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Cryptocurrency Alert: The Crypto Winter Has Ended

This may be one of the most important ‘events’ for crypto investors. As per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles it is just 1 pct of news items that matter to investors, and this article contains one of them. InvestingHaven is on record forecasting that the crypto winter has ended. As suggested many times in recent months the similarities with the previous crypto bull/bear market are astonishing, the last time we wrote this in our update on our 5 cryptocurrency predictions. It is clear that the market is now confirming our longstanding viewpoint: the crypto winter has ended.

What does this mean: the crypto winter has ended?

Very simple, it just means that all our cryptocurrency forecasts are well underway.

In other words when we did our forecasts on the price of Bitcoin (BTC), the price of Ripple’s XRP (XRP), the price of Stellar Lumens (XLM) we did so based on a couple of assumptions. By far the most important one is that Bitcoin, the leading crypto indicator would bottom near its mid-November lows. With the chart setup since then we seem to get a confirmation of our assumptions, hence the accuracy of our forecasts.

These are the forecasts that we published, and for which we feel strong they are now well underway.

Why do we think the crypto winter has ended?

As said many times in recent months we saw similarities with the previous bull/bear market formation.

On November 25th when everyone was screaming ‘the end of crypto’ and ‘Bitcoin is dead’ and ‘Bitcoin will fall to $1000’ were laughing with all this. The members of our crypto investing service got this message with several charts in their mailbox.

Yes, the decline feels bad. Yes several of our positions are under water, some of them deep in red. But that’s besides the point. We believe that the point is that (1) there will be a next bull market (2) a major bottom of the current bear market is near (3) this will pave the way for the next bull which has to be confirmed though through appropriate price action in particular a consolidation of at least 6 months. In the end it would be a similar evolution as the one in 2014/2015.

Moreover, we said several weeks ago (also to our crypto premium members) to continue to add to the crypto positions, and identified specific price points for a select number of cryptocurrencies.

Alert: the crypto winter has ended. Our chart says why. According to us this is a confirmation that our bullish forecasts are underway: #XRP to 20 USD in 24 months, #BTC to $24k and #XLM to $4 in 24 months. $BTC $XRP $XLM $Dash Click To Tweet

Not only did we get it right, our recommendations are already paying off! Some specific recommendations are already 30 to 50 pct higher!

All this is based on our main thesis on the next phase of the crypto bull market:

Institutional money is waiting to enter the crypto space. The new crypto bull market will be driven by institutional money in combination with the new wave of innovation and adoption which will come from security tokens combined with stablecoins.

The long term Bitcoin chart makes our point. Note this is a similar chart as the one in Bitcoin’s Breathtaking Historical Price Chart. Readers should focus on the 2 yellow circles. The similarity is too striking to ignore.

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