Premium Trading Service With Astonishing Results

Many traders often have to wait many months, if not years to realize some decent returns. This waiting can be frustrating.

With InvestingHaven’s premium trading service we help investors focus on their long term trades and give have the excitement of short term trading without spending more than 10 minutes per day.

This premium trading service is not only simple to use. It also brings solid profits. In 2019 which was a flat market for most of the year we were able to book 300% profits: our initial capital x3.

Status on December 31st, 2020: +91% profits for trades taken since Jan 1st, 2020.

After many years of research in InvestingHaven Labs we are proud to open up this premium trading service to our followers.


It Started With A Dream And A Vision, Many Years Ago

Our dream has always been to offer rock solid services to the world. In times where financial content is absolutely worthless we defined our mission to bring quality insights with lots of profits to our followers.

This dream became a vision many years ago. And now it is a reality.

After developing and finetuning our trading algorithm which delivers astonishing profits for more than 5 years we are excited to offer this to the world now.

With this service we make our mission a reality. It shows our conviction to bring the highest possible quality to the world. A dream coming true, and we will continue to work very hard to make this successful for members as well as for ourselves!

Most other trading services require you to send your capital so that their machine trades with your money which is an ugly idea. With our trading service you enjoy the benefit of algorithmic trading while you remain 100% in control as you keep your capital in your own account.

We offer you the smart brains of algorithmic trading but you remain 100% in control (as opposed to bot trading). You do the trades in your own trading or broker account while you receive the buy/sell signals from our algorithm by email.

How Our Trading Service Is Different

We decided to launch a trading service even though there are so many other services out there.

As per our 1/99 rules the vast majority of trading service which is close to 99% don’t deliver acceptable profits.

How many services are out there that charge up to 100 USD and deliver hardly better results than the S&P 500?

Our trading service outperforms the S&P 500 with a factor 10 (ten times better) with 500% profits in 2019.

Moreover, we are fully transparent: all trades are available in the members section in a detailed trade log book!


The Trading Results Are Astonishing

We give you the option to trade high risk or low risk markets. You choose which one you take, you get both from us!

(1) We flash trade alerts on S&P 500 ETF’s which are ‘less volatile with steady rewards’:

  • By mid-2020 our capital went up almost 80% while the S&P 500 was down 6% in the same period.
  • In 2019 our capital went up 3-fold (the S&P 500 was only bullish in the last months of the year).

(2) We flash complementary trade alerts on emerging markets and the gold/silver price:

  • Gold and silver trade signals were added in June of 2020 after many members asked for it.
  • Emerging markets results were amazing in 2018 and 2019, but less reliable in 2020 because of the Corona crash distortion.
Our premium service beats Buffet’s annual results in Berkshire Hathaway and the S&P500 (*) with a factor 10x. In the flattest possible market our profit potential is 5x the initial capital in a period of 12 months. What’s more, hard to believe but true: during the Corona crash quarter we outperformed 99% of traders with a 45% profit in our S&P 500 category. On Dec 31st, 2020, our S&P 500 trades stand at +91% for trades taken in 2020!

Cumulative Profits = Exponential Growth Of Capital

Now the above results are astonishing, but the real power comes from the cumulative effect. It makes your capital grow exponentially!

Great profits is one thing. Cumulating the profits year-on-year by re-investing them is THE most powerful combination that any trader or investor can imagine.

The real exponential power of capital growth comes from the cumulative effect of a profitable strategy over a long period of time.

Our trading algorithm outperforms significantly during volatile years. You need 2 of those years to occur in a time span of 5 years to make your capital grow 100x. You read this correctly, this is not a joke!

Exponential capital growth is what we want to achieve with this trading service.

Repeating successes is THE key to success in make a fortune in markets. That’s what other successful investors and traders did in the past. That’s the formula we have found after having gone through a lot of pain.

Patiently applying a success formula delivers amazing gains. That’s what we have to offer you.


Show Me The Money

Sure we show you the money.

