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Stellar Lumens Still On Track To Become A Ten-Bagger In 2018

Early 2018 we wrote this outstanding piece A Stellar Lumens Price Forecast of 4 USD in 2018 courtesy of one of our research team members. As the whole world backed off from cryptocurrencies after most crypto crashed with some 70 to 80 percent in 2018 we are on record re-iterating our Stellar Lumens forecast of 4 USD in 2018, making it a ten-bagger this year! This is why.

[Ed. note: Want to know more? Read our new and revised Stellar Lumens Price Forecast 2019 (published end of Dec).]

Note, Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency with symbol XLM (XLM).

First, cryptocurrencies and blockchain stocks are in uptrends, simple as that. The charts all respected support levels so that is a clear pattern and signal in a strong bull market.

However, sentiment is very bad. The 70 to 80 percent crash in 2018 in both crypto and some blockchain stocks (more in the 50 to 60 percent range) has chased away the vast majority of investors. With the recent recovery, based on anecdotal evidence, we believe most of those investors are hoping that they will see less losses of their holdings which are mostly (deep) in red at this point.

So what is the psychology of people that bought (too) high? After such a crash as the recent one investors may feel tempted to sell low, or, at best, stand the pain a bit longer until they have most of their money back, and then sell because they felt so much pain.

And that is how markets work: a small minority buy low, and, if they bought too high, they have patience if they have observed a bull market. Because every bull market will recover from troughs, and, once it thrives again, profits will be very strong.

That is what we call the market cycle. And, according to anecdotal evidence, we believe we are somewhere between hope and relieve.


What does this mean for Stellar Lumens, the topic of our writing? It implies that the broad crypto bull market is resuming, andfor Stellar Lumens as well.

So for crypto holders with a long term horizon this great news as anytime soon their holdings will be in green again. If you do not hold any crypto right now it might the right time to back up the truck with top quality cryptocurrencies, one of them being Stellar Lumens.

According to Stellar Lumens’ chart (see below, chart courtesy GoldChartsRUs) it is clearly in a long term uptrend. Note, this is a logarithmic chart, not a linear one.

We said early this year that our Stellar Lumens forecast for 2018 would be 4 USD which is ten times higher than it is today. Below chart makes the point that we are well on track.

‘Nobody’ may be bullish on crypto, we are super bullish, and have flashed a BUY signal more than 2 weeks ago to our premium subscribers. We gave Stellar Lumens the top position among cryptocurrencies. It is not too late to join the bull market, if you want access to our blockchain investing research service you can request it here, and, we promise, the quality and depth of what you will get is outstanding (without any doubt top price/quality in the world).

Note, we were the first ones to launch a blockchain investing research service as we are following this market for more 3 years now.

stellar lumens ten bagger 2018

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