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Pandora On Its Way To Hit Our First Price Target Anytime Soon

Two months ago we published our Pandora Stock Forecast for 2019. We forecasted a price of $12 by 2019 for Pandora. Today, we see that Pandora’s stock is on a perfect path to hit our first price target way before we forecasted it.

This is what we said in our 2019 forecast about Pandora, based on a detailed chart and fundamental analysis:

We conclude that our bullish Pandora stock forecast for 2019 is confirmed by Pandora’s chart as well as fundamentals. This leaves us with a high level confidence forecast of $12 by 2019, and, most likely, unless a crash takes place in broad markets, $18 by 2020 or the year after.

Fundamentals of Pandora looked very strong. Its outlook was strong. The chart was amazing.

Based on the detailed report we said all data point to Pandora working its way higher to the $12 level. That was at a time this stock was trading at $7.7.

Today, slightly more than 2 months after our forecast, we see that Pandora is inches away from hitting $10. That is 20% away from our 2019 target.

This is very simple: Pandora will hit our 2019 forecast likely earlier than expected, likely this year.

How were we able to forecast this. The power of combining a very clear chart pattern displaying a dominant trend with financial and fundamental (outlook) data that all confirm each other. 

What investors should look for is clear bullish cases where all data points confirm each other to maximize the probability of a certain direction or forecast. That is the opposite of taking random stock suggestions which are published by all sort of (pseudo) gurus for all sorts of ‘reasons’ they believe a stock goes up or down. Stay away from that, it hurts your portfolio!

pandora price target

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