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China’s Stock Market Bullish. 7 High Quality Stock Tips For Long Term Portfolios

China's stock market is poised to go higher in 2018. InvestingHaven said repeatedly that China is one of the emerging markets that will outperform in the years ahead. China is in a secular bull market and its chart has proven that secular support trendlines held strong in the last 2 years. It is one of the few markets which show strength and much upside potential as opposed to the US where the upside potential is really limited in 2018. As China's stock market will rise, investors need to focus on specific sectors that will outperform. More importantly, market leaders within those outperforming sectors are the ones that smart investors want to have in their portfolio's. This is exactly the methodology that InvestingHaven is preaching and applying for years, and it delivers! In this article InvestingHaven's research team gives investors full and detailed insights on the winning sectors and the top 7 stocks. The report is offered for just 12.99 USD. It cointains timely insights, so it remains relevant and actual for many months to come which makes this a real bargain! Written by InvestingHaven's emerging markets analyst Ralf, validated by founder Taki Tsaklanos.

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