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The Most Silent Raging Bull Market Of 2019 Is Already Here

The most silent bull market of 2019 with the potential to become a raging bull market in 2019 is already here. Obviously hardly anyone will know which bull market we talk about, otherwise it would not have been a silent bull market, right. It is palladium (PALLADIUM), and if anything InvestingHaven’s followers were among the only ones in the world to know about this coming bull market already several months ago. We first published our palladium forecast 2019 4 months ago!

Note that our mission is to identify and play those 3 TOP investing opportunities per year. We see it as our mission to catch the the most juicy opportunities which bring mega returns in a short period of time. It is almost a fact that we hit the first out of the three, and obviously it is palladium.

How high can palladium go? We believe it will double in the next 12 months. That’s the type of mega returns we envision in our TOP 3 investing opportunities.

This is how we have followed up on this opportunity:

As seen we first identify the opportunity because of an amazing chart setup. As per our 100 investing tips:

The chart is crucial, and it is the most factual and data driven way to look at any market. That’s why we apply the ‘start with the chart’ principle. It means we first identify trends and opportunities in assets or markets based on chart patterns, only to consider this as green light to look into fundamentals and, when relevant, financials. So first the chart, then fundamentals.

Next it is key to monitor this market closely to identify ideal entry and exit points.

Note that we started talking about an exit plan at this stage of the bull market, way before anyone is looking into this. This is meant to avoid getting emotional (at the irrational exuberance stage) and follow the herd (driven by financial media which is mostly confusing investors).

A silent bull market? Yes, do the check, hardly anyone talking about palladium’s exceptional price strength, nor is anyone signaling that its price may double in 2019.

The chart makes our point. The short term timeframe shows an amazingly juicy setup, and as said if palladium trades above $1420 it is transitioning from the lower band to the upper band in its secular rising channel. It would bring palladium much higher! How high? We can see that on the higher timeframe, see 2nd chart.

palladium intraday chart

Palladium has lots of upside potential in its highest band. As seen the top of the upper band comes in at much higher levels. Based on the rate of change of 9% per 2 years the top of the channel sits at $2474 at the end of 2019. It will probably be some sort of blow off top if and when we get there, which is why it is crucial to have an exit plan in place NOW before the herd wakes up and Joe-comes-late-to-the-party gets excited on social media!

How to play the palladium uptrend? Very simple, there are 2 options to get expsoure to palladium: one solution is to buy PALL ETF (easy but not always the liquidity you need so high risk), the other solution is to open an account with GoldMoney and buy/store physical palladium for you in a couple of simple steps. GoldMoney is one of the few online precious metals services that offers palladium.

palladium quarterly chart

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