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SIL is the sector ETF for the mid cap and large silver miners. It often moves in the same direction as SILJ ETF which represents junior silver miners. It’s just that junior silver miners tend to be leveraged as they move faster in the primary direction of silver and silver miners. In our writings, we focus a lot on SIL ETF, simply because it is a common way to invest in a silver price uptrend. While we use silver price forecasting to understand the future path of the silver market, we use SIL ETF to understand where silver miners are going. Note that within the silver mining space, there is a lot of diversity – not all silver miners tend to do equally well, especially when the silver market is flat or bearish there are serious divergences between silver stocks and silver miners. For readers that want to receive detailed silver price analysis combined with weekly followups of SIL and SILJ ETF, we strongly recommend to sign up to our premium service: silver & gold price analysis >>

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