The detailed trade log book is available for each and every trade in the membership section. Each and every trade of the last 2 years, with many dozens of gains from a few % up to 40%, and less than 4 mini losses per year, are there, available to verify with your own eyes.

Our algorithm is all about managing risk. It is about minimizing potential losses to an absolute minimum, and get out of the market fast with losses of not more than 1 or 2%. This is the basis for astonishing profits!

This resulted in a 301% profit in 2019 in U.S. markets (S&P 500).

One of the many feedback quotes from members: “My goal is to follow your Trades Portfolio for most of my portfolio. I find that I fall into all of the trading traps you have identified and commented upon in recent messages. Above all, the disciplined approach associated with the Trades portfolio is exactly what I need.”

The Way Our Trading Service Works

We simply trade every trend that is actual:

  • We trade short term bullish trends.
  • We trade short term bearish trends.
  • That way we let time work for us, not against us.
  • The problem with investing is that most of the time there is no bullish trend.


Investors typically only catch the larger trends, we catch the smaller trends primarily with our trading service.

Everything is based on price signals, nothing more nothing less. No charts, no forecasts, no predictions, no fundamentals, no news, … nothing of all that is required. It’s a simple as you can imagine.

By default we trade the S&P 500, and we also offer some complementary trade signals on 2 higher beta segments:

  • Gold/silver prices, from time to time.
  • Emerging markets, from time to time.

Primarily Designed For Investors, But Open For Anyone

This is primarily a service for investors!


Because traders mostly have their own trading system. They don’t like to use another trading service that is conflicting with their own system.

While investors don’t have the time and don’t want to focus on the short term. They don’t want to invest their precious time to invent a short term trading system. We solve this problem for investors by offering an outrageously well performing trading algorithm so investors can focus on their longer term investing strategy.

Investors take positions for a longer period of time. They don’t feel the excitement of multiple winning trades in a month/quarter. Our premium trading service solves *exactly* this problem for investors: give the excitement of short term trades with tight risk management and astonishing profits.

Learn to become a top trader

Not only do we deliver great returns, we also spend a lot of time and effort on making our members much better traders. The educational part of our premium service is priceless. Every weekend we send out a detailed update, highly educational.

Moreover, there is a must-read manual in the restricted area of Trade Alerts, available to all premium members: 99 Tips That 1 Pct of Successful Traders Really Master. We worked on this for more than a decade, it is pure gold. It helps tremendously to eventually become a top trader.

A recent quote from a member: “I would like to thank you for the knowledge you share in becoming a better investor and trader. Of all the services I had been a member in the past, yours has been the most gratifying. Not solely because of the profits gained, but how you share your experience and knowledge with humility.

We nearly doubled our capital in 2020, an extremely challenging year. This is an exceptional result, and it shows how advanced our methodology is. It proves our commitment to results, and our commitment to grow our portfolio 100x by 2026 the latest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s your performance in 2020?

Our answer: Our portfolio is up +98% for trades taken in the period Jan 1st, 2020 to October 16th, 2020. We accomplished this with the highest levels of risk management in place: only 50% allocations since ultra high volatility started in March of 2020. Amazing results, and the rate of the Trade Alerts subscription will go up 20% as of January 1st, 2021.

Question: No bonus month anymore?

Our answer: No, the results are way too good to justify a free month. We are delivering a 10x return on your Trade Alerts investment (read the article with a detailed calculation here). Loyal followers who signed up before October 1st, 2020 received one bonus month. Going forward, no bonus months. In case you are really disappointed after signing up you can ask for a refund ONLY in the first week after signing up.

Question: Why is the price elevated compared to the other InvestingHaven premium services?

Our answer: Because the profits are (1) guaranteed (**) in recent years (2) astonishing. For this premium trade alerts service we set a price to reflect value, but even then we believe it’s too cheap for the value it creates. So prices are subject to move higher over time except for the members that sign up early.

Question: How do I know that these results are legit? The returns are hard to believe!

