Historical Charts: The Coolest Annotated Chart Section In The World

The historical charts on InvestingHaven.com is our collection of significant long-term charts in a large format with hand crafted annotations. Many markets globally are covered: several stock indexes, individual stocks, commodities, gold, currencies, cryptocurrencies. All of these historical charts show the dominant trend which is the reason we spend so much time analyzing and creating these historical charts.

Note: we continuously add long term charts on this page, not only throughout 2019 but also later. That’s why readers are advised to follow our long term chart analysis work by subscribing to the free newsletter below, you will be notified when there is a new long term chart available.

We feature historical charts primarily on the following timeframes:

  • 20 year charts
  • 40 year charts
  • 50 year charts
  • 75 year charts

The added value of lower than 20 years chart and higher 75 year charts is pretty limited in understanding dominant trends.

Historical Chart: Gold Price

The first set of historical charts are the gold charts. It is the sector that has such a rich history, but also proponents and opponents.

gold chart long term 40 yearsBased on thorough studies of the gold market we have identified the most relevant long term gold charts. We have annotated each of the 3 gold charts to display the patterns that determine the dominant trend. The top 3 gold charts with long term timeframes are the 20 year, 40 year and 50 year gold charts.

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Historical Chart: Silver Price

The silver price chart on 20 years is featured next. The ‘restless metal’ has a very volatile long term chart.

silver price forecast monthly feb 2019Silver follows gold’s price higher and lower. No surprise. We do not necessarily need to look in each timeframe for silver after analyzing gold’s long term charts. That’s why we only feature the 20 year price chart of silver. The monthly 20 year silver chart is here.

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Historical Chart: Palladium Price

The palladium price chart on 20 years as well as 50 years is featured next. This grey metal has some extreme rallies on its long term chart.

palladium quarterly chartThe palladium price went through a couple of breathtaking rallies in the last 40 years. The are visible on the long term charts. We feature both the 20 year palladium long term chart as well as the quarterly 40 year palladium price charts.

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4 Precious Metals – Always A Bull Market In One Of Them

The long term charts of the 4 precious metals show that there is always a bull market in one of them.

4 precious metals bull marketBased on the chart which shows the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the last 30 years it is clear that one of the 4 precious metals is trending at any point in time. This suggests it is prudent to have a precious metals account in which you hold one of the 4 precious metal at any point in time aiming for appreciation in value.

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Historical Chart: Dow Jones Industrial

The U.S. stock market index featuring 30 large companies Dow Jones Industrial is in existence for a very long time. Its historical chart is a great gauge for the U.S. stock market.

Dow Jones long term chart 20 yearsThe historical charts of the Dow Jones Industrial show one thing: the high level direction of this index points higher. This implies that bear markets may occur in stocks but they are always temporary in nature. Some consolidations may take several years. In the end stocks resolve to the upside, according to historical charts.

The 20 Year Dow Jones Chart >> | The 100 Year Dow Jones Chart >>


Historical Chart: Bitcoin Price

The second asset for which we feature historical charts is Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin only exists since 2012 there is only one long term chart we can feature: the 7 year chart.

bitcoin historical price chartBitcoin’s historical price chart shows that Bitcoin fell through its rising channel in November 2018. This is not the most bullish development, but the point is that this is part of the corrective cycle in the context of the 2nd bull market with subsequent bear market. Exactly the same happened during the first bear market!

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Historical Chart: Coffee Price

Another commodity which has an amazing historical chart is coffee. The price of coffee is a pressure cooker, ready to explode in 2019!

coffee price forecast 2019Coffee’s historical price chart has this giant triangle pattern which is about to resolve in 2019. It might be a setup for an explosive breakout. The article discusses the leading indicators for the price of coffee, and which conditions should make coffee bullish within its long term chart setup.

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Historical Chart: Sugar Price

Though not the type of investment that regular investors are looking into we have also covered sugar with its historic price chart.

Suggar’s historical price chart shows this potentially bullish setup. However, according to our analysis, fundamentals do not favor a long term rise of the sugar price. This is a classic case in which the historical price chart does not confirm the fundamentals of a market, called a divergence.

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