Auto-Trading or Do-It-Yourself

Many traders often have to wait many months, if not years to realize some decent returns. This waiting can be frustrating. InvestingHaven’s premium trading service is intended to help investors and traders.

If you are a trader we can help you with the tools: daily price points to design your trade based on highly accurate signals from our algorithm.

If you are an investor you will find a lot of value in our auto-trading service: you can fully outsource trading, we do the work for you so you can focus on other things in your life.

Since we introduced auto-trading in the first half of 2022 we are helping our members grow their trading account. We play the bullish and bearish side of the market, both, through SPXL and SPXS


Short term S&P 500 trade signals, bullish and bearish

Our trade signals are focused on short term trends in the S&P 500:

  • Bullish swings.
  • Bearish swings.
  • To amplify the returns on these short-term trends, we trade 3x ETFs: SPXL for bullish moves and SPXS for bearish moves.

We grow our capital in bullish environments and bear markets. Even small moves in the S&P 500 become interesting with 3x ETFs SPXL and SPXS.


Our aim is to achieve a compound portfolio effect

The exponential power of capital growth comes from the cumulative effect of a profitable strategy applied consistently over a long period of time.

Exponential capital growth is what we want to achieve with this trading service. With auto-trading, we are on the path to consistently deliver:

  • 4% to 5% portfolio growth per month.
  • This translates to 80% annualized profits, approx.
  • After 6 years, this translates into 15x to 20x portfolio growth.

This compound effect is the essence of the Trade Alerts service. Repeating successful trades is the key to success. It is the recipe to make a fortune in markets on the long term. Patiently applying a success formula delivers amazing gains.



Highly accurate signals by our proprietary algorithm

Successful short-term trading starts with an algorithm that delivers highly accurate signals:

  • Support and resistance levels (typically 2 levels).
  • Take profit levels (typically 2 levels).
  • Stop loss levels (typically 2 levels).
  • Trend change level.

The results? Executing the buy and signals on 10k as capital with 100% allocations delivered 80% portfolio growth in 22 months (hypothetical data). Please find the details in the signal log >>

We send these accurate price signals every day, pre-market, to members in the ‘daily Algo Alerts’ email.


The best kept secret of trading: the ‘trade design’

Successful trading requires highly accurate signals. However, it is the trader who makes the difference by its ‘trade design’.

The best kept secret of trading: the way each trade is designed amplifies the profitability of the signal.

The components of effective and profitable ‘trade design’:

  • Highly accurate signals which requires a highly accurate algorithm.
  • Timing: reacting fast is key, often it is mandatory to wait for a confirmation of the signal.
  • Allocation management: instead of trading the entire portfolio, it is smarter to work with allocations depending on risk and opportunity levels.
  • Position management: instead of waiting to get a sell signal or to be stopped out, it is smarter to lock in profits when take profit targets are hit.

Executing the buy and signals with 100% allocations delivered 80% hypothetical returns in 22 months. Much better results are possible by designing each trade in a more effective way. Using the same signals, the value of the signals goes up dramatically to 300% growth in the same period as seen in this hypothetical portfolio log >>


What we offer for the Do-It-Yourself trader

If you want to design and execute the trades yourself you will find value in the ‘tools’ we are offering you. The ‘tools’ that follow apply to SPX and also the bullish SPXL and bearish SPXS ETFs:

  • Highly accurate price signals which we send pre-market, in the ‘daily Algo Alert’: support, resistance, trend change, take profits, stop loss. One such ‘daily Algo Alert’ illustration from Sept 21st is embedded below.
  • Buy and sell confirmations, sent by email.
  • You can receive the emails as real time push notifications on your smartphone.

Moreover, we share a detailed market report every weekend (download the market analysis shared on Oct 1st, 2022 when SPX was breaking down and find out that our proprietary volatility index analysis was painting a very different picture). It features updates on the tradeable SPX chart, insights and learnings from the trading week, expected outcome of the market based on our proprietary volatility index analysis.


Auto-trading offer: completely outsource the trades

Auto-trading is a very solid service because it offers:

  • Maximum profits: we take away the ‘trade design’ that is key to success and maximizes profits from the signals from the algorithm.
  • Maximum convenience: you have to do nothing after the initial setup, all trades are executed automatically, hence auto-trading. You don’t need to spend time nor effort, you don’t need to make the decisions for each trade.
  • Full control: you remain in full control of your trading account because our signals execute in your trading account. You can discontinue auto-trading at any point in time.