Our answer: They are hard to believe, understood. There are 2 reasons why you should know the results we advertise on this page are legit (1) InvestingHaven is focused on results and nothing else (anyone following our work knows this by now) and (2) as per our 1/99 Investing Principles it is only 1% of market participants that are able to share a part in the 99% profits. With our trade alert service we achieved the 1/99 asymmetric profitability rule which we have been researching for so many years (more than a decade).

Question: Who is behind the algorithm of this trade alert service?

Our answer: InvestingHaven Labs which is a small group of people researching to reach the highest level of profitability. In the end it is InvestingHaven’s quality label that matters. So yes Taki Tsaklanos has actively worked on this with a few other members.

Question: Is this a unique algorithm or do you re-use it from others?

Our answer: It is 100% unique, not copied from anyone. We worked on this for a decade, and optimized it by learning the hard way.

Question: Why do you offer the trade alerts with amazing returns as a premium service? You should have retired with these returns, not publish a premium service.

Our answer: That’s the plan, to retire in 7 years from now! You can feel free to join us … in the end that’s the mission of InvestingHaven which we defined 7 years ago and published in the public domain back then! With the trade alert premium service we are just materializing what we envisioned so many years ago.

Question: What do I need for this?

Our answer: If you are interested to have astonishing profits with 10 minutes of work per day you should consider this service. In the first weeks you have to spend more time to get acquainted with the logic of our algorithm and with our alerts. Moreover you need access to a brokerage or trading account that allows to trade the following 6 ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, EDC, EDZ, GLD, SLV. If you have an account outside of the U.S. please double check you can trade these 6 instruments with a low transaction cost before signing up with our service.

Question: What is the required level of knowledge?

Our answer: If you are familiar inserting buy orders, sell orders and change the stop loss of an open position, you meet all the criteria to join this service. You certainly don’t need to be an experienced trader, on the contrary … this service is designed for people that have no clue about trading but want the results of perfect trading! You need to be able to learn how a trading algorithm works, and be open minded to our logic.

Question: What is the required level of experience?

Our answer: This should not be the first trade you take in your life. However, if you are familiar placing precise orders and understand the difference between an open market order vs limit orders you can do this! You need to understand how to look up an ETF like SPXL or SPXS, enter a trade and add a stop loss, that’s the minimum required experience.

Question: Is this service meant for investors, for traders or both?

Our answer: It’s primarily for investors who want to feel the excitement of doing trades on a shorter term timeframe. Investors typically have to wait many months before taking profits. With our trade alert service you’ll have profits in the first weeks, and if you accumulate profits the results will be astonishing without understanding anything about trading models or trading algorithms. In the end our service is open for everyone, we welcome anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of an ultra-simple to use trading system with astonishing profit potential.

Question: Are you trading futures or options?

Our answer: No certainly not. That’s because the risk of trading options or futures is extremely high. You also need to be extremely experienced to trade options or future. We only trade 6 ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, EDC, EDZ, GLD, SLV. That’s it, nothing more nothing less. If you want to follow our algorithm your investing or trading account should have access to these 6 ETF’s.

Question: Why do you trade ETFs?

Our answer: We trade only a few ETFs because of the low risk associated with ETFs and general accessibility. However the ETFs we have chosen are 3x leveraged which carry an inherent risk. Our algorithm is programmed in a way to mitigate this risk though.

Question: Which broker do I need to qualify for these trades?

Our answer: We trade 6 different ETFs: SPXL, SPXS, EDC, EDZ, GLD, SLV. So any broker that offers these 6 ETF’s is qualified for our premium trading service.

For U.S. based investors and traders it should be easy to have access to the 6 ETFs we mentioned above.

For EU based investors and traders we know that Saxo Bank has the complete offering of the 6 ETFs. Some others have an incomplete offering: deGiro has only SPXS, Plus 500 has EDC/SPXL but not EDZ/SPXS, both with the data at hand on Jan 2nd 2020.

