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BTL Group November All-Time High, More Upside Ahead

BTL Group stock is one of the equities we wrote about the most in 2017. Our coverage started 9 months ago when we published that BTL is a stock to buy and that the low capitalization we were seeing in Blockchain stocks was not going to last for long.

More updates followed ensuring our readers are informed of important levels to watch and company news:

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Great Chart Setup for BTL Group

BTL Group stock broke through a major resistance area from the previous all-time high and is currently trading above its rising channel from September. A healthy pullback is to be expected to retest 7 USD level but the uptrend is likely to continue in 2018.


BTL Group breaking all-time high

Why more upside ahead?

The answer is yes. Mainly because of the price set up and the sector outlook. There are many fields that could benefit from the Blockchain technology and Interbit. BTL Group’s plateform, seems to be successful in allowing the integration of Blockchain capabilities to companies in multiple and diverse sectors.

Outside of energy, our solution is also applicable to helping with back office issues in grain, metals or any other commodity trading, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, FX, supply chains and any other market with regularly traded assets.

The transformation we are going to witness over the coming years is going to be disruptive and it is going to present significant opportunities. Hugh Halford-Thompson

The company will probably have to overcome challenges along the way, and we have covered that topic in details when we covered BTL’s most recent financial results 2 months ago. Our outlook remains Bullish for BTL Group.


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