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3 Stock Markets Which You Would Not Expect To Look Bullish In 2017

The key success factor for investors is to take positions at the start of a new trend. All efforts of an investor should be focused on that, and only that. In this article, we look at 3 stock markets which are looking very bullish as 2017 kicks off. Two of them could be starting a new bullish period, the third one is already in a long term bull market but could be setting up for an enticing entry point. We cover 3 stock markets of countries outside the U.S. and Europe.

The Nikkei 225 in Japan could be starting a new bullish period. That may sound counterintuitive, as financial media is only talking about the crazy monetary policies and the 3 decade long deflation of the contry. Now that is exactly when and how new bull markets starts: when nobody holds any bullish belief and shows any interest. When the Nikkei 225 crossed 18500 points, very recently, it sent a very bullish signal. There is a lot of upside potential if all-time highs are taken out. Investors could consider an ETF covering Japan, for instance EWJ.

[:en]japan nikkei 225 stock market[:nl]japan nikkei 225 aandelenmarkt[:]

If nobody would expect Japan to start a new bullish period, then for sure not any person on earth could think of Russia being bullish. As we are typing this article, we realize that even we cannot believe this. But after 5 years, the Russian stock market is breaking out. Believe it or not, this stock market looks very bullish as 2017 starts. Investors could consider an ETF covering Russia, for instance ERUS.

[:en]russia stock market[:nl]rusland aandelen markt[:]

Last but not least, the stock market in New Zealand is already for a long time in a bull market. Right now, the long term uptrend is being tested. If this trendline holds, then the stock market in New Zealand will move higher in 2017. Investors could consider an ETF covering New Zealand, for instance ENZL.

[:en]new zealand stock market[:nl]nieuw zeeland aandelenmarkt[:]

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