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Leading Stock Market Near Hugely Important Level

Stock markets in the U.S. are trading another all-time high. Momentum remains bullish in the U.S. In other parts of the world, however, stocks are mostly not at all-time highs. The DAX stock market index, a leader in global stock markets, has not broken out yet, and that has important implications for investors.

The chart below shows the German DAX index. It is a leading stock market globally. It refused to break down in the last 3 years, as indicated by its support (purple support line).

However, the DAX did not manage to break out neither. And this is where it becomes interesting. As long as global stock markets are not able to follow the path of U.S. indexes, there is reason to have a reservation on the global stock market rally. That is because, according to InvestingHaven’s research team, a test of all-time highs in the DAX index is one of the most important indicators for global stock investors.

So far, InvestingHaven’s forecast for a 15 pct rally in European Stock Markets appears to be spot on. Likewise, the India Stock Market Outlook For 2017 is very accurate and the disbelief in a China Stock Market Crash In 2017 as well.

The Geman DAX stock market index a leading indicator for global stock markets is about to test all-time highs. This should be watched closely by investors. It has a very high importance for global stock markets. Expect resistance initially, but the retracement that follows will be telling.