Russell 2000 (symbol RUT)

The default Russell 2000 Price Chart is not useful for stock investors. Scroll down to our latest Russell 2000 articles which feature our own charts with meaningful insights.


Russell 2000 Index: Our Most Recent Articles with Forecasts and Insightful Charts

Below are our latest articles about the Russell 2000 Index that are written by InvestingHaven’s research team articles, symbol RUT.

The Russell 2000 Index chart is certainly not the most viewed and analyzed index.

Be that as it may we consider this by far THE most important index. That’s because the Russell 2000 Index chart, according to our belief at InvestingHaven, has the most predictive value, much more than the S&P 500 or Dow Jones indexes.

The underlying rationale is that the Russell 2000 Index is the leading indicator in our proprietary methodology to forecast future trends in market. More specifically, it is the combination of the Russell 2000 with 10-year Yields that signal trend changes in U.S. stock markets. More about our thinking in our continuously updated market monitor 15 Leading Indicators For The Dominant Market Trend

All this is based on intermarket analysis which is the core of our methodology. What this really means is that the turning points in markets are determined by turning points in one or more of the 4 key assets (stocks, treasuries, commodities, currencies).

The Russell 2000 Index has a much larger inclusion than the other leading U.S. stock indexes. With 2000 stocks in the small and mid cap segment primarily it is much more representative, hence its predictive value.

Below you can find our own articles about the Russell 2000 Index. Note that each and every of these articles contain charts that were manually crafted by InvestingHaven’s research team. Especially the monthly charts are awesome, not only because of the patterns they reveal but more so because they are actionable for investors.


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