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Bitcoin’s Chart Likely Signals “Last Chance To Get In”

It was just a few weeks ago when we observed that the Crypto Market Is Setting Up For One (Last) Major BUY Opportunity. That’s also when we wrote to crypto investors in our premium blockchain investing service our final entry points to get in. Since then Bitcoin (BTC) did exactly what we anticipated: stop falling in the buy area we identified. As long as this holds, and does not invalidate our investing thesis, we have a new trendline. Why is this important? To lock in maximum profits, something that seems very easy with 10-baggers and 100-baggers cryptocurrencies but has proven to be extremely hard to realize. We continue to advocate to strictly respect our 50 Cryptocurrency Investing Tips For 2019 and Beyond 2020 for sure as long as 5 Cryptocurrency Predictions continue to underpin this new crypto bull market!

Let’s simply focus on the Bitcoin chart for the sake of understanding the strength of the ongoing crypto bull market.

Bitcoin is our leading indicator for the crypto market. It means we follow its chart, and associated patterns, to understand where the whole market is going. It also implies we don’t use more than 5 charts to forecast the direction of the crypto market.

This also is one of the ways we apply Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles: 1% of the charts in a specific market, like crypto, is what we need to understand the direction of 99% of its components.

The Bitcoin chart seems to have set a new trend line, the one indicated in pink on below chart.

This is crucial information that may support most, if not all, investing decisions. What can we derive from this, provided this trendline is respected (not broken to the downside)?

  1. We know that the $9200 to $9500 area was a strong buy area.
  2. We know that this may be the second, and likely last chance, to get into the crypto market before prices move too high and the profit potential dries up.
  3. It helps understand whether top altcoins are worth buying, relatively cheap or relatively expensive.
  4. Last but not least, it helps understand the next peaks in the new crypto bull market. This obviously is mandatory information to work out an exit plan which is what smart investors do at the beginning of a new bull market, not at the end when it’s too late!

That’s quite something.

What we watch as the number one development in the whole crypto market is the validity of the rising trendline indicated in pink on below chart. It will dictate almost everything!

Note that we focus on 2 things for our premium crypto followers: the exact entry points which we published more than a week ago + the exit plan to maximize profits in this bull market. So far our accuracy rate is very high. We want to get the maximum returns for crypto investors, and we take it very seriously by aiming to publish world class research insights based on our uniquely developed investing and research method!

bitcoin buy signal

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