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InvestingHaven Reaches Another Milestone: 10k Followers On Stocktwits

We are proud to see our Stocktwits fan base break through an important milestone of 10k followers, and we consider this a confirmation of our hard work and the great insights we share.

This seems a good opportunity to spend a moment sharing the values of InvestingHaven with our readers. We are driven by passion. Passion for markets, passion for the sharpest insights on new trends, and, consequently, passion for profits. Moreover, we want to keep an open mindset and share our insights with the world, for free, even if it takes many hours of research per day and per week, we want to keep InvestingHaven open and freely accessible.

Check all our 2017 forecasts, going back almost a year in time, and find out how 80% of our market calls are spot-on.

Hence, if you appreciate our work, and would like to send a contribution through Paypal, you are more than welcome to do so:

Meantime, we are also pleased to announce a new team member. This person, based in Canada and native French, joined our team last month, and shares the same values: passion, drive, commitment. She is also the driving force behind the French site of InvestingHaven:

If you believe you want to join InvestingHaven’s team, please send us a message explaining how and what you would like to contribute in terms of knowledge or skills, and we will schedule some time to talk

InvestingHaven’s reach has expanded globally. Right now, we have +10k fans on Stocktwits, 4k followers on Twitter, +2k followers with push notifications (message in your browser once a new article is published), 2k subscribers on our rss feed and more than 5k subscribers to our newsletter.

We are so excited and as motivated as we have never been before to continue this great journey with our readers and our research team. A big THANK YOU to everyone reading our articles, sending feedback, following on social media. A big THANK YOU to our core research team.

Oh, and you would do us a huge favor sharing this message with interested friends or simply suggesting them to follow our work 😉

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