You can sit back and focus on other areas of your life. Every weekend, you will receive a summary of the auto-trading results in our weekend update (download the market analysis shared on Oct 1st, 2022). If you have questions or concerns, you can reach out to our team at any point in time.


Auto-trading: outsource the hard work that delivers value

In talking to our members, we understood that they had a very simplistic view about auto-trading. Most members thought that buy and sell signals automatically executed in their trading account.

The reality is that automated execution of signals is not the most profitable method. It is the ‘trade design’ that makes the difference. Our team makes the following decisions every time a signal comes in:

  • Allocation management: define the most appropriate allocations depending on risk and opportunity levels. We use our rulebook which recommends allocations for each market scenario and market cycle.
  • Position management: we lock in profits as per our take profits signals, we choose the most appropriate stop losses as per our rulebook with recommended stop loss levels for each market scenario and market cycle.


Auto-trading intermediary: why Collective2?

We work with an intermediary called Collective2. They ensure that our signals are executed in your trading account. This is a crucial step and we must ensure that absolutely nothing goes wrong in the trade execution. The value of this intermediary:

  • Collective2 ensures that each signal is executed. It is a stable and reliable technology service. It works instantly, there is no latency.
  • Collective2 partners with many brokers like Interactive Brokers and Autoshares.
  • Collective2 ensures maintenance and upgrades of the API communication with brokers.

There is a small monthly fee for Collective2. However, the fee is really justified given the value that Collective2 delivers.

Who can join InvestingHaven’s auto-trading supported by Collective2?

  • You require either an Interactive Brokers account (AutoShares for members are located in ANZ).
  • In order to execute our signals in your account you have to give us permission. Therefore, you need to configure your permission which happens through com, a trusted automated order execution services based in New York.
  • Please read the pre-requisites to join the auto-trading programin partnership with Collective2. Their monthly platform fee of 49 USD (their fee, not our fee).

As a European resident you can join the SPY options auto-trading program through Collective2 but not SPXL/SPXS auto-trading because of restrictions related to European Law.


How much capital is required to start auto-trading?

Our current portfolio value is 12.6k at the time of writing (Oct of 2022). We believe that the ideal auto-trading capital is not lower than 5k but as close as possible to 12k, this is why:

  • Principal 12k, monthly return 5%, fee $126/m (management fee $77 + Collective2 fee $49) >> capital grows to 21.3k after one year.
  • Principal 12k, monthly return 4%, fee $126/m (management fee $77 + Collective2 fee $49) >> capital grows to 19k after one year.
  • Principal 5k, monthly return 5%, fee $126/m (management fee $77 + Collective2 fee $49) >> capital grows to 8.7k after one year.
  • Principal 5k, monthly return 4%, fee $126/m management fee $77 + Collective2 fee $49) >> capital grows to 7.8k after one year.

Below 5k principal there is a very slow portfolio growth in the first one to two years.


Auto-trading: 4 easy steps to get started

  • Sign up by choosing the auto-trading plan shown below. Within 12 hours, you will receive the onboarding tutorial by email. It is a step-by-step tutorial to start auto-trading.
  • You receive a private invitation link from us to follow our trades on Collective2.
  • Ensure to open a dedicated Interactive Brokers or Autoshares account, this mostly takes a few days to complete and get approved.
  • Once your trading account is funded, you can use our tutorial to submit your request to start auto-trading through Collective2. It typically takes a few days to get a final approval which is an approval that the broker gives (Interactive Brokers or Autoshares).

You will have almost instant support, by email, either by Collective2 or InvestingHaven’s team.

Interested in auto-trading but you have questions or prefer to get in touch?

1. Please read our FAQs, below.
2. You can use our contact form to ask your question.
3. You can request an appointment to meet over Zoom, please use the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is auto-trading more profitable than following your algorithm’s signals?

Our answer: Yes, it is! Success in trading is determined by multiple components: the signals are the basis but need to complemented with allocation management (how large is the allocation of the trade against the portfolio), position management (stop loss and take profits). Moreover, equally important, patience is a profitable virtue. Very often, traders take a so-called ‘revenge trade’ when a previous trade failed. We guarantee patience, we are not reckless, we give the market the time it takes to present the next opportunity.

Question: How do I know that you won’t create damage in my auto-trading portfolio?

Our answer: We work with a stop loss, for each and every trade, without any exception. The maximum loss we can allow to an individual trade is around 2% on the portfolio. Because of this, it is impossible to create damage in your auto-trading portfolio. In the very worst case, we will grow your portfolio slowly (as opposed to contracting your account value).

