know More about the Expected Bullish Rise of Gold Prices in 2016

Gold has always been the preferred asset for investments. Every year, investors are optimistic about its growth. In the year 2015, gold rates were not encouraging which has made investors susceptible about its trend this year. Experts are optimistic for gold rates to be bullish this year and reap high returns. Investors who are true believers in purchasing undervalued assets shouldn’t be concerned about the trend this year. On the internet, you may find different trends and information which may keep you in a dilemma leading you to be indecisive. It is relevant which information you pick and from where. Predictions of gold price forecast 2016 is based on both the fundamental analysis and technical analysis done by experts. The fundamental analysis involves the study of microenvironment factors and technical analysis that determines the trends, price points and patterns.

With effective research methodology, experts are able to provide meaningful and imperative insights related to investment decisions. The gold price target 2016 is expected to be bullish; at the upside, it may go up to $1450 and the downside, and it may reach $890. The research methodology for the gold price forecast 2016 comprises the following indicators –

  • Chart analysis is a popular way of understanding where a security is heading. The charts indicate the price movements for a particular period and displaying the prices points that help you to understand the pattern of gold prices. Price points are points that indicate where and when the gold prices have been high. It helps to identify the effective gold price target 2016 with these price points.
  • Charts indicate variable patterns that may not help investors to get an exact idea of the security trends and prices. Moving averages is an effective method that helps investors to get absolute information about the trends and patters of gold prices. What is moving average? It is basically an average price of a security for a period of time When an average price is plotted, it smoothes out giving an idea of price movement of the security. It helps to identify the exact trend and improve the profitability.
  • Market analysis of different securities provides useful insights to investors to understand the market behavior and sentiments. Comprehensive market analysis of the primary asset classes such as bonds, commodities, stocks, currencies and gold plays an important role in the invest decision making process of an investor.
  • Sentiments of investors play an important role in market movements. Behavioral finance understands the different behavioral biases of investors that do not let the investor think rationally and behave irrationally while taking investment decisions. Hence, it is important to understand the market sentiments and behavior driven by the investor behavior.

Investment decisions are based on effective forecasts and estimates about security prices. You may find several misleading information on the Internet that may lead you to losses. It is desirable to subscribe information from useful and informative websites providing accurate analysis of security prices.

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