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Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Wins World’s Largest Startup Competition

Blockchain startup Power Ledger is the winner of the ‘Extreme Tech Challenge’ organized by billionaire business magnate, investor, author and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson. Power Ledger is a blockchain startup in Australia that also has its own cryptocurrency Power Ledger (symbol POWR).

Power Ledger is a disruptive startup which is focused on enabling peer2peer energy exchange based on the blockchain. That’s a whole mouth full of buzzwords, right? Wrong, this is for real, and what we really appreciate about Power Ledger is that they solve a real problem on this world with blockchain, something that just 1% of all blockchain & crypto startups can claim.

As per our proprietary 1/99 investing principles it is 1% of cryptocurrencies that is worth buying while 99% may be cool from a technology perspective but are not worth a position in your crypto portfolio.

Note that we discovered Power Ledger a long time ago, and are following this startup closely. According to our premium crypto & blockchain investing service we have a clear and outspoken vision on this blockchain startup, and its cryptocurrency. Readers who want to know our vision on Power Ledger which we wrote almost a year ago are encouraged to subscribe to our service.

The Extreme Tech Challenge is the world’s largest startup competition. According to the news that was published in this Medium article Sir Richard Branson is quoted as saying: “We are hunting for people and ideas that can literally change the world! And we believe all of the finalists have ideas that can, and will, change the world in their respective fields.

From Power Ledger’s Twitter feed:

power ledger wins_richard branson startup challenge

Th is not your typical trophy. This is huge for Power Ledger. And it is a confirmation that they are on the right path. In lean startup terms: they are on their way to get traction, the first and necessary step of a startup to make it into a real and growing company.

So far the fundamental news.

When it comes to Power Ledger’s cryptocurrency price, symbol POWR, there is only a muted reaction to this outstanding news. That’s fine though as POWR is not actively being used as a token on their platform (which will only launch in 2019 moreover).

As much as we believe that POWR will rise at a certain point it is not reacting on this news for now. However, the great things for POWR is that its chart starts looking awesome. Chart experts like ourselves tend to call this pattern annotated on below chart the ’rounding bottom’, and it is powerful and bullish long term.

As said many times fundamentals and price not always synch up, most often they do not in fact, but it’s mostly a matter of time until both are in synch. Based on our 5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2019 we believe POWR will do well in 2019 and beyond.

power ledge cryptocurrency

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