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10 Tips on How To Invest In Blockchain In 2018

We had the honor to be invited for an expert Q&A on Stocktwits. Focus topic, per our expertise, was blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In other words, we got many questions on blockchain and cryptocurrency investing. In general terms, the questions were focused on how to invest in blockchain in 2018, and our readers can read all questions/answers in this Stocktwits blog post. Note: InvestingHaven is one of the few expers with a golden badge for which we feel very honored.

We have selected 10 tips out of the Q&A specifically related to the topic of how to invest in blockchain in 2018.

How to invest in blockchain in 2018 – 10 questions & answers

What is the future of Litecoin? Can you please share tips for investing and during panic sell off?

The GREATEST tip for all of you re panic sell off = “LESS IS MORE” (trade less, own less crypto = less stress). Litecoin looks great by the way, the provide value in accelerating payments and THAT is what we look for to invest in.

Is the IBM deal with Maersk just the beginning or is shipping in some way suited for blockchain ?

It is, much more will come. This deal suggests how big blockchain will become, you better own quality BC stocks!

What is your prediction for the total crypto market cap by end of 2018? 

I am not so much interested in the total, am only interested in the 5% that will survive. They will be bigger than today.

The 1450+ coins is absurd, given what they current coins can/cannot do, how many varieties make sense? 

As said many times today we believe 5% will survive and thrive the rest will disappear or remain insignificantly small.

What effect is blockchain having on traditional power structures around the world? 

Disruptive effect which is why we love it! From their perspective it is a love-to-hate situation. They need BC as well.

Should I put 95% or 100% of my savings into blockchain stocks?

Maximum 15% of your savings. EVERY investing rule applies to crypto + blockchain investing! See our research service.

How do you deal with the volatility that comes with owning a blockchain stock being tied to the volatile principal BTC?

How to deal with volatility? Apply all investing principles in a very disciplined way: buy low sell high trade less with no emotion.

Is it better to wait till the market decides which blockchain technology will survive before investing?

No, you can take some positions in early stage companies if our InvestingHaven score is above 80 points or A ranked.

How does one become a “blockchain stock” expert? 

By researching a lot, studying a lot, talking with people. We have spent several thousands of hours on the topic!

Confused… blockchain is a procedure to verify transactions. Why is this an investment? I’m Missing something?

You can invest in companies offering BC related services, right. We have worked out a BC eco system to that end.


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