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The Leading Market Trend in May 2017

Investors should understand the leading trends in the market, both long term and short term trends. That is one of the most important recipes for success. InvestingHaven covers long term trends most of the time, but once per month it also pays to look at short term trends.

The important insight here is the word “leading”. The way markets work is simply, yet not visible to at least 80% of investors: one market has the strongest trend, and it influences most other markets. For instance, the dollar’s secular rally was so strong two years ago, that it forced crude oil to collapse and stock markets to get strong push back. The dollar was the dominant (leading) force.

Which is the leading market trend in May 2017 is the question we solve in this article, and how it affects most markets?

The most important long term trend is found in 10-year Yields, and, unsurprisingly, it also is the leading the short term trend in May 2017. Because of that, stocks remain bullish and gold weak.

The first chart represents 10-year Yields. Last month, yields were about to break down, that was invalidated, and they recovered soon. Right now, yields are rising again, and that is an important trend for May 2017.

Because of that, stocks are rising. Rising yields suggest higher risk taking which is good for stocks.

Consequently, gold is losing ground. Rising rates is not good for gold.

Commodities are not necessarily impacted by rates. Commodities are on the verge of a breakdown. However, we do not see many triggers that would cause commodities to break down, so we remain neutral until proven otherwise.

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