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Canadian Cannabis Market On Fire. Which Stocks To Buy?

There is one raging bull market that started very recently: Canadian cannabis stocks are literally on fire. It is fundamentally important to choose the right companies to invest in because, as in any bull market, all stocks go up but on the very long run only a handful of stocks survive the bubble. Admittedely, there is a moral aspect to cannabis investing. As an investor you can bring up the point of how ethical is it to invest in something that is illegal. Well, here is the point: cannabis will be legalized as of summer 2018 by the Canadian government.  Carefully choosing the right cannabis stock is not only important from a long term value creation perspective but also from an ethical perspective and a risk management perspective. Investors need to act fast now. Now is the time to get in, waiting does not make sense. Here is InvestingHaven's 5 top.

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