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Ripple’s XRP Sets A Higher Low In 2019. Yes, This Is Very Bullish!

Ripple’s XRP (XRP) rose 10 pct in the last 3 to 4 days. It’s no coincidence that Bitcoin is moving higher as well. As always, InvestingHaven stays focused on the chart as per the principle ‘start with the chart’. There is one observation that really stands out, reviewing Ripple’s XRP chart: a higher low in 2019 compared to the lows in 2018. This is very, very bullish for the long term! There may be a long road to our XRP forecast as well as our call that XRP becomes the largest cryptocurrency,  but it is these early bullish signals that make a difference and provide confirmation of our long term vision!

In the midst of a high level of pessimism against cryptocurrencies, combined with disinterest from the public and media, we see something very interesting happening: prices start rising. That’s what happens if you are focused on the chart, you start seeing great patterns. That’s the only way to get past the noise of news on financial media or social media. For instance, recently, we observed the consolidation patterns on Ripple’s XRP long term chart, as detailed in Ripple’s XRP the Longer the Base, the Higher in Space.

This should not come as a surprise to InvestingHaven readers, for two reasons.

On the one hand as per our 100 investing tips one of our own sayings at InvestingHaven is that ‘bear markets beget bull markets‘. It is at the depth of a bear market that all sellers leave, which makes place for a market to consolidate and set the basis to turn into a future bull market.

On the other hand in our premium cryptocurrency & blockchain investing service we wrote last week to members that “if there is one thing that markets tend to do is go against the obvious … if the whole world looks at a breakdown likely the opposite will happen”. Indeed, that’s how markets work, they do the opposite of what’s most obvious!

That’s indeed how markets work. They take maximum pessimism and criticism as the driver for higher prices. We should have added “that’s how markets with a great long term outlook work”.

Cryptocurrencies have a great fundamental outlook. All our 5 cryptocurrency predictions for 2019 are absolutely accurate. All our points made in our Ripple fundamental analysis are absolutely accurate. This space looks great for long term investors, arguably this space looks absolutely juicy!

Ripple’s XRP Chart: A Higher Low In 2019

Ripple’s XRP price chart is absolutely gorgeous!

XRP is setting a higher low against summer 2018 as well as December 2018. We wrote many months ago “We absolutely need to see the $0.27 to $0.30 area provide maximum support” and guess what … it did!

XRP is now breaking and moving it its higher support area.

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ripple xrp higher low

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