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Cannabis Stock Kush Bottles, Packaging Producer, On The Verge Of A Big Breakout

The cannabis market was booming early this year, a short term cycle which started in November last year. Since then, most cannabis stocks have been in a downtrend. Only a handful of cannabis stocks stabilized, and consolidated.

Many investors, including ourselves, have a moral problem investing in cannabis stocks.

However, there are several cannabis companies who really do good things for society. Some of them even come with solutions against diseases that have not been solved so far.

There is one specific cannabis company we believe is worth considering, even for investors considering the moral aspect of cannabis investing. That is Kush Bottles, symbol KSHB, a producer of packaging for the cannabis market. Not only is the company producing a wide variety of packaging solutions but it also is growing strongly.

The only publicly available information is some top level financials which obviously are not looking good right now but should improve considerably given the strong growth.

Kush Bottles has a market cap of $120M. It is listed on the OTC Market, so that poses a serious risk. We believe though that Kush Bottles is one of those few exceptions trading on OTC that is worth considering, and a serious candidate to move to a more advanced exchange like the Nasdaq.

The investor presentation is not publicly available, but we received it from the company, and have to say growth figures are impressive.

Moreover, the chart looks awesome. Kush Bottles is trading at a big breakout level, and is doing so on rising volume. In addition, it has been consolidating since early this year, a 9 month period, in which it respected support at $1.80.

If Kush Bottles goes slightly here from here, and trades above $2.20 for at least two consecutive weeks, it will be a breakout which could double the price of this stock.

Note that Kush Bottles is not known as a company, as evidenced by the lack of comments in one of the most popular investor forums. That is definitely a plus.

cannabis stock kush bottles

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