Remember that you can discontinue auto-trading at any point in time. It takes you a few clicks, in less than a minute, to discontinue receiving our signals in your portfolio.

Question: How do I know that these results are legit?

Our answer: There are 2 reasons why you should know the results we communicate on this page are legit (1) InvestingHaven is focused on results and nothing else (anyone following our work knows this) and (2) we added a screenshot on this page with the trades taken for our members, in auto-trading, to make the point that the results are legit. We can’t do more than this to prove the legitimacy of our results.

Question: Who is behind the algorithm of this trade alert service?

Our answer: InvestingHaven which is a small group of researchers and traders who are engaged in financial markets for some 15 years (each). Their aim is to reach the COMPOUND EFFECT on a portfolio which is what less than 10% of traders is ever able to achieve. In the end it is InvestingHaven’s quality label that matters. So yes Taki Tsaklanos has actively worked on this with his team members.

Question: Is this a unique algorithm or do you re-use it from others?

Our answer: It is 100% unique, not copied from anyone or anywhere. We worked on this for a decade, and trained it over time.

Question: Why do you offer these trade alerts as a premium service? You should already have retired with these returns?

Our answer: That’s the plan, to retire in 7 years from now. You can feel free to join us … in the end that’s the mission of InvestingHaven which we defined 7 years ago and published in the public domain back then! With the trade alert premium service we are just materializing what we envisioned so many years ago.

Question: What do I need to take the trades myself?

Our answer: If you are interested to have astonishing profits with 10 minutes of work per day you should consider this service. In the first weeks you have to spend more time to get acquainted with the logic of our algorithm and with our alerts. Moreover you need access to a brokerage or trading account that allows to trade the following 4 ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, GLD, SLV. If you have an account outside of the U.S. please double check you can trade these 4 instruments with a low transaction cost before signing up with our service.

Question: What do I need to follow the trades in auto-trading?

Our answer: Please scroll up on this page, there is a section that talks about auto-trading pre-requisites. In sum, you need a trading account (for instance, from Interactive Brokers) dedicated to auto-trading. Moreover, we will need you to sign up on Collective2 which is the middleman between our signals and your trading account, they guarantee that all our signals are executed in your account in a reliable way (they closely partner with brokers like Interactive Brokers).

Question: What is the required level of knowledge?

Our answer: If you are familiar inserting buy orders, sell orders and change the stop loss of an open position, you meet all the criteria to join this service. You certainly don’t need to be an experienced trader, on the contrary … this service is designed for people that have no clue about trading but want the results of perfect trading! You need to be able to learn how a trading algorithm works, and be open minded to our logic.

Question: What is the required level of experience?

Our answer: This should not be the first trade you take in your life. However, if you are familiar placing precise orders and understand the difference between an open market order vs limit orders you can do this! You need to understand how to look up an ETF like SPXL or SPXS, enter a trade and add a stop loss, that’s the minimum required experience.

Question: Is this service meant for investors, for traders or both?

Our answer: It’s primarily for investors who want to feel the excitement of doing trades on a shorter term timeframe. Investors typically have to wait many months before taking profits. With our trade alert service you’ll have profits in the first weeks, and if you accumulate profits the results will be astonishing without understanding anything about trading models or trading algorithms. In the end our service is open for everyone, we welcome anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of an ultra-simple to use trading system with astonishing profit potential.

Question: Are you trading futures?

Our answer: No certainly not. That’s because the risk of trading futures is extremely high. You also need to be extremely experienced to trade futures. We only trade 4 ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, GLD, SLV. That’s it, nothing more nothing less. If you want to follow our algorithm your investing or trading account should have access to these 4 ETF’s.

Question: Which markets are you auto-trading: the S&P500, silver, any other?

Our answer: Only the S&P 500 is offered in auto-trading mode. We play short term bullish trends and short term bearish trends. We do so by trading ETF SPXL for bullish impulses in the S&P 500, we trade SPXS ETF for bearish impulses in the S&P 500.

We do not offer silver trades in auto-trading.

Question: Which broker do I need to take the trades manually?

Our answer: We trade 4 different ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, GLD, SLV. So any broker that offers these 4 ETF’s is qualified for our premium trading service.

For U.S. based investors and traders it should be easy to have access to the 4 ETFs we mentioned above.

For EU based investors and traders we know that Saxo Bank has the complete offering of the 4 ETFs. Some others have an incomplete offering: deGiro has only SPXS, Plus 500 has EDC/SPXL but not EDZ/SPXS, both with the data at hand on Jan 2nd 2021.

