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3 Breakout Stocks For June 2017

InvestingHaven’s research team compiled its favorite 3 breakout stocks for the month of June 2017.

Breakout stock Wealth Minerals (WML.V)

Wealth minerals Ltd has a Market Cap of $135.829M. It operates in Gold, precious metals and is focused on the acquisition and exploration of lithium in south America. Lithium has many applications ranging from Ion-lithium electric batteries used in electric engines to aircraft manufacturing etc.

Last week, on June 2nd, the company announced a private placement of common shares of the Company for up to $15 million U.S gross. These proceeds are to be used to fund the lithium exploration program on the company’s existing properties and identify potential lithium mines acquisitions in South America.

Proceeds will also fund the proposal to be listed with the Oslo Stock Exchange. The filing was submitted and should be finalized by the 2nd half of 2017. This is a well-planned move for the company since Norway is a leader in the clean energy industry and electric vehicle adoption.

The chart looks lovely, and, although it is not the typical breakout formation, it is certainly worth including in our top 3 of this month.

Breakout stock: CGI

CGI Group, a company headquartered in Montreal with a $19.65B Market Cap is a leading information technology and business process services provider in Canada and internationally.

CGI Group was one of the early companies to foresee how the Blockchain could disrupt multiple industries, particularly the financial services sector. In 2016, they launched a Blockchain Lab for trade finance and supply chain clients to enhance existing products or develop new solutions using Blockchain.

Their payment solutions are now blockchain enabled and they announced on June 1st an agreement with leading Nordic financial group SEB to implement and support their CGI Trade360 solution. We expect more contracts of the sort in future as the Blockchain technology use expands.

Breakout stock: JD

JD.com is $58B giant internet stock in China. Full disclosure: we recommended this stock, and hold positions, at $33. Internet stocks in China are in a giant bull market, and it will continue for a while.

Just to illustate how good JD.com is, just today, the company came out with the news that they developed drones which deliver products that are bought on their online marketplace. That is a huge competitive advantage knowing that rural areas in China are overcrowded. This is just one of the many examples why we consider this a breakout stock worth buying.

The investor presentation on JD.com’s website reveals many facts and figures, first and foremost the growth in their online marketplace and innovative services, that make this stock a great buy (for sure on any dip).

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