Gold Mining Stocks (Symbol GDX)

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Gold Mining Stocks: Our Latest Articles with Insightful Charts

Below are our recent articles about gold mining stocks that are written by InvestingHaven’s research team, symbol GDX.

We feel strong that our articles have the right charts which will help forecasting gold mining stocks future trends.

Gold mining stocks are very volatile in nature. Their secular bull market started around 2002 and lasted until 2010 approximately. Most, if not all, gold mining stocks became multi-baggers. Obviously, not only their bull markets are very volatile but also their bear markets tend to be very aggressive, bringing prices of gold mining stocks many multiples lower.

Typically gold mining stocks tend to move together collectively during both bull and bear markets. This has important implications for investors: they have to be very careful identifying the gold miners they want to invest in. It is pretty easy to get caught by the steep rallies, and investors are seduced to go after the gold mining stocks that rise most. However, with the subsequent sell-off low quality names are the ones that are hit hardest.

Below you can find our own gold mining stocks articles. The charts that we include about the gold mining stocks are manually crafted, all one by one. They are meaningful, and actionable, as opposed to default charts like the one on the top of this page displaying the gold mining stocks index GDX on the daily timeframe without annotations.


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