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Breaking: Uranium Miners Breakout Happening Now

In our uranium outlook 2018 we said we are bullish on the uranium market, and concluded with this quote:

The main factor at this point is the Uranium spot price as that’s what’s going to dictate the next direction in the Uranium sector. We believe the tide might be turning for Uranium price and for Uranium miners (URA) as the cuts we are seeing now in production along with the potential new reactors coming online will force a change.

Moreover, we indicated that our top pick remains UEC (UEC).

Very recently, we indicate that uranium stocks in 2018 are a pressure cooker which is ready to explode. That article got followed by the Uranium Market Breaking Out, Looking Very Bullish update.

Guess what, uranium spot prices started rised very recently. Moreover, this happens after a double test of a multi-decade bottom which, uncoincidentally, marked the top of uranium spot in 1996 (before the mega bull run started in 2004). The two circles on the chart make our point.

uranium spot price

As we correctly indicated in our uranium outlook 2018 that uranium spot will provide the final GO for the uranium sector to take off we are delighted to see a rising uranium spot price. Combined with seasonal strength in the uranium market (as detailed in our outlook) it makes for a perfect receipt for the uranium market to engage in a secular breakout which turns the long term bear market into a newly born bull market.

Uranium miners are breaking out as 2018 kicks off

We have for a long time indicated that URA ETF has a critical price point: 15 points. After a triple bottom (higher lows) it seems that 15 points in URA is now cleared to the upside. This paves the way for a run towards 25 points.

We pay special attention to uranium stock UEC. Not only because we indicated recently that Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) stock price looks explosive going into 2018, but more so because we consider this stock the leading indicator for the uranium sector as explained many months ago in Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) sector leader among uranium stocks.

The very long term chart of UEC is one of the most amazing charts (among many thousands we are monitoring). Watch how $1.80 is cleared now; it is the long term bear market resistance level. UEC rose to $1.84 this week, and, with that, it is engaging in a secular breakout.

This is a HUGE event. And guess what, financial media are not talking about this, hardly any analyst is talking about this.

What a bulls**t we find when looking for UEC stock price info. For instance this article, a robotically created collection of words and sentences, visibly, concludes that analysts are neutral on UEC.

Moreover, this article concludes based on some technical indicator info that … well … what is the conclusion really?

Google News does not report any sign of bullishness in UEC as seen in this query.

It truly is mind boggling how nobody sees this. InvestingHaven is one of the lonely voices to call a bull market in uranium, and a mega bull run in UEC Uranium Corp. 

Fission Uranium Corp, a small cap uranium miner, is breaking out as well. We tipped this miner as a market leader already many times, see for instance here A Look At Junior Uranium Mining Stock Uranium Fission written almost a year ago.

We consider the breakout in UEC and Fission Uranium as clear signals and confirmations of the uranium mining sector turning from a long term (secular) bear market into a newly born bull market.

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