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One Blockchain Stock With Multi-Bagger Potential

Blockchain as a technology is becoming very hot. We have covered bitcoin and blockchain stocks 4 months ago when they first rose sharply.

More recently, we followed up by looking specifically at the blockchain stock Global Arena Holding (GAHC). Next to the bullish activity on sector level, we also observed several interesting things on GAHC’s individual chart: “One of the most interesting observations on the GAHC price chart is a stable trading volume, sufficiently higher to suggest interesting in this stock.”

GAHC broke out at $0.005 and we identified that breakout in blockchain stock Global Arena Holding breaking out. The stock went up 4-fold from there, only to come back and test its breakout point. Since last week, the selling pressure is over, and the stock is bouncing sharply from its breakout level. That is certainly very bullish and underpins our viewpoint that GAHC has multi-bagger potential.

The market believes that blockchain stocks have lots potential, simple as that.

Investors should be very careful with blockchain stocks like GAHC. Not only because it’s a nano-cap, but also becaus the company itself says that is working in a very high risk environment. Blockchain stock GAHC released a financial update last month in which they wrote: “The Company currently has minimal revenues and operations and is investigating potential businesses and companies for acquisition to create and/or acquire a sustainable business. Our ability to acquire or create a sustainable business may be adversely affected by our current financial conditions, availability of capital and/ or loans, general economic conditions which can be cyclical in nature along with prolonged recessionary periods, and other economic and political situations.”

Nevertheless, why do we believe there is multi-bagger potential in this stock? After researching for a long time, we did not find meaningful arguments or news to justify our bullish view. As it goes with nano cap stocks, there is not sufficient info available because the obligations to release news are limited. The only reliable source of info is … the chart and trading volume.

Right now, the chart shows a lot of interest by the market as expressed in the trading volume and price behavior.

Is that sufficient as data source? It’s not, risk remains very high, so the only way out is to take profits at a certain point in order to minimize risk. Keeping positions small and add ‘on the go’ is another tactic to apply in such a situation.

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