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Bitcoin Crushes 5th Resistance Level

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise relentlessly. This is the type of price action we saw during the frenziness of 2017. We are not saying this is 2017 all over again, but Bitcoin crushing 5 resistance levels in 6 weeks time is really remarkable. Our end of crypto winter call is confirmed, and the crypto bull market is playing out almost exactly as outlined in our cryptocurrency predictions. Bitcoin 25k, here we come … but not in a straight line.

The chart below shows several resistance lines.

It is a chart that was only published for our premium crypto members, in our blockchain & crypto investing research service. Premium members get this information way before it makes it to the public website.

The chart below was the one we used to prove that the crypto bear market ended, in February. We used it as well as momentum was brewing going into the final breakout of April 2nd. Again, only available in the restricted investing research area.

This is what we wrote in March when BTC was trading at $3.8k: “The crypto winter has ended. The beautiful setup of higher lows is there while sentiment is still horrendous. We like this a lot, it is the ultimate contrarian combination. Those who do not want to believe will find themselves chasing prices higher after Bitcoin has doubled or tripled. The current setup suggests that Bitcoin is going MUCH higher from here!”

Right now, we see how Bitcoin is attacking the 5th resistance level. Since the final breakout on April 2nd, as seen below the most important resistance line, Bitcoin cleared the 5.5k, the super important 6k, the 7k, and now attacking the 8.4k resistance level(s).

Suddenly, the Bitcoin news is super bullish again, and everyone screams FOMO. But the trick is to become bullish before the herd does so. That’s why we are proud that we flashed buy alerts in February of this year, when everyone forgot about crypto and the planet was thinking Bitcoin would fall to 1k. It didn’t, and we were record with this forecast.

Where does Bitcoin go from here? Higher, though not in a straight line. But do we care as investors how long it takes until it trades at new all-time highs above 20k? We don’t, as per our investing principles LESS IS MORE we got in many months ago and hold until we see some great exit points. That’s what we talk about every week again in our crypto investing alerts, and we will guide crypto investors to get the maximum out of the profit potential in this market.

Bitcoin crushes resistance level, and InvestingHaven is here to crush profit potential.

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