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Cryptocurrency Tip: Did We Find The ‘Next Ripple’ ?

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As the crypto space is showing signs of stabilization it seems about right to start taking positions now. We are updating entry points ‘as we speak’ in top cryptocurrencies, see this page.

In the last 6 weeks we did a very deep analysis to discover what can become the next big thing in crypto. Given there are +1500 cryptocurrencies it is a challenging job but we are confident that we have found a handful of great projects for you, starting with one that really stood out. It may become the ‘next Ripple’.

Check Ethereum cold storage and find out more about its market value and its potential in the domain of cryptocurrency.

The ‘next Ripple’

We believe we have found the ‘next Ripple’. A game-changing cryptocurrency which is set to be disruptive in the next years in a similar way that Ripple is doing now.

Ripple was launched more than 6 years ago! No coincidence it is the only cryptocurrency that has so many paid large clients right now, it is a real company as opposed to the majority of cryptocurrencies which are light years away from being a company. No surprise Ripple has been our super favorite since a long time.

This new cryptocurrency was launched recently. We have found 7 reasons why we believe this will be the next big thing:

  1. It has disruptive potential in a huge market.
  2. It is one of the first ambitious of a new type of token.
  3. It is collaborating with one of the major players.
  4. It has a great and well connected team.
  5. They are solving a real life problem.
  6. They have a clear view on how to make money (read: business model).
  7. They have professionals in their company supporting their model.

We have reviewed more than 100 projects but this is one of the few that really stands out.

Do not expect this crypto to become a 100-bagger in the next few months. It may go fast, but it also may take some time. That’s why a first position can be taken now, and a second one later on.

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