For non-U.S. and non-EU based investors and traders (Latin American, Canadian) it is not by default that your current broker offers these 6 ETFs. You may need to open a trading account with a global broker in order to have access to the 6 ETFs we trade. There are plenty of options like Saxo Bank, Ameritrade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Webull. This is a non-exhaustive list. If you need some guidance you can check this online tool https://brokerchooser.com/find-my-broker

Question: I am based outside of the U.S., can I participate to the trades?

Our answer: Anyone based in the Americas and Europe will be able to participate. That’s mainly because those few times you have to enter a trade or change a stop loss happen during U.S. trading sessions. Anyone based in the Americas or Europe can do this during their normal day.

However, people based in Asia will do make the assessment themselves. If the U.S. trading sessions fall in reasonable hours you may consider this trading service. The further to the East the harder it will be. In the end everyone in Asia has to make a self assessment, and conclude how feasible it is to follow our alerts during U.S. trading hours (even though our buy/sell/stop loss changes occur only a few times per week).

Question: What is my minimum required capital?

Our answer: We trade on average once per week. So to avoid that transaction fees become too heavy of a burden on your profits we recommend to start with a capital of $10k. You can start as of $5k as well but your transaction costs will weigh on the results in the first year (only in the first year by the way).

Question: How much time do I have to spend?

Our answer: You only have to spend 10 to 20 minutes per day when there is an active trade, most days however there is no action required other than double checking that the stop loss price communicated in our daily digest is correctly set!

Question: When exactly do I have to spend this limited time per day?

Our answer: Most of the time you can read our alerts or digests at any point in time during the day. However on average once per week you will need to be able to do a trade (which only takes a few minutes) during U.S. trading hours; so those days your reaction time has to be rather fast (within a few hours) based on our real-time email alerts.

Question: What were your results during the Corona crash?

Our answer: Outstanding, beating 99% of market participants. Hard to believe but true: for the trades taken during the first quarter of 2020 we had a realized profit of 45% in the S&P 500 category. In the second quarter of 2020 we had a realized profit of almost 80% in the S&P 500 category.

Question: This looks too good to be true, I still don’t believe you guys.

Our answer: No worries, you don’t have to. We are not here to convince anyone, we are here to share success based on hard work and deep research. In times where financial and social media publish tons of useless ‘financial content’ we want to bring quality to the table. But we are not here to sell anyone nor convince anyone. If you don’t believe us we wish you good luck elsewhere.

(*) Question: So you guys beat Buffet and the S&P 500, can you prove it and what about world’s top performers like Medallion Fund?

Our answer: The annual results of Buffet in his Berkshire Hathaway are approximately 20% per year as per this official document. One of the best performers in the world is Medallion Fund which generated an 39% average annual return since 1988. Since the existence of our algorithm we did beat those numbers largely as well. As said before all trades are available in the trade log book in the member section.

(**) Question: Can you guarantee that profits in the next year(s) will be positive similar to the past?

Our answer: Trading markets or investing in markets has a factor of risk and uncertainty. Past results, no matter how great they were or achieved by which guru, do not guarantee similar results in the future.

Question: What happens if the profit potential of your algorithm diminishes in the future?

Our answer: In the unlikely event that we see our algorithm underperform compared to the great results from recent years we will be the first to signal this. Obviously we do everything to adjust our algorithm continuously to continue to book the profits we achieved in recent years.

Question: Why don’t you offer a trial period?

There is no trial period because there is nothing to try out. We are not here to sell anything. We are here to share the outcome of a methodology to take short term trades, and it has a proven track record. No trial period if the results speak for themselves.

Question: When/how will you grant that free month?

At renewal we will notify you that we will give you your bonus month. For those paying with a credit card you will have a discount of 43 USD. For those paying with Paypal you will get a cash back of 43 USD. In case you do not want to renew, please send us a message so we will extend your membership with one month (we will not renew your membership in case you change your mind, it’s as a self service that you have to re-enable it.

Update in October of 2020: No bonus months granted any longer. We are booking astonishing results, as per our premise. We commit, we deliver. We create value, and that’s why we discontinued the bonus month. If you are disappointed after signing up, you can request a refund in the first week after signing up.

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