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4 Cryptocurrency Companies To Watch in 2019

To say that this year has been challenging for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and crypto investors may be the understatement of the year. As we close out the year many are now looking into 2019, and what lays ahead for cryptocurrency and crypto companies. The 5 must-read cryptocurrency predictions for 2019 should provide guidance, as well as individual calls like the Ripple XRP forecast 2019 (XRP) and Bitcoin forecast 2019. We also propose to watch 4 cryptocurrency companies or services in 2019 outlined in this article. 

cryptocurrency companies 2019

To help give you a jump on what’s to come, here’s a look at the cryptocurrency companies that will be going live in 2019, which means you can expect to hear much more about them. Note that we are not necessarily recommending to purchase any of these tokens, we are just recommending to put these on your watchlist and see how they perform in 2019 as the crypto winter comes to an end.


Here’s a blockchain start-up that is promising to shake things up and make a real mark on the industry. As its name implies, this one zeroes in on the health industry and has the goal of improving the centralized health record data management through disruption. Users will now have control of their medical data through MediBloc since it is a decentralized, open source platform for healthcare data.

The idea is that Medibloc will start to create a more patient-centric approach in the healthcare industry through its offerings.


Prepare for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency tokens to get its own shake up in the virtual reality space thanks to CEEK. What makes CEEK so unique is the fact it allows for interactions that are completely flexible, as well as transactions all in a virtual world. In a way, it makes cryptocurrency even more mainstream since it feels so real.


Imagine if you could take the pros of Ethereum and Bitcoin and then combine them into one offering. That’s exactly the goal of Qtum which is set to release QtumX in the new year. Qtum has the goal of being the next phase of blockchain to offer a Proof of Stake platform that is always being perfected.

With the release of its x86 virtual machine, Qtum was able to make it possible for developers of any language to go ahead and code. Its new Qtum will offer a chance for corporations to now make use of its smart contract automation, which has been optimized. The goal of course is to make blockchain more mainstream.

Ripple xRapid

Here’s a cryptocurrency product that has just been launched near the end of 2018. XRapid is a cryptocurrency product offered by Ripple and allows for international transactions with three major financial institutions. Transactions take just minutes and can be used by payment providers Cuallix and Mercury FX.

The idea is that again, it makes cryptocurrency more mainstream and shows that digital assets are viable and useable in real life transactions. It’s all about giving people a way to easily and quickly move around their digital assets.

Before going live, Ripple had been testing the product with such heavy hitting money transfer companies as MoneyGram and Western Union. While no banks are using the product now, this isn’t unusual as they don’t tend to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Keep Track of All the Cryptocurrencies

Even though 2018 has pushed cryptocurrency ahead even more, and helped to bring it into the mainstream, there were slumps in the value of the currencies. With that said, you may want to use a cryptocurrency tracker such as the one provided by It will allow you to keep track of all the top cryptocurrency prices by market capitalization.

While no-one can predict what will happen in 2019, many experts think that it could be the biggest year yet for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and companies. Let’s face it, the crypto market hasn’t yet reached it full peak so there is still plenty of progress to be made and ground to cover. The coming year is expected to help push things forward and keep the currency in the news.

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