For non-U.S. and non-EU based investors and traders (Latin American, Canadian) it is not by default that your current broker offers these 6 ETFs. You may need to open a trading account with a global broker in order to have access to the 6 ETFs we trade. There are plenty of options like Saxo Bank, Ameritrade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Webull. This is a non-exhaustive list. If you need some guidance you can check this online tool https://brokerchooser.com/find-my-broker

Question: Which broker do I need for auto-trading?

Our answer: You recommend Interactive Brokers if you are a U.S. resident or live in the APAC region. If you live in Australia we recommend Autoshares. You can easily open an account, online, in any of these brokers. Please check which other brokers are eligible for auto-trading, we always send our signals to Collective2 for execution in your broker account, so it is this Collective2 list that really shows the entire list of brokers that are eligible for auto-trading.

Question: I am based outside of the U.S., can I participate to the trades?

Our answer: Anyone based in the Americas and Europe will be able to participate. That’s mainly because those few times you have to enter a trade or change a stop loss happen during U.S. trading sessions. Anyone based in the Americas or Europe can do this during their normal day.

However, people based in Asia will do make the assessment themselves. If the U.S. trading sessions fall in reasonable hours you may consider this trading service. The further to the East the harder it will be. In the end everyone in Asia has to make a self assessment, and conclude how feasible it is to follow our alerts during U.S. trading hours (even though our buy/sell/stop loss changes occur only a few times per week).

Question: What is my minimum required capital for manual execution of the trades?

Our answer: We trade on average once or twice per week. So, to avoid that transaction fees become too much of a burden on your profits we recommend to start with a capital of $10k. You can start as of $5k as well but your transaction costs will weigh on the results in the first year (only in the first year by the way). We never take 100% allocations, we most increase our exposure in a trade in 2 or 3 steps (starting with 25 or 50 pct of the portfolio).

Question: What is my minimum required capital for auto-trading the S&P 500?

Our answer: Ideally, your principal is around $10k. If your principal is below $6k it will take a long time until auto-trading is profitable for you (because you need deduct the Collective2 and InvestingHaven fees). Also, market conditions will determine when your portfolio will start benefiting from the compound: in extremely difficult years (like in 2022) it will take longer than 12 months, certainly if your principal is $6k or lower. In ‘normal years’ (clean bullish and bearish trends), we will generate the compound effect for you within the first year even with a principal between $6k and $10k.

Question: Are the trade alerts (e.g., buy signal) time sensitive?

Our answer: Yes, they are. Since the Corona crash, we noticed a structural change in the market. Whenever our algorithm flashes a buy signal, the market tends to rise much faster than before 2019. That’s exactly why we introduced auto-trading: we are 24/7 in front of our screens, our buy signal are instantly executed in your trading account, we take away all the hassle from you.

Question: What were your results during the Corona crash?

Our answer: Outstanding, beating 99% of market participants. Hard to believe but true: for the trades taken during the first quarter of 2020 we had a realized profit of 45% in the S&P 500 category. In the second quarter of 2020 we had a realized profit of almost 80% in the S&P 500 category.

Question: Auto-trading looks too good to be true, I still don’t believe you guys.

Our answer: No worries, you don’t have to. We are not here to convince anyone, we are here to share success based on hard work and deep research. In times where financial and social media publish tons of useless ‘financial content’ we want to bring quality to the table. But we are not here to sell anyone nor convince anyone. If you don’t believe us we wish you good luck elsewhere.

(*) Question: So you guys beat Buffet and the S&P 500, can you prove it and what about world’s top performers like Medallion Fund?

Our answer: The annual results of Buffet in his Berkshire Hathaway are approximately 20% per year as per this official document. One of the best performers in the world is Medallion Fund which generated an 39% average annual return since 1988. Since the existence of our algorithm we did beat those numbers largely as well. As said before all trades are available in the trade log book in the member section.

(**) Question: Can you guarantee that profits in the next year(s) will be positive similar to the past?

Our answer: Trading markets or investing in markets has a factor of risk and uncertainty. Past results, no matter how great they were or achieved by which guru, do not guarantee similar results in the future. What we can and do guarantee is that we will increase your portfolio value when you opt for auto-trading.

Question: What happens if the profit potential of your algorithm diminishes in the future?

Our answer: In the unlikely event that we see our algorithm underperform compared to the great results from recent years we will be the first to signal this. Obviously, we will finetune our algorithm to adjust to new or abnormal market conditions.

Question: Do you have another question, one that is not listed on this page nor in the FAQs?

You can ask your question in our contact form, we will get back to you by email within 24 to 48 hours.

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