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InvestingHaven’s research team is known for its annual forecasts covering most global markets, especially our gold price forecast, silver price forecast, and crypto forecasts like our bitcoin forecast and XRP (Ripple) price forecast. This year as well we are there with 2020 forecasts!

We publish most of our 2020 forecasts in the last quarter of 2019, but we continue to publish forecasts for 2020 throughout the year.

First and foremost we apply a top down approach. We start with the 5 key asset classes and try to predict the trends between asset classes: stocks, treasuries, commodities, gold, currencies. It is one or two asset classes that typically turn into a bull market every 6 to 12 months.

Note that we consider crypto (Bitcoin) to be an emerging asset class. So going forward we consider 6 asset classes, in other words the inclusion of crypto on top of the 5 key asset classes mentioned above.

Not only do we try to forecast the high level trends but also do we go one level deeper. We look at forecasts for 2020 in particular stocks, specific commodities, several currencies, and even Treasuries.

For 2020 particularly we expect a good year for stocks. That’s because global stocks have been in a consolidation mode for more some 20 months. That’s a RISK OFF period.

Stocks tend to move in cycles, going from RISK ON to RISK OFF and back. Not only do we believe that stocks as an asset class will do well, we do believe all global stock markets will do well, not just the U.S. for instance. We do expect especially emerging stock markets to do well in 2020.

We also expect some specific commodities to do well in 2020. We do not forecast a commodities boom in 2020. The commodities that might do well are gold (likely), silver (likely), platinum (likely), coffee (potentially). Uranium sold off heavily so this is a wildcard.

Our cryptocurrencies forecast for 2020 is bullish as well. We do expect an acceleration of the crypto uptrend in 2020. This should set the stage for another major bull market and probably a giant peak in 2021 (which has to be confirmed so keep a close eye on all articles we will publish in the future on these topics).

As a reference point, in terms of our track record, we are specifically proud to of several achievements. In the second part of 2018 we published several forecasts for 2019 that came true. Think of our Rapid7 Stock Forecast, Pandora Stock Forecast, Nike Stock Forecast … Several of these stocks doubled in price, fully in line with our forecast!

Moreover, the biggest hit of the year, in terms of track record, is our gold and silver prediction. Especially our First Majestic Silver stock price forecast was spot on, and delivered a 100% return for our readers!

The ultimate proof of this can be found in our gold price forecast that was featured on 2 major financial sites: How Gold Could Stage a 20% Rally This Year published on Barron’s as well as Why gold’s a ‘bargain’ at less than $1,300 an ounce published on MarketWatch. Our gold and silver forecast for 2019 was spot on.

Yes there has also been a few misses, fortunately only a few. One of them was our cannabis bull market prediction. The cannabis market started on a very strong note but got stopped cold in May of 2019. Our forecast for 2020 is that the cannabis bull market will continue its course though not with a broad participation of cannabis stocks!

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